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All of us turned to the direction of the voice. There, standing on a branch of the tree nearby, is a student with the most bragged looking uniform ever. The face is hidden under a cap, and a big headphone hanging around the neck. That student jumped off the tree and landed right in front of us. Having a clear look on the face, I am sure I never saw this person before. The face is quite small, with thin lips and round, black eyes, staring at us, behind the long bangs that covered the forehead. The hair is black, just like the eyes, and long enough to reach the collar. The necktie hanging loosely, and the uniform looks like a size bigger than the actual body, which is slim and slender, judging from the way the blazer is tied around the waist, The sleeves are rolled up to the elbows, revealing slim arms and a metal chain bracelet on the left wrist. The stranger is quite tall too, might be 10 cm taller than me, but not tall enough compare to the other 7 boys with us. Yet all the big guys near me are all looking freaked out all of the sudden, including the leader behind me.

“What’s with that face? Too shocked to see me? And you call yourself the rulers, for God’s sake. Even a shrimp like that can punch you down. You’re not worthy for the throne. Take those titles back to trash, got me?”

All the guys are taking a step back. They really are afraid right now. Even the leader is turning all white. Indeed, this student is just not normal. Each word from those lips sounds so cold, and it really can leave you frozen. The eyes gave out an intense stare, and the presence itself emits a really murderous aura. Yet somehow, really, this sounds weird enough, but I find this student, beautiful.

“You…you are The-Invisible-Han!”
“Glad you remember me.”

“Don’t sit there!”

It was my first day in the class, and there are 2 empty desks at the very back. I was about to sit next to the window when a girl stop me.

“Why? Does it belong to anybody? As far as I’m concern it’s empty, isn’t it?”
“It might look like it, but…it actually…belongs to someone.”

Upon saying it, the girl’s face changed a bit. She looks kind of afraid. I wonder why.

“Who’s that?”
“It’s The-Invisible-Han.” Somehow, she whispered the name.
“It’s The-Invisible-Han.”

This time, a guy answered me. Upon hearing the name, the noisy class drop silent. All the chatters stop. And all the eyes looked full of fear. I was about to ask more when the guy cut me short, looking at me straight in the eye.

“The name says it all, invisible. This person is nowhere to be seen, and its better this way. You don’t want any trouble with this person, trust me. This…is the most feared student in this whole school or maybe this whole neighborhood. This person is very, very dangerous. Legend says it that nobody, I mean, nobody have ever win a fight against this person. We…we don’t want any connection with this person. Thus, we are all referring to the owner of this desk as a ‘person’. No he, she, or whatever. It’s ‘a person’ or the name, The-Invisible-Han, or T.I.Han or just T.I., got it? I suggest you to stay away from this person too. It’s for your own good. And please, don’t ever, ever mention the name again. Just leave the desk as it is, ok? I beg you.”

With that, the guy turns around and sit, everybody else also start to mind their own business. I sit down at my desk, and nobody spoke to me until the end of the class. In fact, nobody even turned back at me, afraid they might catch a glimpse at the desk beside me. And that continues on day after day. I felt invisible in the class, like I do not even exist. Just like The-Invisible-Han.

“Got me?”

The sudden question brings me back to reality. All the guys nodded and hang their heads low, do not dare to make an eye contact.

“Get lost.”

They do not need to be telling twice. The moment I turned back, they are all long gone. I felt a great relieve and find the situation quite funny, the way the runaway, that is, that I forgot the more dangerous person are standing right behind me.

“Hey, shrimp.”

And I immediately remembered the presence. Slowly, I turned back to the voice.

“Fight me. I need an exercise.”
“You heard me alright. I said, fight me. Those guys are just a wimp, not fun at all. I saw your punch, and that’s cool.”

I could feel my jaw dropped. Fight? Me? I was bullied just now, and this person wants to fight me?

“Come on, attack me. What’s your name, shrimp? It’s always good to know your opponent first.”
“I said, what’s your name?”

It felt like a long time since people last asked me that. I did introduce myself in the class on my first day, yet nobody really has called my name. I wonder if they even remember it. I doubt them not. At home, as I am the only child, my mother only called me brother, for I used to have a younger sister, but she died last year. So, it felt rather weird to say it out loud, for I do not usually say my own name often.

“Yong-jae. Kim Yong-jae.”
“What should I call you then? I think Yong-jae will do, ok?”

