Friday, December 24, 2010

Looking Back the Last Quarter of 2010.

Yes, that's the title of this post (considering my last post was on September this year). Before that though, it's Christmas, so, to all my friends who celebrates it (especially) and to everybody in the world reading this (generally), Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (and for once I'm not late in my festive greetings LOL -this was wrote on Christmas Eve after all)~


As mentioned on the opening line of this post, I'm basically reminiscing (more like making up to the lack of posts in this blog =_=;) the last quarter of 2010 a.k.a this year, which was from September to December. It also helps that after the Raya Aidilfitri I bought myself a schedule book (my aunt bought me one with a cute chibi TVXQ on the cover and on the pages inside~) and made a habit of actually writing in it (am not one for details as it's too troublesome, but I really need a schedule that time due to the hectic days-more on it later) so yeah~ I am lucky I did for now I KNOW what the hell that I've been doing last few months (can't depend on my memory too much, it tends to fail me at times).

Thus, here it goes.

September marks the 2 week mid-sem break, from the 6th (might be earlier to others, but I left KAL on the 6th, so yeah~) including Raya Aidilfitri on the 10th until the 18th (yeah, I went back to KAL on that date, and to me that means break is over, heh). After that was the preparation for JCN, JLC, and APK which happened on October. Yeah, 3 events, in the same month, on the same bloody weekend. But we'll get to that later.

Basically JCN stands for Japanese Culture Night, an event where the students (mostly were Japanese language course students -who else if not?) introduces the Japanese culture in the form of games, food, etc. And then there's JLC, or Japanese Language Club, who are in charge of the exhibitions under the Language unit of PBIB for the Convocation Fair (I talked about the last year's event here) and APK, or Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan, which is a course in my syllabus this semester's practical.

In short, it can be summarized like this:-
JCN--> I was in the Souvenir department (for crying out loud!) and thus, we have to make/find/prepare souvenir for the games during JCN, and stuffs for the VIP/VVIP.
JLC--> For this I'm under the Games department of the exhibitions and got to stand by at the booth and handle the stuffs.
APK--> The practical is to set up booths and sell something (anything may do; selling stuffs/services/anything that seems fit) and apply whatever we've learns in the lectures to real situation.

Looking back, I never hated meetings as much as I did back then. I mean, I got at least one almost every freaking day for the rest of the month. Talk about hectic. But then I guess it can't be help since the events were all held on the first week of October.

And true to that, October comes with a great bummer since the 1st day (I got to write smaller on that particular day's space due to too many things happening), which was a Friday. I got a Psychology midterm, an Account assignment to be submitted, and the JCN rehearsal on the evening all on a freaking day. And the next day, marks the weekend of hell. Yes, the events are finally here.

Since I don't have the ability to split myself into three (despite the fact that all the JCN AJKs are called JCN Ninja's LOL. Talk about irony) I end up dividing my priorities for the events, for one part I was at JLC, and then I ran to the JCN, and then help out by promoting our APK booth to random people visiting whichever booth I was attending to at that time (a.k.a persuading people especially my friends to buy LOL).

And that continues all the long until the climax of the event that night, which is also the closing ceremony for the JCN. Over? Nah, still got the other 2 events. APK ends the next day, the 3rd, and the JLC was supposed to be continued until 4th, but due to clash with lecture schedules, it ends on 3rd also.

Now that all the events are ending, the rest of October was marked with due date for assignments, oral tests, group assignments, and extra classes for 4 days for JLPT from the end of October to the beginning of November, which also marked the beginning of Study Week on the first week of November.

Study Week. Means Final Exam is here.


How fast time flies, right? And that is exactly what my thoughts were at that time.

Final Exams for this semester took about 2-3 weeks depends on your schedule and courses. For E-Commerce students (me) we started the first paper on the 8th a.k.a the first day of the exam week with Database paper and ends with either Psychology paper on 22nd, or Seni paper on the morning of 24th. For me and some of the students though, we end the exam with Japanese paper on the evening of 24th.

If there's a (general) complaint during the exam week it was the schedule, since it was either too packed on one week or too free on the other week. For me, the schedule was 2 paper on the 1st week, 4 paper (and killer papers nonetheless, imagine having Accountancy on Monday and Yuszren's subject -nobody seems to remember the name of the subject and yes, he's my Technopreneurship a.k.a the horror subject last semester's lecturer- the next day, a day break for Raya Aidiladha and continues with Marketing paper, perfect) on the second week, and 2 paper on the final week.

Alas, we pulled through and Merdeka after the end of exam but for Japanese language students who takes JLPT, there was extra classes starting from 26th November until the 2nd of December (which to me, steals the meaning of Merdeka completely, who says we are free again?). So yeah, extra classes, from 8.30AM to 12.30PM, every freaking day. The campus' are already empty as it's already the semester break. Life's good, I know.

And that brings us to December.

There are 4 exam sites to take JLPT, which are KK (UMS obviously), KL, Ipoh, and Penang. I took the exam in KK as it will be easier and considering that now I'm living at Miri there's no need to go all the way back to the Peninsular (the flight ticket's price is not a joking matter, seriously).

Until the family said that we're all going back to Terengganu on December.

But there's no way that I can change the site so on the 3rd me and other exam candidates a.k.a my friends who took the exam at KK start the journey or the JLPT adventure like a friend of mine blogs about here (I bet you can tell that I'm lazy enough to type out the whole thing again when there's already somebody else who did, and I -kinda- admits to that, so yeah~).


After the JLPT ends (my opinion on how was the exam were the same as my fellow friend which I put the link there, so no need further explanation I guess, but to add to that I count myself lucky the kanjis are not that hard -they were always my ultimate problem in Japanese- and the Grammar part got too much reading questions, it made me sleepy during exam =_=; Other than that I'm fine~), is the REAL Merdeka and we all going back to our hometown.

My flight from KK to KL was on 2PM++ and luckily the flight goes smoothly. I reached KL on about 4 almost 5PM, and then I spent my time hanging around at LCCT (as per usual) to wait for my next flight to KT on 8PM. To my surprise (somehow) the flight was not delayed, but it shook too much it drained my energy (not that I have much of it left) away.


After that we went back to Dungun on the 7th and ah~ how I missed the place. The roads are wider now (especially in the city) and McD is finally opened (though the place is kinda un-strategic (?) to me, there's less people walking and less parking lot there IMO compare to where KFC and Pizza Hut are) yet the changes are not that drastic, I still can tell 'Ah, this is Dungun. It may be changed a bit but it is still the same old Dungun.' to my sister's amusement.


Anyways we went down to Kuantan, visiting the relatives in Kemaman while at that and went back to Terengganu on the 12th, spent the days at my Grandma's and took the flight back to Miri on the 14th. The next day my dad's start working again (heck he even goes to office on Christmas for crying out loud!) and we just simply spent our days randomly here in Miri till the school opens again this new year.

Yes, I'll be going back to the Pumpkin Island on the New Year because my Japanese class (what else?) starts on the 3rd. Oh woe my short holiday~ T_T

Still, I guess January is not all that bad after all. Anime-wise (yes, it's my way to console myself) there's quite some new anime that is worth looking forward too! You can refer the list of the 2011 Winter Anime Season from Scamp's Winter 2011 chart or Neregate's chart. For me, my list of possible watch/favorite (of course) will be:-

-Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 (I watched the first season in marathon -yes- and downloaded the manga -yes- and the news come out of another season and I was like 'HELL YES!!!'. This will be in my top priority to download, hands down.)

-Fractale (No idea as in never heard about it before but hey it's NoitaminA, so it gets a shot as in interest by default. It helps the pic looks good to me.)

-Gosick (Same case with Fractale above -not the NoitaminA part, they earlier one in the sentence part- but this one got mystery, Gothic, and set in old European. Again, I think it's the preview picture that got me.)

-Hourou Musuko (I always want to read the manga of this one but somehow don't have the opportunity to do so. I know it's good though coz' a senpai at KAL keeps fan-girling over the said series so if I somehow can't download it I know she will~)

-Starry Sky (This one is...okay I know the premise and all is like DUH but I wiki-ed the series and it got HiroC, OnoD, FukuJun, Midorikawa Hikaru, Tomokazu Sugita, Soichiro Hoshi, and Akira Ishida all in one series. You see what I'm trying to say here? All of them are seiyuu biases damnit~)

-Mirai Nikki OVA (THIS. THIS. THEY SHOULD JUST MAKE IT INTO AN ANIME SERIES INSTEAD OF OVA DAMNITTTT~~~~ -if that doesn't warn you enough, this may rival Kimi ni Todoke in terms of anticipation meter this coming January, 'nuff said.)

