Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Timeless -Part 3-

The title above should be (The LONG Overdue) Timeless -Part 3- (and The Long Rant of Life) actually, but for some reason it feels too long and different from the other posts with link to one-shots so yeah. Also, bare in mind that this is going to be long, heck, even in this paragraph alone the word 'long' is mentioned 4 times!

So as usual, the LONG overdue link:

Timeless -Part 3-

This is the end of the LONG one-shot (damn, cut it out with the 'long' word already!) and I have to say that I am satisfied with how it goes. It feels sad even to me when I finished writing it, as the universe and setting is very vivid in my mind (pity my drawing skill is -100 points) but all good things has to end somehow. I have to let go of that and starts a new story, I know.

And that brings to the current situation, and starts the long (sorry, can't help it but use that adjective) rant. To make it easier, I divide it to parts, also to make it easier for my brain to re-arrange the thoughts.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Anime Summer 2011 Season Preview

The thing about anime blogs that I love the most is season previews. The chart and information is one thing, and while each person's opinion differ to one individual to another, it kinda helps to hear what generally most people think about a certain series and all.

Still, at the end of the day, those opinions don't really decide what anime I ended up watching. Instead, it usually helps in pushing those animes that I will DEFINITELY not touch on a ten foot pole away from me.

Which is a good thing.

I know I'm missing out on a lot of great anime the past seasons (the last season I really follow the anime is Summer last year? D:) but as I'm now at home and it's holiday so it might just be the right time to get into the frenzies again.

It helps that THE one anime I've been waiting is finally here! \O/

Aside from that though, Summer 2011 seems to be choke full of surprises, with lots of stuffs I never sees them coming, but that does not mean it is not welcomed. In fact, it makes the whole season much more exciting~!

Check the Neregate's chart for the full list of the line-up~

(Originally I want to put the chart here but unfortunately some problems occurred so yeah~)

Anyways, this is my thought on all the series. Bear in mind that this is my first impression, I might end up watching the anime that I thought I wouldn't (a couple of them manage to become my favorite and that definitely caught me by surprise).

Also, except for the series that already familiar with me most of the series are relatively unknown (I'm not that dedicated to check on all of them at the first place) so my impressions are basically based on summary, promo pic, and the studio.

(The blatant lack of pictures is due to my fail with Blogger, so do refer the chart/Google for the pics)

Here it goes, then.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Of Friends, Social Networks, and Frengers (a.k.a Sayonara, Friendster).

I love this blog. I really do, even when I hardly update and all, the mere existence of it acts as somewhat a solitude to me. When I think of the time that I almost delete it I got shudder behind my spine.

I know I may not have those thoughts again, but people change, eventually, so hopefully, when that time comes, I may be able to think back carefully, and seriously. For the sake of that time, too, I write this post, as a testimony, that when things go wrong, you have a blog to ramble it all out, someplace private enough to be yours alone. I mean, this is my blog, so I can write anything I want here with freedom, right?

This post may be a tad serious (despite the tag of it being random, because duh, I am random) and I cannot believe myself typing this down here either (for emo post like this usually got locked up in Livejournal) but this is not as personal as those, and Lj is still a somewhat social network site to me, so Blogspot, which stands to me as a standalone entity, is somewhat perfect.

I am currently listening to Comforting Sounds by Mew (why, of course) on repeat since last night so if there's anything to blame for my current state of mind that will be it. It's a great song, and it is highly recommended that you listen to the song while reading this.

So, first let's start with a somewhat explanation.