Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anime Spring 2013 Preview

As mentioned on the last post, I...didn't follow any single anime on Winter season, and despite the humongous effort and prediction for the Fall season, I only end up watching K (weekly) and Jormungand Season 2 (marathon). Hell, I didn't even realize that the list for Spring was out until I caught Random Curiosity's preview by chance. OTL

So to be frank I didn't really have that much enthusiasm for this preview like I usually did before, but going through the chart/preview with the 'editor' helps I guess, as we end up poking fun here and there for the lolz, and I was like, 'this will make a good post!' and also spazzing like no other at some of them so yeah, one thing lead to another I guess.

As usual, I'll still do the verdict, as there's still chances of me catching some shows or another because Spring seems to bring some good shows indeed when I actually should damn start working on the drafts so yeah. Maybe this will bring back the weekly anime-watcher in me? Perhaps!

For convenience sake or I'm just lazy like that, I skip all those:
  • Kiddie shows (because it'll make me repeat the comments and that's boring, unless I can find something to say)
  • Card games (because it make me woe at all the potential but I'll never watch it because OMG CARD GAMES WHY)
  • Sequels in which I'm yet to watch the prequel of (because the chances of me watching them will be 0)
  • Shorts like all those 5-minute comedy gag trend (refer to the ones on kiddie shows above)
Disclaimer: credits for the pictures which I basically just crop to Neregate's chart. And view the complete list at Crunchyroll. Also, click on the picture for clearer/bigger view. :)

Tl;dr I made a summary of list on the verdicts at the end of the review minus the ones I'm not watching.