So yeah~ all is well with the world. XD

About my writing...*sigh*

I have 10 stories with lack of plot in my draft folder (1 actually got the plot but it ends up being too long I found myself stuck, as usual OTL) so I'm open to anybody who got a plot, prompt, whatever just give them to me and I'll write it for you. IF I got the time, that is. But I guess that will actually (maybe) speed things up a bit. I'm in serious problem here after all.. ;A; So yeah, I really, really, REALLY appreciate it if you can give any idea to me. I thank you in advance! *bows*

And yet another year ends, safely tuck in memory. And this is getting damn freaking long I better stop before I start rambling randomly again (why do I always end up typing too much each post and not do the same for my stories? O_o??)

Alas, may 2011 be a good year to me and to you (since I doubt I'll update this blog with any posts till the new year, heck, this one is super long already!)

Till then, do take care and I'll ask for your guidance again on 2011! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ *bows*

~The-typing-too-much Heiji

Music of the Day: SHINee-Obsession

P/S: I end up loving more and more songs from their second album. First it's Lucifer, then A-Yo, Quasimodo, Shout Out, and now this one. Jonghyun's voice suits the song as he hits all those notes and I heard he wrote the lyrics? If that's true than he really did a great job! Anyway do try listen to this and I'm sure you'll like it too~ ^^

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Sons of a Battlecry

After been gone for what, 3 months maybe (!) I'm back. Uh-huh. Before anything though, to all Muslim all over the world (I know I'm late, but hey, when have I not? Duh.) Happy Eid Fitri or formally in Malay, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin. There, I said/type it. LOL. Formality aside, this post is going to be long (I hope not but knowing myself there's a lot to rant about lately *gets bricked*), so yeah~ You have been warned.

Let's start with the title post, which is a one-shot written last month and only posted now, really. There's a reason to that of course, apart from my lack of time and the suck which is the internet, but before we get to that here's the link, so that I don't forgot it. Apparently Livejournal said that the post is too long (duh!) so I had to cut it to two post instead, thus the double part. Tsk.

The Sons of a Battlecry -Part 2-

So, the idea on writing this story came one fine day when I was browsing aimlessly on the internet -more specifically on Livejournal- and found out that a community is organizing a writing contest with the theme 'New Beginnings'.

While I'm not one on writing with deadline -tried before for Chapter 2 and failed brilliantly-, and the last day for submitting the entry is only about 1 freaking week from the time I got to know about it, to my horror, somehow, I WANT to participate, despite the strong protest from my consciousness at the time. I mean, that was a busy period; what with assignments and what-not, heck even mid-term was not far away! But my muse was hanging at the back of my head, and keeps saying 'Why not? Just do it!' and as reckless as I am with my poor time management skill, I opened the dreadful MS Word, ready to write.

But of course, enthusiasm does not mean I have any idea what to write at the first place. *gasp* Not to mention I'm bad at theme-related works, being random and all. So, one whole day is dedicated on finding idea -not the plot, that can be damned later- and I settled on AU (why, of course), a Samurai AU. Didn't saw that coming huh? :P

The thing is I just finished the anime 'Samurai Champloo' (damn awesome anime, might blog about it later, but damn there are TOO MANY anime to blog about~! Tsk.) before that and I'm really really liking one of the main character that I modeled him in my story! It's quite obvious if you look at it actually, so yeah~ there comes my samurai one-shot.

I admit I do know much on samurai, I've read quite a number a samurai-themed manga and watched the anime for all that matter, but there is a theme, and I'm lacking a plot, which always is the death of me in writing. So I looked for prompt, which comes in the form of the 100 fic challenge I sadistically participated in, and settled on no. 64, Balance, basically because it's character-centric duh. But wait.

Samurai, New Beginning, Balance. What kind of plot can I conjure from this?! Worse, when I realize it I have about 4 days left. And I don't even start anything, yet. And it's not like I don't have anything else to do to begin with. I'm on the verge of giving up when I decided to call my 'editor', which is actually of course, my imouto, Ainin. And this conversation comes up (I always insert our conversation for some unknown reason, lol).

Me: So there's a contest in Livejournal and I think of taking part but...
Ainin: I know! Saw it too~ wait you're taking part? Great!
Me: Wait, so you know? When?
Ainin: When they first opened it of course, I'm quite a lurker in LJ recently.
Me: And you don't even TELL ME?!
Ainin: You don't ask.

Trust her to make me go headdesk all over.

Me: Next time, just tell me dammit!
Ainin: Ok. That aside, what are you writing on? Tell me the spoiler yes!!
Me: Uh...that's the problem.
Ainin: What?
Me: I don't have a plot.
Me: Hello? You there?
Ainin: The deadline's here, you know.
Me: Why do you think I'm calling you for?
Ainin: *sigh*
Me: My idea consist of the theme new beginning, of course, samurai AU, and prompt balance.

Not a good sign. Definitely not.

Ainin: How are you going to combine all that?!
Me: Any idea?
Ainin: And how do you expect me to help you at the first place?
Me: Yah! You're my editor, think of something!
Ainin: Since when am I one?!

So we had a fight, that's normal.

Ainin: Take your time, it'll not be that hard~ Good luck!

Somehow it dawn on me that I don't have my song muse with me, which can explain my off feeling this whole time. Indeed, I just look around my playlist for more muse and voila! I found a plot. And it combines them perfectly in my head. Of course, I called my 'I'm-not-your-editor' Imouto.

Me: Found the plot.

And I did.

Ainin: Go for it, unnie!!

Just so you know, unnie is Korean for older sister and imouto is Japanese for younger sister. She likes Korean more than Japanese language actually, something she shares with the rest of my sisters, thanks to all the drama on tv and K-Pop; while I'm more heavily influenced by anime, though I do have my fair share of K-Pop. So yeah, we quite a multi-language speaker to each other. LOL.

Now that I have the confidence to write all the bloody thing down -I guess Ainin will continue being my editor whether she like it or not, she had a knack for good stories IMO- I started writing and damn I was halfway through when I found myself thinking 'Ah, it shouldn't be like this, maybe this way is better...'

I had only 2 days left to go. And although the dateline is something based on London time and I actually have a day extra then the stated date due to GMT and all, I don't think I can afford the risk, the internet here is unpredictable after all. Still, I scrap the whole freaking thing and start it, all over again.

I had morning class the next day -8AM Statistics lecture for 2 hours + 1 hour tutorial = death of my brain- and my self-conscious constantly reminds me that, but my fingers cannot stop typing, my muse is running 200km/h and my whole body is shaking so much I feel like my head is spinning round and round.

By the end of it all, I end up typing for 11 pages of MS Word, far exceeding the usual 7 pages for one-shot habit and send it almost instantly. The wash of relief flood me instantly and I collapse on my bed, the clock on the sidebar shows 5AM. Heck I'd been typing the whole night away!

As much as I'll be glad to do so, I didn't skip the lecture that morning, which is quite a feat in itself. I have to admit though, that I'm practically dead by afternoon onwards, heh.

And so my imouto read the contest entry, and the result is positive from her, to my relief. After that was the mid-term, submit the assignments, and there's the 2-week mid-sem break along with Raya holiday, which totally drain me away, thus the lack of writing on my part.

I didn't won anything from the contest, but I'm happy I participated in it -it's my first time entering such a contest after all- and it's surely a great experience! It helps that this is my first time exploring this style of writing and I'm glad I'm able to pull it off! If there's other contest next time I'll make it a point to enter~! If there's opportunity, time, and idea/plot that is. =_=;

I'm actually thinking of ranting on anime too as there's lots of things going on as far as the fandom goes but this is getting too long and I better stop for now. Heh.

Anyway do read the story and tell me what do you think about it! ^^


Music of the Day: Radwimps - Order Made

P/S: The song that influence the plot of The Sons of a Battlecry. Try search for the lyric, this is awesome!

OT: Is currently rediscovered the love that is Natsume Yuujinchou. Midorikawa Yuki-sensei is awesome!! ^^

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr. Broken Heart

Ahh~ I'm updating my blog, again. After finishing the Durarara!! recommendation post of doom which set the most record in my blogging life so far (the longest post written in one time -it consist of TWO long posts-, the post that took the longest time to finish -I started on 28 and 29 and only able to post them on 2 July. Yeah, I know-, the post with the most pic-spam...) I don't think I'll update my blog until I'm back in KAL, but since I updated my Livejournal with new posts, I...can't ignore the urge to post it here...yeah, I know.

But then, this might be the last post before I go back to the la-la island a.k.a Labuan or to be more specific UMS-KAL as the new semester is going to start real soon. *sigh* I want to stay at home longer~

That aside, I've updated the last part of Chapter 1, part 8, and ahh~ it really brings back memories. I mean, I wrote them all on June-July 2009 a.k.a last year! It's been one year now and I still can't get Chapter 2 going...T_T I talked with my imouto Ainin a.k.a my personal editor (sort of) on the draft I had in my head on how it's going and the reaction is positive enough. Now I have some confidence in it might start writing slowly. I don't think I can afford to delay it any longer. Just her comment is "Totally Durarara!! influence there." And I was like "Uh, yeah." Yeah, the anime is too awesome it rulez~ I'm bias yeah XD.