I do not know how to respond, this person is saying my name, and decided to call me just that. It supposed to be normal alright, but not for me, so I just nodded a little. Yet deep inside, I felt so happy, somehow.

“Ok. Don’t hesitate, Yong-jae, just attack me.”

All the happy feeling disappear instantly on the word ‘attack’. This is crazy. I had never fought with anyone in my whole entire life. Yet now, this person is getting ready for one. I do not know what to do. If I refuse, I might get killed, if I did, yeah, just give a punch and surrender. That would do. At least, I did attempt to attack. This person cannot blame me.

“Don’t ever think of surrender after one punch. Attack me, seriously.”

No way, this person can read my mind or what?

“Your face tells all.”

Great. Now what should I do?

“I can take that badge of yours if you refuse. Don’t make me do it, seriously. I can really take it from you.”

No way, not this badge, again. I could not bear that. Guess I have no choice then.

“That’s a better face.”

There’s a grin. I took a deep breath, hold my fist, and let out a punch, aiming at the body, my eyes closed, out of nervousness. And a hand grabs hold of my fist.

“That’s not quite good enough, perhaps.”

I opened my eyes, and saw this person, T.I, grab hold of my small fist with one hand. The other hand was juggling something. Wait, that was…

“I told you right? I really can take it from you.”

That was my badge. When did…?

“When you closed your eyes just now, I slip into the pocket. Easy enough, you know.”
“Give it back.”
“No. Not until you give me a punch, a real one.”
“Give it back.”
“You know well that I won’t.”
“Give it back.”
“Make me.”

Just like before, my mind went blank, and I start to let out punches, one after another, which was effortlessly blocked by T.I. Yet I kept on throwing punches, as the bad memories flooded my mind, how my father suddenly died, our family was kicked out from the house, forced to move, isolated in the class, bullied by the bad guys, everything just kept on replaying in my head. My depression had come to a limit that I could not stand it anymore. I felt like my heart going to explode. I let out one last punch and screamed.


That punch, was caught by T.I’s right hand. I felt my body powerless; I used up all my energy in that last punch. I fell to my knees and tears start falling from my eyes. It hurts, so much, that I could not stop crying. My body shakes uncontrollably. I could hear T.I saying something but I could not make it out what. My head felt so dizzy and suddenly everything went blank.


“This is just too good to be true, don’t you think, Seul-ri?”

Seul-ri just stares at the letter. No answer. It sounds suspicious. I mean, come on, who in this whole world will give you a million dollar for nothing? Just go to the address, bring the letter and you might end up being a millionaire, as simple as that. But the company involved is well-known for its charity campaigns all this years. But still, why on Earth must it be me? And why must be secret? The date is tomorrow, and unable to come up with a good solution, I consult this very good friend of mine, Seul-ri, who got a very good brain compare to mine. But I forgot that brain is malfunctioned in money-relating matter. And it did not take long for me to regret it.

“If you’re thinking of throwing this away, fine by me. But I’m taking it. It’s a million dollar! Just go to this place tomorrow, give it a shot! It might be some kind of competition or anything, but who cares? If they ask for a fight, I’m up to the challenge!”

There’s a grin. Oh dear. What the hell have I done?

“Thanks for the news. Oh, you can bring a partner right? Wait, a brother? Just let me your brother then! I’m always a whole lot more manly than you are anyway. 3PM ok? See you tomorrow!”
“Wait, Seul-ri, where are you going? We are not finished yet!”
“I’m doing some exercise. See you tomorrow!”
“Exercise? It’s almost dinner time already…oh.”

There’s a larger grin and a little wink now. Oh dear. Here we go again.

“Good luck, Seul-ri.”

There’s the usual trademark. Without turning back to me, Seul-ri just walk on. I let out a sigh and heads to the pharmacy. Someone’s asking for plaster tomorrow.


My family moved to this neighborhood early this year. Before this, we live in a small village where people are rarely seen. Being the new kid on the block, I am quite shy to approach others. I have a small frame and quite short compared to my peers, that nobody will ever assume that I am actually a high school student, so I usually end up being picked on by bigger boys. They just teased me at first but then they started to bully me. Wanting to avoid being one of those victims and aiming to defend myself, I took up taekwondo. But that did not make them stop, it became worse by day, and I find myself helpless in front of them. I started to hate school, and everybody there, for I do not have any friends at all. To me, school is just a place to learn and get bullied. Yet my mother knows nothing about it. I bet she had her doubts, but I kept silent. I do not want to burden her much. She already has her hands full with the family, since father died years ago. As the days flew by, I became more and more depressed.

