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Crows Zero and Crows Zero II.

Hi! I'm quite fond on blogging lately...didn't I? Hoho~

It's the start of the end-of-the-term holiday...and most of the students are already going back to their hometown while I'm still stuck here in KAL...not like I really hate it...but I almost hate it when the internet connection broke down at the menara...I mean, come on, there are less people here now and I just thought that I can online and download as much as I could but then again the connection just simply gone...I'm lucky the connection is ok here under the hostel block...if not I'm damn sure I'll be working hard not to strangle/hit/cast some voodoo spell to some random passerby out of frustration...heh!

That makes me realize...I really cannot live without internet, huh? *sigh*

This evening, out of bored and tired after sorting up my locker, cleaning the clothes, tidying up the room, etc...I randomly pick up movies in my oh-so-many collection to watch...and found a Japanese live-action movies titled Crows Zero and it's sequel Crows Zero II...these film is based on a best-selling manga I never came across let alone read (but will do so after this) called Crows by Hiroshi Takahashi...mind you, I never heard of the mangaka either...but put that aside, both the movies is really good! Also, it doesn't hurt that Oguri Shun plays the main lead...^^

Let's start with the first film, Crows Zero.

Crows ZERO (クローズZERO, Kurōzu Zero?) is a film based on the comic book Crows by Hiroshi Takahashi. The film was directed by Takashi Miike, written by Shogo Muto and stars Oguri Shun and Yamada Takayuki. The movie was the untold story behind the characters in Suzuran, the most violence high school that have never been conquered by anyone else along its history. (Credits to Wikipedia as always..)

Image Hosted by
By HeijiHatsutori at 2009-11-20

The mega-hit comic, CROWS, about feuding high school tough guys, has sold over 32 million copies in its eight-plus years. This feature length movie version of "CROWS" depicts the never-before-told origins of the story as "Episode Zero".

The Suzuran Senior High School for Boys, nicknamed "The School of Crows", is the poorest achieving, most violent school in the country. The students are called "crows" and they band together in factions, battling each other for influence and power. But they all share a common goal ... one that has never been reached in the school's history: unification. No one faction has ever reigned supreme.

Oguri plays the role of Genji Takiya, a transfer student who attempts to take over Suzuran Boys High School and is mentored by old boy yakuza Katagiri (Kyosuke Yabe) as he faces off against rival Serizawa (Takayuki Yamada).(credits to ^^

On my part, Crows Zero is a shonen-style movie; lots of fighting, lots of boys (there are what, 2-3 females only?), and very (I mean, very) charming in its own way. I'm not one that really into movies to notice the people behind the scenes but it dawns to me that the director is a highly prolific one in this field (yakuza, horror, thriller, violence-style films, he has directed over seventy theatrical, video, and television productions since his debut in 1991. In the years 2001 and 2002 alone, Miike is credited with directing fifteen productions. -thanks to wikipedia for all the info I gained) and although I never watched his more notable works, I'm satisfied and happy enough I watched this! I don't think I'll watch his other works though..horror (i.e, One Missed Call) and extremely violent (i.e, Ichi the Killer) films are not my cup of tea...maybe I'm not sadist enough...heh! Like yakuza stories though...

Anyway, back to Crows Zero, I have to say the plot is quite simple but interestingly not boring at all..might be because of the awesomesauce of the fighting scenes...the camera work is good and the realistic fight adds up to the charm. There are also some humor (my favorite is the damn bowling scene...I rewind that part twice!) and despite the fact that Genji is not one to talk much (why did I suddenly remembered Yukikaze's Lt. Rei Fukai? -note, Rei is worse, he hardly interacts at all) his expression just gives it away...I sincerely think that Oguri Shun portrays Genji well (he really did a good work...mind you I'm not being bias for the moment).

The supporting casts (I hardly recognize the faces so this might be the first time I saw them) are really good too! I like Tamayuki Yamada's Tamao Serizawa...he can be quite a cool and a dork guy at times...(remembering the bowling scene again) others are not disappointing either and overall I think the acting are really high-level...the characters are distinguishable either in personality or fashion...we can see that even though they are punk, blond hair, dreadlocks, wearing some flu-mask (this film was on 2007...mind you H1N1 are not yet existed) fights a lot and all, they can be a softies at heart...meaning they are after all, humans...and I think that part is portrayed very well by the characters...^^ One thing that is similar between the characters is smoking...I bet Genji is a darn hard smoker (I don't know in his real life) can lost count how much he smokes during the whole movie...

People, smoking is bad for your life...

For further understanding on the plot line, you can read the whole summary of the film at Wikipedia...I mean it, they put the whole plot line of the film...totally giving the story away! If you hate spoilers DON'T EVER SEARCH FOR THIS FILM ON WIKIPEDIA...don't say I don't warn you~

The soundtrack of the film is good though I never heard of the band (The Street Beats)...Kuroki Meisa (I've been wondering where did I saw her before, until I read on her profile that she is the main lead in Subaru...the movie where TVXQ sang one of the OSTs..haha!) the female lead also sang some song in some of the scenes...and I think it's quite good and fitting (the subtitle also include the translation of the lyric)...