I'll try my best. And Ainin, thanks a zillion for lending me your ear and hear me rambling like crazy, uh. You're awesome! Never stop commenting my story, okay! XD

I spent 2 months of holiday, yeah, but I only write one story. *gets bricked* It's not my fault I have no idea, ok! T_T What with writer's block and all...*sob* And I've posted it just now too, so no blaming me okay! Now that I've posted all of my completed story, it'll be hard to see my blog updated in the future (maybe) so I want to say I'm sorry in advance...*bows* I will write more! I do! Just, give me plot. Yeah. *stab self*

Enough rambling, this is the link.

Mr. Broken Heart

On the story, this is one of the story with the least dialogue ever. I wrote this with full enthusiasm and I let Ainin a.k.a the editor/commenter to read the half-written story. And the result is something like this.

Ainin: It's ok, just, uh.
Me: What?
Ainin: I don't know...
Me: Just tell, dammit!
Ainin: It's kind of boring...

I swear if this scene is in an anime, the character (me) already got arrows stab into the heart.

Me:...what. Because too much description?
Ainin: *nod*
Me: Great.

Cue big rock fall on the character's head.

Me: Do you read them all? Do you understand what it's about?
Ainin: Uh..just the first part...? It's getting quite...complicated...sorry~

That night, I edit more than 60% of the now-become-draft story, and start spamming my fb wall for a couple of days. When I start writing again, the muse is running 160km/s and I found myself cannot stop writing at all until I finish it completely. I have to admit I'm confident with how it goes but then, if Ainin said it's boring, again, I may be throwing myself into the sea or something. is it...?
Ainin: *smile*
Me: Uh-huh.
Ainin: This is Good!! I totally don't expect that. *thumbs-up*

Cue confetti and spotlight on the character.

To be frank, I don't know how I got that ending either, so it's a bonus somehow~

I gain enough confidence to start a new story right after but then, the last episode of Durarara!! came out and my mind totally took a 180 degree turn there. I spazzes over the anime like what and cannot stop fan-girling and when I come to my muse already pack up the bags and leave to a vacation in Ikebukuro. Yeah. And leaving me with no idea at all for a plot or whatever. *sigh*

Anyway, I rambles a lot for now and my inbox is piling up with mails and whatnot I might as well clear them up. Do read the story and tell me what do you think of it! ^^

Music of the Day: One Ok Rock -Liar

P/S: Might stop the recommendation a.k.a fan-girling of the song. Somehow not in the mood for it anymore. *gasp*


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Durarara!! The Characters

This post is focused on the characters of Durarara!! the anime. As much as I want to put them in a single post, I can't, due to the fact that they got too many characters, and it is impossible to talk on the story without knowing who's who, so~

The Characters.

Monday, June 28, 2010


It's been awhile (a rather long while to be frank) since I wrote a post of recommendation here and since I'm so so so in love with this series (and just finished watching the whole 24-episode last night -when I'm typing this-) and in need of rambling (insert fangirl alert here) so here I am! The series in question (like, obviously) is Durarara!!

Image Hosted by

Originally a light novel series (which I'm now interested to read) written by Ryohgo Narita (of Baccano! fame, which I never get to read nor watch the anime, yet, but will do, maybe) and illustrations by Suzuhito Yasuda, Durarara!! (デュラララ!! Dyurarara!!) is about a Dullahan working as an underworld courier in Ikebukuro, an internet-based anonymous gang called Dollars, and the chaos that unfolds around the most dangerous people in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. (Wikipedia)

A number of unusual people gather in Ikebukuro, Tokyo--- a youth who yearns for an un-mundane life, a hoodlum, a stalker denpa-girl, a young man who deals in information ‘for fun’, a black-market doctor, a high-schooler obsessed with magic, as well as a ‘headless rider’ riding a bike painted black. These unusual people begin a series of abnormal stories that never fail to create headaches. But, although their personalities are all twisted— they still talk about love. ( -I did edit a little bit though, and have to admit this descriptions is my fav on Durarara!!-

Ryuugamine Mikado is a boy who longs for the exciting life of the big city. At the invitation of his childhood friend Masaomi, he transfers to a school in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Masaomi has warned him about people he doesn’t want to cross in the city: a champion fighter, an informant, and a mysterious gang called “Darazu.” (or simply, Dollars) Nervous from Masaomi’s stories, Mikado witnesses an urban legend on his first day in the city, the Headless Rider astride a black motorcycle. From then on, the existence of supernatural cases and a gang called the Yellow Turbans will rise to the surface, and Ikebukuro will pushed to the breaking point. (

Okay, end of boring formal introductions, let's get the dice rolling. Before that though, bear in mind that all the info's and whatnot below are simply the result of me fangirling over the series and MY complete opinion on it. Also, beware of bias alert, if you follow this blog enough I'm sure you understand what I mean~ XD

Oh! Did I mention that this anime is no doubt the BEST anime ever aired on 2010 (so far)? See? Told you I'm bias like that.

They also got the manga for this along with the anime but as the said manga is too slow on update I'm going to focus this post on the anime instead. Not like they got huge difference whatsoever. (I even take the description from the manga there, haven't I? lol.)

Info's mostly from Wikipedia (all-time-fav-info-website) and (damn-awesome-site-with-cool-stuffs-and-tropes-I'm-stealing) and my take on the series mashed-up together to my liking. Pics are from snapshot of my own (finally know how to do it /facepalm),, and Google. XD

The Story.

It's hard to be specific on what the story is all about (like for example Naruto-ninja, Bleach-shinigami etc.) because it got from supernatural characters (the Dullahan a.k.a headless fairy a.k.a the headless rider and a somewhat cursed living sword who loves, uh, human) to a crazy strong guy who goes around throwing the vendor machine as replacement of hello (you read that right, definitely not a typo on my part) to normal high school students (yup, definitely normal looking) to an underground doctor (no license, definitely) to a crazy information broker who loves the humanity and manipulate them (...what) to a stalker with a crush (omg) to a twisted siblings (they totally love the wrong things) to a crazy traffic police who might be a former gang biker (no kidding here) to a Russian selling sushi (yes, he even speaks Russian sometimes in the anime, don't ask me, I don't know Russian to save my life) to a gang with otakus (yes, again, no typo) to a lot more.

Tell me, what can I say then? =_=;

If you ask me to sum it all, then, is that all these people, they live in Ikebukuro. In one city. It's not about one main character's journey or whatsoever, it's about everyone. Each character have a role and as twisted as their life may be, they all connected and may give impact to other people's life, directly or vice-versa.

It's all over the place, basically. And the anime consists of 24 episodes, with 2 arc stories.

And they got one hell of a number of characters, mind you.

The Characters

As much as I want to put them in a single post, I can't, due to the fact that they got too many characters, and it is impossible to talk on the story without knowing who's who, so I put them in a separate post. Just click the link above. Sorry on that =_=;

The Art/Setting

The animation is produced by Brain Base, which I later found out also responsible on making Natsume Yujinchou, one of my favorite anime ever. The animation is beautiful, if not detailed. The buildings and everything really depicts the city. Heck, apparently it is based on real buildings in Ikebukuro! It is like I'm really walking down the streets of the city, seriously. Watch the videos below and be surprised!

The Music

Despite the fact that I'm quite open in music and can listen to mostly anything, I'm quite picky when it comes to anime songs, mostly because it will determine whether I'm going to skip them or just listen to them for the goddamn 1-2 minutes. Sometimes, the song is good but the sequences is not attractive enough, even if I freaking love the show. See, I'm that picky. So, when I say I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the 4 songs use for the OP and ED, it basically tells that the songs and the title sequences are simply BEYOND AWESOME. Heck, I even downloaded ALL the single for the anime and the Pv for the respected songs. You can't say I'm bias this time around, ok~

Not to mention the OP and ED sequences are simply awesome to boot. The scenes are connected to the next one as they introduce the loads of characters are really cool!! Too bad video streaming sites blocked the videos from YouTube (I do found but the quality is not that good and the words are mirrored, making the whole Hiragana and kanji look weird on my eyes xD Still can check them out though) or else I already post them here.

The first OP, Uragiri no Yuuyake (裏切りの夕焼, lit. "Sunset of Betrayal") by Theatre Brook can best be described by one word; IT ROCKED. The crazy fast beat really gives excitement and suits the show damn well. I don't know the band and it's hard to search infos on them but I even love the couple song in the single (I spazz about it on the last post maybe?) so definitely going to watch out their works in the future~ "Asahi wo noboru~ YEAH!!!"

The first ED, Trust Me by Matsushita Yuya a.k.a my new bias for J-artist is simply cool to the max. The tune is addicting, the vocal is soothing, and the R&B beat is GUH. I have it as my ringtone now. xD On the singer, well, I downloaded all his single and album and pv. Yeah~ that explains it. "Trust me trust me trust me YEAH!!"