“Here he comes, our big brother! So, where’s the money? I assume you don’t forget about it, right?”

It was after school, near the field. I knew this is coming, and I already planned to runaway right after the bell rings, yet they got me. There are almost 7 people altogethers; some of them are my own classmates. I look around, and there was no one on sight. One girl who was passing by caught me in the eye and quickly gets away, pretending to see nothing. And that girl is a prefect, for god’s sake.

“Looking for help? Don’t bother; nobody’s going to help you. In fact, nobody dares to go against us, anyway.”

They laughed hard.

“Let me tell you something, new kid. We are the rulers in this school. Having said that, you, kid, should bows to us. Yes, bow!”

One of them, their leader, I assume, pushed my head down. Low enough. They laughed hysterically.

“As you don’t have money, guess we have to take this instead. What do you think guys? It looked kind of cool, right?”

I looked up, and my eyes widen. Right on his hands are a badge that I treasure very much. It must have fell from my pocket when I ‘bows’ to them before.

“No, that’s the last gift I got from my father before he died. You can take everything but please, not that badge.”
“Oh? So this must be valuable. I’m having this. Thanks, kid.”
“No, give it back, please. I beg you.”
“Be grateful, kid. At least we don’t hit you. Remember to bring the money next time, got it?”

They just laugh. The leader starts to move away. I could feel my hands shaking. I have my sight focused only on the badge. I could not think. My mind went blank. And all hell breaks loose after that.

I must have gone crazy for a moment, for the next thing I know is I already punched the leader, right on the face, making him fell flat on the ground, my beloved badge on my hand. I could feel my whole body shaking. I want to run but my legs would not move, as if it was pinned on the ground. All of them are furious now, holding their fist together. They might kill me for sure. The leader holds my shirt and ready to hit me when a big black book came flying out of nowhere, hitting him right on the head, making him fall once again.

“You got a nerve.”

Nippon-go! ^^ Let’s learn Japanese together!

This is some Japanese words and phrases that I know, thanks to all my friends in Friendster that never get tired to tell me! ^^ My dictionary, a book I use to write all those words are getting worn out already, so I think it’s better to copy it all here! Besides, if you find any mistakes in terms of meaning or spelling, do mind to tell me! I have problems with my own handwriting in the book…T_T

So now, ikimasho! Let’s start! ^^


Note: the addition of kudasai and gozaimasu are usually when you want to express things in formal way. Sometimes people also use this to express their seriousness, while bows to the other party.

Ohayoo-good morning
Konbanwa-good evening
Arigatou gozaimasu-thank you
Doite shimashita-you’re welcome
Gambatte kudasai-good luck
Otanjoubi omedeto-happy birthday
Akemashita Omedetou Gozaimasu-Chinese New Year
Ittadakimasu-let’s eat (usually said before start eating)
Gochisosama deshita-it was delicious (usually said after finish eating)
Ogenki desuka?-how are you?
Dochirahe?-how are you? (I think this is the informal way of speaking)
Ogenki desu-I’m fine
Ittekimasu-I’m leaving
Kaerimasu-I’m leaving (polite form)
Itteirasshai-please come back
Tadaima-I’m home
Okaeri/Okaerinasai-welcome home
Yorokonde-it’s my pleasure
Subarashii tsutchi gaaru-have a wonderful day
Kore ga ikura desuka?-how much is this? (When buying something)
Chotto matte kudasai-wait/wait there please (sometimes use when asking people to wait for a moment, matte means wait, as in matteba!-wait for me!)
Tasukete kudasai!-please help me!
Kiotsukete kudasai!-take care!
Hajimemashite-nice to meet you (said when first time meeting someone)
Hajimarimasu-begin/start (polite form)
Hissashiburi desu-long time no see
Itsumodachi-friends forever
Yoi ichinichi mo/sutekina tsuitashi-have a nice day
Koaishiteru-I’m in love with you
Aishiteru-I love you
Wasurenaide-don’t forget
Wasurenagusa-forget me not
Daijoubu?-are you okay?
Daijoubu desu-I’m fine
Shimpai shinaide-no need to worry
Oshietekure kudasai-tell me
Sasetiminna-try me
Nani attendaro?-what are you doing?
Nani ittendaro?-what are you saying?
Nanka sonna kedo…-for some reason…
Anosa, omae…-hey, you…
Nani mo shiranakatta-I had no idea what
Tanoshiku nakatta-that wasn’t fun at all
Bakkayaro-you idiot
Nani kangaetendayo?-what are you thinking?
Ja ne-bye
Tottemo oishi desu!-so delicious!
Sayonara-good bye