Overall, if you're into a fist-fight style of movie, this will not fail you. Do watch this people! ^^

Due to the high popularity of the film, they put out a sequel, Crows Zero II, which picks up right where the first film ends...there are no info on this film on Wikipedia...probably because this film is a recent one (released 2009) I took the information on other sites...^^ Of course, the fighting is getting harder as the trouble gets more serious...

Adapted from the outrageous manga by Hiroshi Takahashi, this sequel to CROWS ZERO continues the story of Takiya Genji (Oguri Shun), the son of a powerful yakuza boss who had transferred to the gang-ridden Suzuran All-Boys High School with one goal in mind: unite the school's many, warring gangs under one banner, and prove to his father that he can handle the family business.

However, several months after the events of CROWS ZERO, trouble brews again when thugs known as “The Army of Killers,” from rival high school Hosen Academy threaten Suzuran High aka the ‘School of Crows.’

The ruthless ‘Army of Killers’ is after the blood of an ex-leader of Suzuran High, who is just released from reformatory for killing the leader of Hosen H two years back. Desperate, the wanted man lays low by attempting to join the local Yakuza. A rejuvenated Hosen decides to revenge their former leader’s death on the entire Suzuran school instead, while in-fighting at an increasingly disunited Suzuran High makes them even more susceptible to the Hosen menace. Can Genji and the boys stave off this threat from their greatest rivals yet?

Directed by Takashi Miike, the internationally-prolific and highly controversial Japanese filmmaker, the live-action CROWS franchise is Miike’s most commercially successful work to date. CROWS ZERO II was released in Japan earlier this year with resounding success (the box office for its opening weekend was an astounding 145% of the first installment)! (Credits to -I got a feeling this site is conducted by fellow Malaysians...there are some Malay word used in the reviews (botak yakuza?) and common Malaysian slang (ah beng -though I'm expecting along to come. LOL) which gives off a somewhat...familiarity feeling?

Crows Zero II continues the life of Genji and his fellow GPS (Genji's Perfect Seiha -Seiha means something like Succession) member in his quest to conquer Suzuran...which is more that what he imagined...I watched this some time after I finished Crows Zero (I can't afford to stay in front of the laptop 4 hours non-stop on the day in my room alone...have to go and grab something to eat...haha~) and the hot ramen (to be specific it's actually just Maggi) just can't keep my eyes off from the screen after I start clicking the 'Play' button! haha~

Image Hosted by
By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-20

For those who do not watch the first film, you can still understand the sequel for there are some flashbacks and the plot is not too depending on the first film...but for those who watch the first film first (like me!) you can understand the plot and the interaction of the characters Genji and the low-rank yakuza Ken...and some detailed insight on who the characters and their respective if I'm to suggest, I'll be encouraging you to watch the first film first...^^

The plot line is if not at the same level, is somehow better (to me) than the first film as there are more characters and more complex story as this involves more people than just a fight for the throne of Suzuran...thus, making things more exciting! The character development is also increases especially for Takiya Genji. This sequel shows how Genji starts to be more rational in his way of doing things and be more mature...which is a good thing like a quote from the movie (I forgot who says this), 'You cannot win by strength alone...there is more to it to conquer Suzuran'...something like those lines...and the simplicity of the overall flow of the story makes it more will never be confused (well, I don't after all) of the story and really can enjoy it to the max!

The fight scenes are more detailed and each character have their own limelight to show off their fighting style (especially during the last and the climax attack/fight in the story), which is very interesting to watch! The variations in camera technique, from fast-slow movement to focused up angle, adds the spice in the soup! that weird? Well I like my soto spicy after all...the latest try I put on 7 spoons of belacan...much to my friends fear...haha! It's very good though...and surprisingly I can handle it...ok enough with this off-topic!

The sound in this film is good, still using the same band like the first film...and I noticed there is another band...making it two but I don't know the name...from the credits it looks like what..Does? I have no idea...and it kinds of frustrating that this time the sub do not have the lyrics translation...but overall I think the j-rock bands must be a famous one, no? The songs are quite good after all..maybe I should download the OST? Nah~ to much time for that maybe...haha! But maybe I will..just maybe...

Crows Zero II is a must-watch if you already finished Crows Zero...I can guarantee that you will like it! I don't know whether there will be Crows Zero III or not after this (hope they will and focused on Haruma Miura's Bitou Tatsuya this time! He got a very cool haircut in here~ haha!) but if they do I'm soooo going to watch it! ^^

Again, believe me, people...this is going to worth your time! Do watch it, guys! ^^

It's raining now and internet connection just gone awry again...damnit! Why oh why the connection hates me?? What did I do~?

I really need to calm down...

That's it for watch both film people! Ja ne~


Music for the day: Yamashita Tomohisa -MOLA (R-Midwest remix)

P/S: I've been listening to this song in repeat mode right after I downloaded the mp3...which is while I'm writing this post! Somehow the melody is addictive and I can't help but to sing along! The lyrics are fully in English and even without looking at the lyrics beforehand I can make out some lines...though I have to say the lyrics help a great deal...his English pronunciation can be quite confusing to me at times...heh!