The second OP, Complication (コンプリケイション) by Rookiez is Punk'd is kinda slower in beat compare to Uragiri no Yuuyake, but still damn addictive! It starts kind of slow and go rocking on chorus and makes you sing along (well, I did anyway). The band is also another unknown to me before and haven't quite listen to their other songs, but if it's like this one then I'm a fan, 'nuff said. "Whooooooaaa Oh Oh OH!!"

The last song, a.k.a the second ED, Butterfly by On/Off took the formula like Complication. It's kinda slow and go beating hard on chorus. Totally cool enough! The harmony of the duo compliments the song and gives a soothing feel~ People might recognize the group as the one singing the OP for the anime Vampire Knight before, and have to say while I'm not really fond of their song in that anime (I haven't even watch it duh) Butterfly really got me hooked. "Bokura wa jiyuu da~"

Just realize they don't have slow song as either OP or ED. But then I can't imagine having a ballad on a show full of badass characters anyway~ xD

EDIT: The Trailer

I found a video of the trailer of the anime in sub...thought I'll put it here~

Final Thoughts

This anime is not one that you can review after watching the first 3 episode or something (which might put it in the 'love it or hate it' kind of show to some). Watch at least 7-8 to get the idea of things, and I promise it'll be worth it. The many characters might gives you hell at first but their characters (in terms of physical attributes, that is) are really distinctive to one another so it should be no problem! All in all, this is a MUST watch, and I'll give it a full 10 for the fun and joyous ride. ^^

Let's hope they make a second season of this! At least there's news on DVD special episodes coming~ \o/


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Articulating Irony Forgotten

I am happy, like seriously happy. Why? because the one-shot that I mentioned on last post is already FINISHED!! \o/ *cheers* I had a hard time finishing it (despite the muse hanging about, and heck, when I finished it and ready to celebrate -sort of- the door opened by itself, along with the sound effect and is that?!) and end up spamming my fb wall lately. =_=|| Even so, now, I can proudly say, that I wrote something this holiday! Yay~~~

To commemorate with that (of course), I decided to update the blogs! I posted up Part 7 of Chapter 1 (I really have to get Chapter 2 moving...T_T) and a one-shot;

Articulating Irony Forgotten

This one-shot is actually a somewhat (long) epilogue to The Incessant Restriction of Catharsis, and might be a bit confusing (=_=) so it's best if you read the first installment before you read this~ ^^

About the recently finished one-shot...I'll post that one later~ *gets bricked*

Now, since the muse is still around, what should I write next...? Do give any prompt, idea, heck even plot if you like! It'll be great to hear what do you like for me to try! ^^

Oh, no romantic story please. Angst is the ultimate forte here~ LOL. :P

Do let me know what do you think on it! ^^

Music of the Day: Theatre Brook -Mirai wo Ima

P/S: A couple song in the Durarara!! OP single 'Uragiri no Yuuyake' by Theatre Brook, which I love love love the song (and the anime, but that's a whole different story altogether) very much due to the catchy crazy beat!

In contrast to that, 'Mirai wo Ima' is slower and the beat is a tad simpler compare to 'Uragiri no Yuuyake' and this gives a balance to the whole single. The vocal compliments the song and the long song (It's 6 min!) gives the chance to enjoy the instrumental aspect of the song, which is great! You can hear the many sounds of guitar, and the drum beat comes in at the right time, and GUH, it's awesome. Do check it out! ^^

On a side note, my P/S section tends to get longer than the original post and that, is BAD. I'll try to reduce the amount of fangirling...-_-;


Friday, June 18, 2010

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-III- [The life we had won't be ours again]

As promised, I updated my blog (hahaha) and of course, along with my Livejournal as well. Just now, I post up Chapter 1 Part 6 and as the title says, another part of THE 3-shot

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-III- [The life we had won't be ours again]

...or rather the FINAL part of THE 3-shot.

Yes! It's the END (like finally)!! And as much as I'm happy about it there's still a tad melancholy feeling~ I mean, it's been a long time! The long journey, is, over. Still, this means a new journey of writing is set, no? ^^ Special thanks to Nazo, Saise/Kimmy Ai, Didy and my imouto Ainin for the enormous support and not giving up on this lazy writer and bugging me till I finish this xD

On the story, this is the first time I'm writing a 3-shot, usually I just end it quickly as one-shot I'm lazy like that or end up writing too much like Literally, but that's a different story, of course. What makes this more special is, I, at one point, always plan out the ending, regardless of how the story is, the ending is usually fixed thus the cliffhanger and whatnot but somehow, I can't seem to able to do same with this one. I have to admit even I am surprised with how it turns out to be, and I'm super satisfied with it, especially when I can include a lot of song lyrics in certain parts. Heck, I have a special playlist just for this! xD

I actually plan on posting other one-shot, but after a few contemplating with one another, I decided to go with this one. Besides, I don't think I can handle the wrath of people if I keep on delaying this, right? xD

Also, *drum-rolls* the REAL reason I'm posting this is to commemorate with my success in killing off the writer's block demon! Hahaha~ *evil laugh* I manage to write 767 words (I deliberately check this *gets bricked*) last night (which is A LOT for somebody who can hardly write 1 sentence before) and if my plan goes well and muse stays around this time, I might finish a one-shot before holiday ends! Yay~! I have high anticipation on this piece, maybe because I play around with styles, again so yeah~

On the side note, this will put Chapter 2 on hold so just kill me, my muse for that one had gone off for vacation in Tokyo, I think, darn it!

Back to the story, for this is what this post a meant to after all, thanks a lot for following this till the end with me, your support and encouragement, I'll held them dear forever! I'm really, really glad with this but then this is worthless if there's nobody reading it, so finally, thanks a lot to YOU who reads this! I'll try my best in my next stories so do continue take care of me. Thanks! *bows*

Do tell what is your feeling and take on this. It'll be great to hear from you! ^^

Music of the Day: Anzenchitai -Aoi Bara

P/S: I flail over this song to my friends on fb and am glad that they like it, so think it'll be great to say about it here, too! Though it's kind of ironic when the post above is damn happy and this is a sad song...(^^);

I first saw the pv on Channel V (in which Astro had remove from their program in favor to some FOX channel, to my uber disappointment. I mean, that's one of my fav channel, why do you have to take it off, WHY?!) and my first thought is "I HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THIS". Well, that pretty much sums things up, no?

The song is awesome, what with the guitar and all, and the pv is damn cool. The blue black scenes (Oh how I LOVE that) and some inserts of blue rose (Aoi Bara means Blue Rose, Aoi=Blue and Bara=Rose) compliments the atmosphere perfectly. Also, the lyrics. I don't know what is it really mean, I can make up it's a sad song from the words 'kanashii' and 'sabishii' along with 'nanimo' which typically screams sadness but even if you don't understand it, you can hear the sadness seeps in the flow of the song and the vocal. It's freaking awesome.

The band, which is the first time I heard about it, debuted almost 30 years ago (!!) and the members were all born on 50's. They reach the peak of their popularity on 80's-90's (I don't even born yet) and been on hiatus till they make a comeback with this single. Heck, the single debut on Top 10 Oricon weekly Chart straight away! (Wikipedia does wonders).

If you're looking for a song with pure music, amazing guitar riffs and all, this is perfect. You'll love it, damn sure. Speaking by experience here, after all~ :)

Going to download the pv later. xD


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's June, a.k.a the second month of holiday. But I don't update my blog that much, huh? *gets bricked* Somehow I'm too lazy to do so...heck, I don't even write anything! *gasp* There's one that is under construction and I'm determined enough to complete it! The bad thing is it'll put Chapter 2 on hold. Kill me now, people~ *stab*

Either way, I've posted a new one-shot on Livejournal just now. The title is, like the one above obviously,


I wrote this when my laptop was sent to repair before and I play around with the style, which is numbering instead of the usual. Have to say I'm glad with how it turn out to be! ^^ Also, now that I think about it, I tend to change my style A LOT these days, numbering, days, parts, etc. The one I'm currently working also got different style (not telling~). I guess it appeals to me much? xD

I guess it give me some sort of versatile in writing, which I'm glad.

Contrary to the usual 3-posts-in-one-go format I commonly use when it comes to Livejournal, I just posted once, which is kind of weird to me. Ironically the title is One LOL. I'll posting more after this, no worries, it's just me being kind of lazy (when are you not? Duh) today and maybe I'm just not in the mood? Hmm~

Either way, I WILL post more before the end of June and the semester opens (No~~~) so do expect it! ^^

Have a good day, people~

Music of the Day: Matsushita Yuya -Mr. Broken Heart

P/S: The couple song to his first single 'Foolish Foolish', Mr. Broken Heart is currently on a constant repeat in my player. It's awesome!! The soothing voice of Yuya-san and the fast piano along with the beat of the melody compliments each other well! I don't have it on my playlist (I have the urge to take it off, somehow, it troubles me a lot these days, to my annoyance) as it's hard to find the song on YouTube. I wonder why?

