Friday, June 26, 2009

What's with that Name??

I love anime and manga very very much! Just to ensure that you guys don't mistake me as a Japanese whatsoever, I'll explain about the name, Heiji Hatsutori! ^^

Heiji Hatsutori (or the actual name is Heiji Hattori but due to misprinting the Malaysian version got it as Hatsutori...) is a fictional character from the famous work of Gosho Aoyama-sensei...Detective Conan! ^^ For more information log on to Wikipedia or just google it...haha! ^^

Heiji has always been my favourite character...and I think he'll always be! Maybe because we share the same initial..that is...

About the address...h-e-i-j-i-hatsutori...I want to keep it as the normal heijihatsutori but it is unavailable so I change it to this instead! ^^

H-E-I-J-I can also stands for How-Everything-Is-Just-Imperfect...sounds cool, isn't it? Haha! I seriously think that everything that happens is just...imperfect. Perfection is sooo not my thing, and I like how things can end up in a weird way...due to the...imperfection of things! Ok this is confusing...T_T

The point is...(still not finished yet??) I'm an imperfect lots of way you can don't expect something perfect from me...but I can always try harder! All of us should try harder in everything! So let's all do our best! ^^

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