Kimi no namida o mitakunai-I don’t want to see your tears
Watashiga kono sekai ni ikiteiru imi o sagashite-I’m trying to find the meaning of this life
Sekai wa utsukushiku nanka nai, soshite sore yueni utsukushi-the world is not beautiful, therefore it is
Sen no kaze ni natte-become thousands wind
Taiyo no namida-tears of the sun
Kuroi kimono-black beast
Yurikago no niwa-garden of a cradle
Sora no yumi-a bow of the sky
Shiroi yume-white dream
Aoi kyuseki-blue sin mark
Shu no kogetsu-crimson red moon
Kyotsu yoru-misfortune night
Yugure no sato-secret village
Shima no onna-island woman
Garasu no fuken-glass scenery
Hanayoume ningyo-bride doll
Kaikon no ame-rain of regret
Byoto no hikari-hospital ward’s light
Tokimekimo donkasen-the free to my heart
Hanazakari no kimitachi e-for you in full blossom


Sugoi ne!-very good (usually said when expressing something with full admiration)
Ichiban-the best
Itaii-it’s hurt
Samishi na~ -sad
Watashi wa aikawarazu-as usual
Suki-like (also can be use to refer to people)
Daisuki-really like
Eguo-smiling face


Boku wa-I
Ore-I (for male)
Atashi-I (for female)
Bokutachi wa-we
Omae/minna-you guys (usually refers to a group of people)
Otouto-younger brother
Imouto-younger sister
Ojou/Hime-princess (usually added the suffix –sama)
Ouji/koushaku-prince (usually added the suffix –sama)
Kami-God (usually added the suffix –sama)
Ano-hito –that person
Nihon-jin –Japanese


-kun –usually for people close enough
-chan –usually for girls, also to show affection (maybe because it sounds cute?)
-san –usually for people in general
-sama –usually for high ranked/respected people

Note: I don’t know where to put these words so I just put it as general…T_T

Ichigokara-strawberry printed
Hentai-dirty word
Karinui-temporary sewing
Shi-death (same with shi for 4, maybe that’s why they say that 4 brings bad luck?)
Ichiban takai-highest


Kuroneko-black cat






Kinou-last night
Asatta-the day after tomorrow


Noota-note book
Akai enpitsu- red pencil
Chokoreeto keeki-chocolate cake
Kokusaidenwa-international calls


Yuudachi-afternoon shower
Chiaki-a thousand autumns
Hanamichi-flowery path
Ume-plum flower
Hanami-seeing the flower (a term used when people go and enjoy the beauty of Sakura blooming)
Kaze-wind (also used when somebody have fever)

Note: I think the addition of –masu is like –ing in English…^^

Ryokousuru-going for a trip/holiday
Aimasu-found (polite form)
Doru-go out

Feel free to give me more vocabulary to add here! ^^

My Old Essay...-Time-

I found this old essay of mine..written during Form 4 year-end exam for section B..continuous writing..the title is Time..I have this tendency to write story during exam..don’t know why…and my English teacher that year really loves stories..he gave me higher marks than usual! ^^ I think I could get more marks I’m reading it back..I really could do better! Thanks to numerous grammatical error in the essay…I’m suck in grammar..*sigh*

This essay got the inspiration from DNAngel…and I really glad I wrote this! This is the original version of the essay…the one I wrote for the exam..
(I fix the grammar error though) yet if there’s still error anywhere kindly let me know ok! ^^


I heard about it since I was just a little kid. My mother always told me that time is precious and if you let go of it, you will never get them back. I do not use to bother much. For me, what is done is done. You do not have to think about it. That was before. Before I met her.

It was an accident. The bus I was in somehow got the brakes broken and gone out of control. Everybody was screamin at the top of their lungs, full of fear. The end of it was the bus hit a lorry and turned upside down. I could feel blood everywhere. The woman beside me got her head punched to the chair in front. Everything went on silent and dark. I could not breathe and fell unconsciouos.

When I opened my eyes, I was at the hospital. There was a pretty girl beside me. She introduced heself as Time. Second Hand of Time. It was a weird name that I tried hardly not to laugh. Still, her expressions ws numb. She did not smile and her wide eyes kept on staring at me. She told me that my time is
running out and I am dying. This time, I laughed. It was funny at that time. But I know it was not funny at all when I turned my head to the right. That was me,
lying and still unconscious. I get up and looked at her. She nodded a little and I know immediately that this is no joke. I am dying. My heart sank. I asked her if
there was something I could do and she say it.