This song is also the OST for a film 'Kanashii Boyfriend', in which Yuya-san himself acts in as the younger version of the main character. You can hear a snippet of it on the film trailer! I've been dying to get my hands on the film, thus developing my Google-ing skills and discovers the wonders which is torrent at the same time. Now I can find almost anything I want easily than before, except for this film, of course, talk about irony. Anybody know where to find this, please help! T_T

On the singer, people might recognize Yuya-san from the song 'Trust Me', which is the first ending song for the best, awesome anime 2010 Durarara!! (I'm bias ignore me xD) Yuya-san just release his first album recently (which is safe downloaded in my disk LOL) and have to say I'm impressed a whole lot by his talent. Can't wait to see what he may bring to us next! ^^



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-II [The time we've lost can't get back]-

Ah~! Finally I updated my blogs! It feels like ages since I last do so~

It is now holiday and when I think about it there are just soooooooo many things to do! Updating the blog, writing posts, finishing Chapter 2 (I already started it! Really!), watching all the shows and animes, ah~~ what to do? Duh.

Either way, I've posted up many things on Livejournal just now! A new part for Chapter 1 (already posted here) and a one-shot (which also had posted here before) and the next part of the three-shot A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer (wow, I just type down the LONG title!) This is the second part before the ultimate ending of it (heh~) and one of the fastest part I wrote, technically LOL.

So here's the link~ ^^

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-II [The time we've lost can't get back]

I've also done the master lists for the stories (just look at the master lists at the above posts, I deliberately change the date to ten years in the future -wow- just to make it stay there LOL) so you might want to check it out too. Bear in mind the parts for Literally Chapter 1 are still not yet posted all there~ ^^

Enjoy the story and tell me what do you feel about it! Comments are love~ *wink*

Music of the Day: Seo Taiji -T'ik T'ak

P/S: I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG, PERIOD. Seo Taiji is the man dubbed the 'grandfather' of KPop due to his infuence in the industry. And I heard his name before but not really have a chance to listen to it until I (somehow) downloaded the mv to this and OH. GOD. It's rock (which no doubt always easier to accept with less doubt to my ears compare to other genres) and there's a mix of instrumental (piano and some violin?) along the melody, which is a combination of awesomeness, no doubt. I always love it when a song has many types of genres and instrumentals, it makes it more lively (remember Outsider? That guy just raps for God's sake).

Back to the song, the mv has a sci-fi theme to it (I swear I saw the famous eye-on-the-mask from the manga 20th Century Boys there, this song is the Movie Version's soundtrack or something?) and the camera work when they focus on the band and Taiji himself is superb. His voice is not all raw like Gackt yet it suits the whole song perfectly and yes, he rocks! He even looks younger his age (not telling the number, try guess~). The band is awesome too (check out the keyboardist, I gasp looking at the way he plays).

All in all, this song is superb and if you like rock, this is perfect. I still have in on repeat since last night, mind you. And while you're at it check out the orchestra symphony performance of the song too. Seo Taiji held a concert where he collaborated with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and OH.MY.GOD it gives me goosebumps, really. This guy is genius, hands down.

I have both the mv and the orchestra performance in my playlist, so do check it out~!! ^^

Now, this is long...*sigh*

~The-too-excited-promoting Heiji (duh.)

Master List

This is the master list of all my anime/manga/drama/movies recommendation (even if there's not much to begin with) in order to organize my blog (it's uh...kind of messy?). So hope by this people will find it easier to read them all (got complaints about this in regards of my stories, so might as well do another one for all these~*gets bricked*).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Of Blogging, Life, and Japanese.

I'll say this straight, this posts is the result of boredom and internet being slower than usual I'm on the verge of breaking something and decided to write something so that I won't end up doing something I regret later. Get the idea? Good. Basically I feel like ranting anyway so bear with me, or simply close this tab/window. Heh~

So, looking at the title above, it sounds a bit, uh, uncreative? Nevertheless it sums up what this post is all about, which is a good thing considering I basically am a complete fail when it comes to summary, really.

I'll try not to rant too much, but I know better than to trust my fingers when it starts typing so...

Of blogging, the idea of writing this posts is due to the fact that I felt extremely bad for this blog for having such little posts. I mean, this is my 5th post, this year. And it's like what, 3 freaking months already! Damn, I'm such a lazy blogger, ain't I? LOL.

This brings me to the very reason WHY I made this blog at the first place, (quoting En. Yuszren my Technopreneurship lecturer: Know your aim/reason and stick to it -ok I admit I made that up but I know it's something along the line. LOL.) which is of course, for my writing. Now that I'll no longer posting it here and move it to Livejournal instead (read further in last post, there's a damn explanation there) this blog kind of lose it's meaning (to my horror!) but I don't want to delete it either so the best way is change the reason, the aim.

Besides, it's not that I only post my writing, there's also random rant (like this one) and manga/anime/drama etc. recommendation which usually the result of my flailing over the said series. So, again, I'm reassuring everyone here (and myself) that NO, I'M NOT GOING TO DELETE THIS BLOG. Okay, it's final~ ^^

Of life, I kind of having it bad now. It's 3 weeks (or is it 2?) to go to final exam for the semester (time sure flies~) and Technopreneurship kind of driving people nuts for a reason. The assignments are never-ending (so as Japanese, but that's a different story altogether) and like I said, it drives people (me) crazy. By the time I'm typing this we're to hand over our Business Modal by Friday as our final assignments before the ultimate presentation next week. NEXT WEEK. I'm so dead. It's now confirmed that Techno (the shorter way to say it) is one of the subject that practically kills me for good.

I went to UMS Sejati Camping before (last 2 weeks? What happened to my memory?!) and it brings a mixture of feelings. One, I like it was held by a beach (always have a thing for beaches and nature. Save the Earth!). Two, I hate it drained my energy like what and cramp both my legs (never the outdoor type I am). Three, it is the same week with Super Junior Concert in KL (not like I can go but yeah, I have mixed feelings because of this, perhaps).

It'll be a whole lot of work to talk (type) about the camp so I'll just drop the idea off. Besides, it's not like it's that interesting and whatnot to share. I'll just keep it in memory~ ^^ I wrote something during the camp though, and as much as I like the draft, I don't have a plot. Which sucks, big time. I mean, what the heck is a story without a plot?! I have about 5-6 drafts with lack of plots hanging around in my laptop (and that excluded the draft for Chapter 2) I find myself blank more often than not. The last time it happened like this is before I had my major writer's block before, to my horror!

I seriously need to work my brain, really. To add to that, don't expect any new updates in the near future. I might starts posting the one-shots that already existed here of simply finish posting the three-shot (you know which one, it's too long for a title I don't have the heart to spell it out now).

A few days after I got back from the camp, and my legs starts to feel better from all the fatigues, I fell down the stairs, like, really. It sounds stupid, I know but it's no joke when I twisted my left ankle and hey, it's not my fault that blog have the lamps broken (it was at night) and the stairs are slippery, right? Talk about bad luck. But then, thank goodness I just missed about two steps, or I'll be in ER for good. Heck, I even climbed up to my room on 4th floor like right after the incident! Haha~ By now it's already okay (I can already walk like usual) and I think I can even starts running around too. There's still a soft pain if I stretched the leg in a roundabout way, but other than that, I can say I'm (almost?) fully healed~ ^^

Reminder to everyone (and me), take care of your health (leg)~ LOL.

Of Japanese, (damn this post is LONG for a rant!) I've done my oral test and have to say I'm really proud of how it turned out to be. I don't stutter much like the practice time and it end up goes smoother than I thought. I also seems to adapt myself comfortably with how Fuji-sensei works and it surprised me to no end how I don't really depressed because of the home works compare to other subjects, much to my own amusement~

My friends been asking me to teach them Japanese now that I have the opportunity so I was thinking of putting what I learned here in this blog. Which brings us to the reason/aim up there. Instead of moping about not knowing what to do with this blog, it'll be great to give it a brand new purpose, no?

So! I guess it's final. I'll use this blog as my other Japanese textbook and put it all here. I might start this project this end-of-semester holiday, which is for about 2 months, so do expect more updates on May-July! ^^

I'll try to finish up those drafts too during the period, for now I'm going to focus on those darn assignments and the upcoming final exam so do give me support, minna-san!

Till then, ja ne~

Music of the Day: Outsider-Acquintance

P/S: Korea's fastest rapper is back with a new song and he is still so damn fast as ever. The melody is awesome and if you like Loner, you'll definitely love this one, hands down. I have a hard time figuring out the mv though, anybody mind to tell me what in the world is it about? LOL.

In my playlist which tends to give me hell these days. Something to do about YouTube and streaming and bah, idek.

~The-Too-Much-Typing/Ranting Heiji.

