Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-II [The time we've lost can't get back]-

Ah~! Finally I updated my blogs! It feels like ages since I last do so~

It is now holiday and when I think about it there are just soooooooo many things to do! Updating the blog, writing posts, finishing Chapter 2 (I already started it! Really!), watching all the shows and animes, ah~~ what to do? Duh.

Either way, I've posted up many things on Livejournal just now! A new part for Chapter 1 (already posted here) and a one-shot (which also had posted here before) and the next part of the three-shot A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer (wow, I just type down the LONG title!) This is the second part before the ultimate ending of it (heh~) and one of the fastest part I wrote, technically LOL.

So here's the link~ ^^

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-II [The time we've lost can't get back]

I've also done the master lists for the stories (just look at the master lists at the above posts, I deliberately change the date to ten years in the future -wow- just to make it stay there LOL) so you might want to check it out too. Bear in mind the parts for Literally Chapter 1 are still not yet posted all there~ ^^

Enjoy the story and tell me what do you feel about it! Comments are love~ *wink*

Music of the Day: Seo Taiji -T'ik T'ak

P/S: I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG, PERIOD. Seo Taiji is the man dubbed the 'grandfather' of KPop due to his infuence in the industry. And I heard his name before but not really have a chance to listen to it until I (somehow) downloaded the mv to this and OH. GOD. It's rock (which no doubt always easier to accept with less doubt to my ears compare to other genres) and there's a mix of instrumental (piano and some violin?) along the melody, which is a combination of awesomeness, no doubt. I always love it when a song has many types of genres and instrumentals, it makes it more lively (remember Outsider? That guy just raps for God's sake).

Back to the song, the mv has a sci-fi theme to it (I swear I saw the famous eye-on-the-mask from the manga 20th Century Boys there, this song is the Movie Version's soundtrack or something?) and the camera work when they focus on the band and Taiji himself is superb. His voice is not all raw like Gackt yet it suits the whole song perfectly and yes, he rocks! He even looks younger his age (not telling the number, try guess~). The band is awesome too (check out the keyboardist, I gasp looking at the way he plays).

All in all, this song is superb and if you like rock, this is perfect. I still have in on repeat since last night, mind you. And while you're at it check out the orchestra symphony performance of the song too. Seo Taiji held a concert where he collaborated with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and OH.MY.GOD it gives me goosebumps, really. This guy is genius, hands down.

I have both the mv and the orchestra performance in my playlist, so do check it out~!! ^^

Now, this is long...*sigh*

~The-too-excited-promoting Heiji (duh.)

Master List

This is the master list of all my anime/manga/drama/movies recommendation (even if there's not much to begin with) in order to organize my blog (it's uh...kind of messy?). So hope by this people will find it easier to read them all (got complaints about this in regards of my stories, so might as well do another one for all these~*gets bricked*).