Saturday, October 13, 2012

Anime Fall 2012 Season Preview

As mentioned on the last post, here it is; the Spring Fall season preview! Okay, I know I sort of promised before, and actually I did wrote the Spring preview post (which I take recycle as basis for this very post), but yeah, things happen yadda yadda so yeah. Alas, I'm back! So this can be a kinda comeback post for this blog, and yes, I make a darn effort this time with the inclusion of pictures which I basically just crop take from Neregate's chart.

If you want more info and concrete preview, you can just check out at most animeblogs, (link to them are at the sidebar) though here I linked you to Random Curiosity's, because they even got the schedule for the airing date and more information on the series and whatnot.

The whole preview/impression is mostly based on my own interest, and also judging on the info I got everywhere from the blogosphere on the series. But then, my taste is mostly random anyway, so yeah.

Still, Fall is shaping to be one heck of a ride indeed; I was gushing at some series so bad like you have no idea and at the same time shaking my head with an obvious 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO' at the other orz (trust me this is not the last time you saw that anguish cry of howl because it's the perfect description one can get and I'm lazy like that). 

Enough chit-chat, let's just get going with the long post. And click on the picture for clearer/bigger view. :)