Planning to organize my blogs, and when I said 'blogs', it's both this one and Livejournal. I realized my posts (or rather the writings) are quite scrambled around the blogs, so might put more links to connect the stories together.

Of course, this is a plan which will be a reality in the future (not now, please) as it already have almost 90% approval in my head.

Talk about irony~ heh!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-I and The Incessant Restriction of Catharsis

It's been awhile, but then, what can I say? And the title is a bit...long? LOL.

Just like what I've mentioned on the last post, I've decided to post my stories on Livejournal ONLY, giving that Blogspot hates me to the core when it comes to my stories, much to my dismay.

But don't worry, I'll post the link to it here, and no, I'm not going to abandon this blog. Livejournal is strict to my writing, and writing only. I still going to rant once in awhile here~ LOL.

It feels a bit sad thinking the posts here after this will not be as long as before (I realized my friends' post here in blogspot gets shorter by time, I wonder why?) now that there are no more stories, but I'm assured that it is better this way. It took me less than an hour (heck less than half an hour maybe?) to post 3 stories all in one go, and have to admit I'm really happy with it. Even the stories come out more organized and neater to my liking~

I don't lock my posts (they have that function there, mind you) so don't worry of not having an account. You can still view and leave comments there (as anonymous maybe, I'm not really clear about that. Do leave your name if you leave it as anonymous so I can know who you are~) which is of course, highly appreciated~

So far, there are some one-shots that available here and not there but I planned to posts it all there, along with the further installments. I don't plan on deleting the stories here though, so don't worry.

The cuts on Literally -Chapter 1 is the same here and there and I don't finish posting it up there yet. I suggests you to read at Livejournal more as it's clearer and I have some sort of format set up there, like the addition of Summary, rating, and all. But then, it's finished here already and no, I don't edit the stories there, it's still the same~ Just some format. ^^

Basically I'm rambling too much here now, perhaps...

The updates is A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-I [The world we knew won't come back]-, which is, of course, the next update of the damn long three-shot. If you're wondering about the Part 3-I, read the A/N there. Haha~! Kill me, I know you want to. LOL.

Also, a new one-shot I wrote while in the midst of finishing the three-shot (pardon my laziness to type out the LONG title, why do I have to make it THAT long?), The Incessant Restriction of Catharsis. I love beautiful words, and might had accidentally abuse that liking in naming this story, which comes in a spur of the moment, really. Heck, everything about that story is on-spot idea, with no planning whatsoever, to my horror! LOL.

Hope that you enjoy the stories and leave some comments! It's okay to leave it here too, like Livejournal (as there might be people who are not sure) you can comment as anonymous but leave your name so I can identify who you are~ ^^

Oh! The comment section is the Secret Shelter, named after my favorite songs, LOL.

EDIT: Labeling this as One Shot Essay due to the links provided, and I'm Soooooo Random because, well, I am random, no? LOL.

Till then, ja ne~ Going to study for mid-term later...T_T

Music of the Day: Gackt-Redemption

P/S: A J-Rock from the oh-so-awesome Gackt. Heard about him earlier than TVXQ actually but never really got around to listen to his songs and Oh. God. It's damn rock! He's voice singing live (Japanese singers don't really do lip-syncing as far as I'm concern) is darn rocking (try watch his MKMF 2007 performance, that's where I first heard him anyway, heck even Heechul got his jaw dropping if you realize)! This song reveal the power in his voice and if you love Rock at its best like me, you'll love this, hands down.

In my playlist as per usual. Do I really have to mention this anytime I wonder? LOL.

~The-quite-blur-and-blank-at-the-moment Heiji.

P/S: Must be the aftereffect of turning 20...yes, that must be it~

There's some interesting things going on that day, and thanks (again) for the people who make it a damn memorable day to remember. Guys, you're darn awesome~

Post about it? Nah, it's too long already...better keep it in memory~ ^^

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 2-

First of all, (this is late...) Happy Chinese New Year~ it's been too LONG since I last post something, no? Can't help it...the assignments are practically killing...T_T

Also, it is now a one-week break for CNY and UMS-KAL is dead. I mean it, dead. It's so quiet, and lack of people and I'm bored as hell! Luckily the writer's block demon haunting had long gone and I spent my days writing and finishing assignments and memorizing katakana...which is almost perfect in my head by now~

Either way, just like the title of this post clearly says, this is the second part of the story! I had already finished this three-shot and the only thing left is to post expect more update in the near future~ ^^

Comments are love as usual~ ^^


Part 2

Halo- The calling of yesterday’s memory
From a locked louvre of the heart

We can’t go back that time
Or how we were

Day 1
They are the best of friends; the three of them are always together, inseparable. It is a fact that even the dumbest person on earth can figure out. He is always Black, and then there are Blue and White. Blue loves questions and always asks, curious with everything in the world, like a wide blue sky looking down, stretching to almost everything, never ending thirst for space. White loves answering Blue’s questions in the most indirect way as possible, humorous and in style, like white clouds forming in between, randomly shape and indefinite, never ending shield of warm. He loves watching the two, never taking sides, for he knows he just simply cannot choose and influence them, so he just stay at bay, remain invisible. He is Black, like dark clouds that angers with rain, engulfing the white ones, or night that coats the world with nothingness, swallow the peaceful blue away. He knows black steals and eats all the other colors effortlessly, and he knows he wants a beautiful sky, so he is content by being the third wheel, expressing his gratitude by sketching them on his canvas or playing melodious piano pieces he picks up here and there somewhere along the way.

He looks at them from behind his canvas, sketching, and the other two just lazily lay down on their backs, side by side, whispering sacred secrets that are loud enough for him to hear.

“How do you know...?”

White will just shrug it off, and gives off a knowing smile. They can tell each other’s feelings just by a mere look on the eye. The puzzled look dispersed into thin air, replaced by a bright smile. It is always like that between the two, and he thought it will never change. Not in a chance.

Day -1000

There is a sound of piano drifting in the air, slow, yet haunting, painful to the ears. He knew the song well. It was the first piece he learned in his life, and that was so long ago.

“Do you remember when this song...?”

White will just smiles a bit, and gives off the apologetic face. It is understandable. He can hardly remember it himself. There is a nod, saying it is ok, yet a bit frown formed on the face. A smack on the arm, a small hug, and the frown dispersed into thin air, replaced by a bright smile. It is always like that between the two, and he thought it will never change. Not in a chance.

Day -864

It is a happy day. It should be, for it is the start of the new term. But somehow it is raining, so hard he can see nothing but black. The sky disappears, taking Blue and White with it. Gone. Accidents, they say, hit-and-run by a runaway convict on their way to school, hands still linked together.

He did not buy any of it.

Day -857

He plays the piano piece in silence for the both of them, for the last time, on their funeral. From the corner of his eyes, he can see people crying harder than before he plays. His teacher was confused why he learned such a sad song at the beginning of the piano lesson, long time ago. He never recalls the reason he gave her, but he do remember her telling him the title of it.

“It’s called ‘Requiem for the Sky’.”

He can never agree more.

Day -850

He closes the piano lid, leaves with it his bag that is full with canvas, sketches of them, and walks off. He wants to leave it all there, his memories, his past, his life with them. And leave it he did. He never looks nor turns back, even as he closes the door of the room. The sound of the door shut echoes along the hallway before it slowly fades away, and become silence once again, like the sound never even existed at the first place. He walks away feeling nothing but numb. Surprisingly, even to him, there is no single tear coming out.

Once he gets home, he locks himself up in his room, and gathers up his belongings into one small backpack, not like he has many things to own to begin with, and walks out slowly when the clock strike past midnight long ago, assuring that everybody is already asleep, not even bother to say goodbye. He is an outcast even among his family, and he never really gets along with his many brothers and sisters, for they often have this kind of disgust in their eyes when they looked at him, though he does not know any reason why. He knew he is an adopted son, he accidentally eavesdropped his parents conversation some time ago, and he take it that his family never really want him at the very first place, like he does not really belong there. He never confronted them about it, and he doubt it if they ever knew that he knew the truth. Still, to him it does not really matter. He already told his mother that he will move out one day, and already took up part-time jobs to support himself. Although he never told her when, she did not really opposed the idea, so he take it as an okay. He leaves a letter along with some money from his salary that he specifically saved to give them, indicating that he is leaving and thanks them profusely for taking care of him. He knows that he is not a really good son and even though he knows that they do not really love him like other parents and family would, he is still well-cared and not bullied like some other Cinderella story, and he is thankful enough for that.

He reaches the front gate when he feels like somebody is staring at him, quick on reflexes he is, he turns around, facing the house, and looks at the windows. He swears there is some kind of a silhouette at the left window upstairs, hiding behind the curtains, not wanting to be seen. He does not really want to know who it is, not like he really cares, so he simply walks out and closes the gate as quiet as he could. The shadow is still there, peeping through the opening of the curtains. He looks up to the house again, walking a few steps backwards, and he does not know whether he will miss this place. He does not really feel melancholy or sad, and he is always dubbed as a robot, due to his lack of expressing emotion to others. He keeps things to himself, and do not open up to people easily. Being secretive makes him feel safe somehow, and he likes himself the way he is, regardless of negative opinions he receives from others because of that cold personality of his.