”You could only recover if you promise me one thing, you give your time to me. When time comes, I will take it from you and you will die. Now, you decide whether it is now or later.”

I could feel my body shivering on her words. This is crazy. I want to believe it was a dream. I want to cry but no tears came out. There is stil many things I want to do. I want to meet my parents friends, and I want to obtain straight A’s in SPM next year. My hands trembled.

”Your time is finishing. You waste it a lot. Now tell me. What say you?”

I know this is it. I waste my time. Again. I always waste time with things I should not and at time like this, I still do. I took a deep breath and…

”That’s it. I had enough of this. I told you to repair that lamp and now what do you do? You’ve ruined everything. EVERYTHING!”

No, wait. What was that?

”Lee, I told you to not read that scary book. John, what do you think you’re doing? Laughing like a vampire in the middle of the night. You’re waking me up!”

That was my brother, but what had happened? I opened my eyed and I saw my little brother, Lee crying with a Goosebumps on his hand, my brother Andy rolling his eyes on me, and I, at home?

”I don’t know what happen to you but if you scream like that again, I’ll kill you! All I want is just a sleep. Please, give peace a chance. Nick, make sure you repair that lamp. I’m going to sleep.”

It took me some time to recover myself. I thinked hardly and I saw a newspaper with the news of an accident between a lorry and a bus. My brothers
was already off to bed, leaving me alone here.

”What say you?” I say nothing. NOTHING, but I do not know. I did not know.


That was five months ago. I do not know why, but I suddenly remember that incident. It still shivers me up. Today, I am going home for it is school holiday. I plan nothing this holiday but in this five months, I have spent my time as luxury as I could and I am happy with it.

The bus moves okay and it took me just half an hour to reach Dungun. Suddenly, the bus started to move crazily.The driver shouted, telling the brakes
are broken. Everybody screamed. There was a lorry in front and….

It was an accident. No, it is an accident. The woman beside me got her head punched to the chair in front. I could feel blood everywhere. Everyhing goes on silent and dark. I could hardly breathe.

The main thing I would like to tell is do not waste your time. It is luxurius, precious, and like my mother said, if ou le go of it, you will never get them
back. Never. Also, no matter how hrd you try, it is hard to break a promise. No, you cannot break a promise. You never can, if you deal with Time.

”Time’s up.”

I am leaving. NOW.

Ah~ What do you think? Do let me know! ^^

What's with that Name??

I love anime and manga very very much! Just to ensure that you guys don't mistake me as a Japanese whatsoever, I'll explain about the name, Heiji Hatsutori! ^^

Heiji Hatsutori (or the actual name is Heiji Hattori but due to misprinting the Malaysian version got it as Hatsutori...) is a fictional character from the famous work of Gosho Aoyama-sensei...Detective Conan! ^^ For more information log on to Wikipedia or just google it...haha! ^^

Heiji has always been my favourite character...and I think he'll always be! Maybe because we share the same initial..that is...

About the address...h-e-i-j-i-hatsutori...I want to keep it as the normal heijihatsutori but it is unavailable so I change it to this instead! ^^

H-E-I-J-I can also stands for How-Everything-Is-Just-Imperfect...sounds cool, isn't it? Haha! I seriously think that everything that happens is just...imperfect. Perfection is sooo not my thing, and I like how things can end up in a weird way...due to the...imperfection of things! Ok this is confusing...T_T

The point is...(still not finished yet??) I'm an imperfect lots of way you can don't expect something perfect from me...but I can always try harder! All of us should try harder in everything! So let's all do our best! ^^

Konnichiwa! ^^

Welcome to my blog!! ^^ This is my second blog....I have a friendster blog but due to some circumstances I made another one! Yay! (should I be happy about this?)

First, pardon my English especially in grammar...I'm not really good at it...*sigh* Still...I hope I can improve so do help me and correct me if I got wrong somewhere! ^^

Second, I'm an aspired writer...I love to write but just too lazy at times...T_T Currently I'm working on a story that will be posted hope to receive some tell me what do you feel from it, any idea, and most important of all...any mistake in my English! *sigh* I really have to learn more....

I'm going to enter university really soon so might not be able to be active...T_T Do wish me luck!!

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