He takes a deep breath, clutching his backpack tight, and bows to the house, as an express of gratitude for everything. He knows the person at the window will see, and he does not mind at all. He knows that it is rather unlikely for him to return back here, and he also knows that he might not come back at all. To him, this is farewell, for good. He straightens himself up, turns around, and starts walking away. He can feel the stare at his back, but he does not turn around this time. He just focuses to the street in front him, to the places he might be, the possibilities of everything in his new profound life. He does not want to remember anything from before, and he is confident enough that he will be fine, no matter what will happen after this. Thus, he keeps on moving, ignoring any sound that can be heard from behind him. He thinks that he can hear some sort of whisper calling him, and considering the fact that there is no one around, he figures it must be him. Still, he ignores them altogether, and forbidden himself from stop and look back, for he fears he might not be able to move forward again. So he closes his heart, his ears, his mind, and walks off, never looking back.

He never did.

Day -753

He listens to the class president’s explanation on the school while looking around; making a mental note on the hallway so that he will not find himself lost later. He somehow have a feeling he will like it here, his previous school did not held much memory for him to remember, or rather, did not left much significant meaning to him. It is just his first day here yet he feels quite content with the surroundings. He must say this school is beautiful, the landscape and all is organized in a unique way. Upon reaching the staff’s room, the class president excuses himself to go back to class, now that his job to show him around is done. He nods in acknowledgement and watch the retreating back of the boy. The class president is indeed a responsible person. He can tell by the way the boy walks; he gives off some kind of authority aura with every step he takes, and he makes it a point to remember the boy’s name for future reference, just in case something happens.

He enters the staff’s room and finds his homeroom teacher talking to another teacher at the corner of the room. He walks slowly towards both teachers and he gets himself a smile of acknowledgement from both men as they saw him approaching. He smiles back, politely. His homeroom teacher starts filling him with the school rules, activities, and so much more until the other teacher who had been there the whole time interrupts upon reaching the co-curriculum subjects.

“Say, I’m quite sure the other clubs are full already, but there are still vacancies for these two clubs, I daresay. One is the Arts Club, which I am the advisor, and the other being the Music Club, I heard they are short of people on piano class. You can choose one, it is not necessary for you to actually know how to draw or play the piano, really. They can teach you from the very simple basic, though I have the feeling that you might just not need it.”

The Arts teacher smiles knowingly, his eyes never leaving his.

“Somehow, I can almost see it in you.”

Day -832

“You have a hand of an artistic person.”

He raises a brow on that remark, the old woman beside him still have her gaze fixed on his hands on his lap, before she take his left hand in hers, admiring his long slender fingers against her rough and wrinkled one. Each line tells a story, he thinks, as he traces them with his eyes, absorbing the little warmth from the stranger he wishes he knows better. They are at the railway station; he waits for the next train to board and leave while she waits for the next train to bring a person back home. She does not say specifically the relation and he does not think it have anything to do with him either so he does not ask.

“I believe you played an instrument, or good in painting, am I right?”

He almost chokes on air and looks up as she smiles at him, her eyes tells him that she knows, and the firm squeeze on the hand assures him that it is useless to try lying. He exhales, thinking of an answer when an announcement fills the air; the train they are waiting is here. Spontaneously, both of them stands up, hands still clasped together. He picks up his backpack and slung it to his right shoulder, still thinking of the right words to say, but disappointedly finds none. He blames it on his poor brain; he is no good with words anyway. Looking into her eyes though, reminds him of them whenever they heard his piano, or steal glances on his canvas, and it hurts, so much, he ends up telling her without thinking.

“I did piano, and draw occasionally, but I’m dropping them now."

People starts to flood around them and she lets go of his hand, not before giving him a hug, and whispers in his ears.

“Don’t do things half-heartedly, or you’ll regret it.”

He shook his head.

“I won’t. I’ll let go, both of them.”

Day -753

He stays still. It is necessary for a student to participate in extracurricular activities and be a member of one club, meaning he has to choose between the two things he wants to avoid most, for he does not want to remember. He can feel himself torn for him rather not draw and play the piano anymore than to choose just one.

“You don’t have to choose now, you see. I think it is best if you choose the one that will make you enjoy your time and be happy.”

The Arts teacher smiles again and he nods, the teacher is right. He closes his eyes and exhales deep, confirming his decision.

Day -832

“Why don’t you choose one? It’ll be hard to let go of both things at the same time.”

He remains silent. It is hard, he knows it.

“Choose one. It’ll be a pity if you don’t. You’re too young to give things up.”

The look on her face gives off an indescribable feeling and he somehow has the urge to capture it on his drawing, much to his own amusement. And maybe, just maybe, he thinks, he can still draw.

“Maybe, I’ll draw, only if I have to choose.”

Her smile is calming and bright it almost blinds him.

“That’s good. Don’t give up too much, like me. I have nothing now, nothing to call mine, no one to come back.”

The siren fills up the air, and he feels heavy in the heart. Tears are threatening to come out from her eyes, and he realizes, no matter how much she waits, it will be all in vain.

“They are not going to come back, once you let go.”

It is only until her goodbye wave is no longer visible to him that he realizes that he has been holding back his breath, and tears.

Day -753

“I’ll join the Arts Club, teacher. Besides, I really like this school’s landscape and garden, I think I can sketch many things here. I’m...not really interested in piano anyway.”

Both teacher smiles now and he knows he does the right thing. He even shocks himself to be able to come up with a decision this quick. The Arts teacher quickly briefs him on the club’s information and he finds himself eager to start sketching. He consciously reminding himself that he will have more fun now as he walks back to the class, and upon passing by the Music Club room, he deliberately closes himself up, his ears, his mind, and his heart, something he gradually becomes good at since the night he left his home, so that he will not hear the sound of piano playing or even see the sight of a piano in the slightly opened door of the room. He figures out that he is getting better in controlling himself and he cannot help but thinking that maybe, just maybe, he is a robot now rather than a human.

He sits down on the bench, opens the lid, and plays piece after piece, until his fingers goes numb, his mind goes blank, and hears nothing but the sound of his heart breaking. He keeps on asking himself, why, why did I fall in love with you? With Blue, with White, with piano, with canvas, sketches, sky. He wants answers to why it has to happen. He always thought, no matter how much time passed, they will always be here. But somehow, they have to choose a different road, and he is left with nothing to call his own.

He never feels confident with himself, and he has close to zero friends save for the two people that is always stuck to him like glue. He takes up piano seriously and take lessons because both Blue and White loves it when he hums make up melodies in his head, going as far as persuading him to think that he have talent in it, which proves to be true, but he never plays for anybody but them. Along the way he starts sketching because that is the only thing he can do better than White who sucks in Arts, and Blue just love the flustered face of others, especially White upon seeing his sketches displayed by the teacher. Now that his sky is no longer clear and will never be the same again, he lost the very reason to smile. He realizes that he depends on the two a bit too much, yet he just cannot help it. Not when there is no else in the world that truly cares about him.

A string of melody escapes his lips just when he is about to stop playing, his fingers hanging mid-air. There is a weird sensation about the sound but he cannot quite put a finger on it. Just like that, the words begin to overflow, so as his tears, as the rhythm fills him up. Mumbles of apologies, what-ifs-and-why-not, all makes its way out of him. When he lost count of what to say, he plays the melody, feeling himself lifted, filled with emotions, and stops with the last drop of tears hitting the key.

The silence hits him back to reality, and for the first time in his life, he feels satisfied, numb. He throws everything out of him, his tears, his regrets, his melodies; he is left with nothing now. Smiling a bit to no one but him, he stands up; closing the lid, thinking this is it, the end. He plays too much now and he thinks that maybe, no, sure now he can stops playing, like a person doing one thing a bit too much he gets bored and leaves it altogether.

He can forget everything, now. He is letting it go.

Day -753

The moment he picks up his tools later that day; the canvas, pencils, erasers, and all, he feels new again. He starts sketching the fountain at the center of the school’s landscape and much to his own amusement; he does a great job with it. He literally forgotten the piano, and anything, everything associates with it.

Day 54

There he is, as always, at his spot at the corner of the rooftop, sketching. He has his eyes closed, and the sight makes her confident that he is the one. There is no mistaking it, this guy never really changed after all, just like how she remembered him years ago. She walks slowly, does not want to disturb him.

She hears him humming the tune, and she stops abruptly, stepping on the floor a bit too hard in the process, and shock the hell out of him. His eyes widen in surprise for seeing her there and that is when she realizes that she does not know what to do. She wants to talk to him but she knows he would not open up to her easily just because she knew. They were never close or something at the first place, and she does not want to scare him away. So she does the next best thing, she smiles.

“The it from a song? It’s...beautiful.”

He eyes her upon hearing that and she mentally kicked herself for asking. She does not sure whether he remembered her or not and apparently he looks troubled by the question, as he darted his eyes back to the canvas, which makes her feeling worse than before. He puts the canvas down beside him and sits down, motioning to her to do the same. As he leans back against the wall, he turns to her, asking.

“Would you mind listen to this?”

She nods and he talks. About the white presence, the tune, the angelic smile, everything. When he finishes it all, she finds herself numb. It might be her luck, for she manages to figure out everything, now that she put two and two together, but still, it hurts.

She smiles and thanks him for telling her the out-of-the-body experience, before runs off towards the door. She might hurt him by doing so, but she cannot help herself, for she does not want him to see her crying. He does not remember her, not that it is important. The problem is he does not remember anything anymore. As if the he that she knew does not even existed, and it hurts her badly. He does not know the tune, does not remember playing it, does not remember creating it, and does not remember that he is the one writing the magical tune before the disaster happen.

She realizes now, that he never even touches a piano, let alone play again ever since.

EDIT: I hate blogspot. It took me damn LONG to edit almost EVERYTHING that I copied from Word (which makes up almost 90% of this post I daresay). At least Livejournal is a tad easier to use and less edit-needed.

I might post my stories on Livejournal ONLY (in huge consideration now) and post the links to it here. Still, it's just a plan of mine. Bear in mind that the possibility is as high as 85% now though.

Music of the Day: 4men- Baby Baby

P/S: This song is damn AWESOME. If you're in for R&B acapella style of song, this is perfect for you! The vocal is extremely good and soothing and it's sad to see that this group is so underrated...they need more exposure! Either way, try listen to this one in my playlist as per usual and judge them yourself! I have a perfect solid 10 for this~ ^^

Oh! This song is Korean btw~

~The Bored Heiji
EDIT: ~The Damn-Frustrated Heiji

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Technopreneurship and the Never-Ending Discussion...

Before I even start rambling about, I am currently a First Year student in Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Labuan International Campus (or UMS-KAL for short) aiming for a degree or Bachelor of Information Technology in E-commerce. Basically, my course deals with online trading, business topics, and also computer programming, which is why I'm a constant user of computer, or rather, a geek. I'm now in the second semester of my three year program, which also equals to the total of six semester overall.

Back to the topic, I had a discussion for my Technopreneurship subject last night. This subject is quite a critical one, for this might just be the platform for life after the degree. For the subject the students are required to form groups of 5 and come up with a business project. The groups are to act like they are a company, along with the members hold a position whether it is CEO (the boss), CMO (marketing), CFO (financial), CIO (information gathering), and CTO (technology -which most likely become my position, I'm a geek, remember?).

So, this project is no doubt the biggest assignments we ever had, because, if we're lucky enough, we might get the chance to represent the university and present our project to the companies out there and gets hired after obtaining the degree. In the competitive world nowadays, chances like this is like one in a million. This means, the chances to success depends largely to the group performance, and that causes a chaos in order to get the best member for the team. Mark the word there, chaos. The leader of our group, which is also a good friend of mine, summarize the situation perfectly at his blog here.

The discussion last night was a depressing one. Our group was facing risks of losing two members to other group which apparently, had their eyes on the said members from the very beginning, and dispute ensues. The tug-and-war situation between the two groups, to be frank, is nerve wrecking. In the end, we lose the two members, as they already promised to stay in the other group at the first place and felt bad for leaving them just like that to join us, and that makes us left with only three, me, the CEO, and another guy. The CEO is going crazy, for there are no other people left available, and the guy is depressed for the two members are his friends. I, on the other hand, tried to sent messages around to ask for any people who was available. My phone vibrates again minutes later and a message came, from a friend, much to my relief. Surprisingly, we found a new member and the heavy air around up dispersed away. The meeting ended with a quite happy tone for the group as there is one less burden for us now.

I'll have another discussion tonight and God knows how it will turn out this time. As much as I'm concerned, our group (or rather, company?) is still short of a member. We asked a senpai about this and she told us that it's ok even if it's just 4 in a group. Still, it'll be better to have five in a group, right? <---took this quote from somebody famous, cookies for those who can guess who~ LOL. I'll have a hard time to post the Japanese greeting for now but rest assure that I will do so but maybe not in the future. The classes are starting to get hectic and the lecturer this semester just loves test so much he conduct it every week (glance at Fuji-sensei the Japanese lecturer)! Haii~ do give me your support, minna-san~

There's talk about the one-week break for Chinese New Year. My friends had been teasing me saying I'll go back now that home is nearer than before (just a 40-minute flight!) but for now, I can confidently say that I don't have the plan to do so. I can bet there's loads of work to be done at that time (again, glance at Fuji-sensei). Besides, my friends are all staying too so it's not like I'll be alone, right? Still, that's just planning. We don't know what'll happen in the future, right?

The discussion will start at 8 and I hope this time it'll go smoothly. People tend to have a bad day these days so it'll be great if we can finally pass the storm now. ^^

Till then, minna-san, ganbatte kudasai! Hwaiting~ LOL.

Music of the Day: Utada Hikaru -Apple and Cinnamon

P/S: The piano and beat compliments each other creating an awesome fully English song by Utada. Her pronunciation is good too and you don't really have to look at the lyric to understand her. As always, on my playlist below~

Wondering why this post seems quite monotone? Somehow, I have no idea why either.

~Indifferent Heiji.

"Whatever, I don't know, I don't care, and I don't give a damn anymore."

The note lies innocently on the table.

"Just let me disappear."

The pale moonlight from the window shines on it, the rest of the room engulfs in darkness.

"Even when I know there is no such thing like [running] forever."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu~

Ah~ It's been too long since the last post, no? And it's already 2010! This is damn late I know but everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR~ or in Japanese, AKEMASHITE OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU~ hence the title up there...

The moving goes smoothly and the new home is nice too. Miri is hot though...the first few days really remind of Labuan...but at least they got some rain sometimes...while Labuan is yeah~

Also! Yesterday is my mother's birthday so just want to say it out loud here (I already wished her yesterday ok!) Okaasan, Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu~~!! ^^

I went back to KAL on the last 27th Dec as the Japanese class starts on 28th. I have to say I'm quite nervous for the first class and thankfully everything goes on smoothly...even the second class yesterday (the class is once a week every Monday evening 7-10PM) is -quite- smooth compare to the last week. We'd learn greetings for the beginning and starts to know the Hiragana letters. By now I've remembered all the 71 letters and I even managed to write down the super long title of TVXQ's song, Doushite kimi wo Suki ni natte Shimattandarou! I have to say I'm quite impressed with myself...LOL. There's still more to come and everything's going to get tougher so have to prepare myself!

Japanese used 4 type of character in their writing:

1) Hiragana (the one I'm currently learning -which is used for every word in the language, kind of the noun and all)

2) Katakana (going to learn this after the mid-sem exam...and going to have trouble with it maybe...people tend to mix the letters with Hiragana...I know I will, duh. -use for writing names and foreign words for ex: engineer)

3) Kanji (as in the Chinese character, is used to simplify things as one character of Kanji can represent two or sometimes three hiragana letters, as far as I'm concern...not really sure about this as we're not going to learn it...people who knows the character may find it an advantage but also can find it confusing...for there are certain letters that sounds and means different in Japanese...either way, I'm not going to bother it for now...heh!)

4) Roman letters (as in the normal ABC of course).

This is the Hiragana chart I've been busying myself with.

I'll be posting the list of greetings and all after this. Hope that I can keep on with the class, and hope that this will help you guys, like how it helped me! ^^ If I happened to got any facts wrong somehow feel free to tell! I'll be appreciating it much~

Just a quick note, I'm halfway done with the final part of the three-shot A Beautiful, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer. Going to post the second part as soon as I finishes it...if there's no need for correction with my next Japanese homework...the corrections are always so many~

Chapter 2 is on a long~ hiatus...sorry (T_T) There's nothing much I can do about that one...(-_-)" How's Chapter 1 though? Is it good? Do tell what you think and perhaps some idea? It's great to hear opinions~ ^^

Till then, happy learning~!

Music of the Day: Lee Seung Gi -Let's Break Up

P/S: I've fallen in love with his voice, hard. It helps that he's a nice guy (and kind of cute) too. Going to put up more of his songs later. And do check out the MV's cool to me (especially the final tunnel part, that's my fav) and the camera work is awesome. I've downloaded almost all of his albums and MVs...I wonder why he's always got beaten up in it (the MVs)...Oh, did I mention that he's a ballad singer?


I've been listening to too much ballad lately...must be the fact I'll be turning 20 soon...20...ARGHH~ (-_-)"

~Don't-Want-to-Grow-Up-Just-Yet Heiji.