Yamashita Tomohisa (more common by nickname Yama-P) is a member (if I'm not mistaken he's the leader) of the Johnny Entertainments talent group NEWs and this is his solo song...I come across some NEWs song and there are some that I like a lot but I can't quite figure out the other members of the group save for Yama-P...thanks for his activeness in acting dramas like Kurosagi and Nobuta no Produce to name a you might find his face familiar friend is quite a fan of his actually...heh~

Do check out the Pv too! The setting is very cool and suite the song's atmosphere perfectly! He also dances...which gives some extra points...*wink*

You can check out the Pv (click the 'video' button) and of course, listen to the song altogether at my playlist below! ^^

~The-frustrated-and-quite-sleepy Heiji

He watches the dancing angel silently, too incoherent for words. His mind counting, 1, 2, 3...

1, 2, 3...

A pair of brown orb eyes meeting his. A smile, playful one tagging at the lips. His heart almost skips a beat.

1, 2, 3...

He blinks, once, twice, three times, he is still alone. Yet the smile is still hanging before his visions.

Like they do not have any other way.

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Hi! Hmm~ A new post in such a short time...I can be pretty darn diligent at times, no? haha!

So~ In the virtual world of the net...(why did I suddenly remembered my e-commerce notes?? My exams are FINISHED AND DONE already, for God's sake!) there are many friend-finder websites like Friendster, Facebook, Hi-5, etc...I only joined Friendster though...many friends of mine tried to make me somewhat 'convert' to other sites..especially Facebook but I don't think I can handle see, my Friendster is on hiatus for what, 3 months already! *sigh*

Regarding the title of the post, no, it doesn't mean I joined Tagged (though there are some that invites me) but I've been tagged myself! Confused? Me too...hahaha!! I've heard about been tagged in any other sites and all but I never thought I'll be one of them! Heh~ Not like I hate it though...^^

I've been tagged by Kimmy...Kimmy, thank you~ and basically the questions are in Malay but to commemorate with my blog I translate (and answer) it in English...

Sa, ikimasho! ^^

1. Do you think you're a hot person?
-No, absolutely NOT. I'd rather be a cool person than hot. haha~

2. Upload your favorite pictures.


Always my one and only 'other' me, Heiji Hatsutori...

Image Hosted by
By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-16

Image Hosted by
By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-16

TVXQ~ Always Keep the Faith~~ ^^

-I want to put an anime pic too but there's just tooooo many that I like I can't choose...T_T

3. Why do you like these pictures?

-Do I really have to answer this? I mean, like, seriously? It's obvious already! But since you asked, well...

-The first pic is because it's Heiji. My name here is Heiji Hatsutori, my blog's address is heijihatsutori43171, my e-mail address is heijihatsutori_90...I think that makes it clear enough, no? Besides, the first anime character I really like in my life is him. (Considering the fact Detective Conan is the first series that introduce me to the anime and manga world...) It doesn't hurt that my initial starts with 'H' too..haha~

-The second pic beloved TVXQ!!! I love their songs, their voices, they are the best artists ever! It doesn't hurt that all of them are ikemen (good-lucking guys) too...but even if they are not, I still going to support them, for their voices are worth all the praise. Full stop. ^^

4. When was the last time you eat pizza?

-I'm not used to pizza, maybe because my family are not that into it, so it was like...before last year's Ramadhan...where I went out with's been a long time since I last saw them...hope they are in good health~

5. Last song you heard?

-Loner by Outsider. This song is awesome, mind you! Been listening to it in repeat mode! Check it out in my playlist below! ^^

6. What did you do while solving this tag?

-Listening to Outsider's Loner while referring to the questions at Kimmy's blog...haha!

7. What do you prefer people to call you other than your real name?

-Heiji or Heiji-san...I cannot think of any other anyway...haha!

8. Tag other 6 people without any hesitation.

1-Kimmy my best buddy 4eva (heh...can I?)
2-Nemy the Yoite in real world
3-Asyraf a.k.a acap
4-Afif a.k.a Afufu-san
5-Faeza the miss cahaya

-I cannot find one more person...but I tried my best already! So...I think it's ok, no? ^^

9. Who's no.1 for you?
-My bestest friend in the whole universe! *fistpump*

10. How about no.3?
-My very good friend and classmate in matriculation who studies to become a doctor for now...always give good advice...a very nice guy indeed!

11. What is your opinion on no.4?
-My very good friend who is a big fan to Big Bang like I am a big fan to course mate here in UMS-KAL...a nice 'uncle' indeed! hahaha~

12. Say something about people no.2?
-Found her blog when I randomly search about Nabari no avid fan of Yoite and she really can cosplay him to perfection! A really nice and warm person!! Now I miss Yoite...Nemy...let's call him...Yoite come back!! T_T

13. What about no.5?
-Another very warm people I met here in course mate and I think we got many classes together! She's really nice~ ^^

14. Your opinion on no.6?
-I got no people for the position so there's nothing I can say...heh~

End of question.

How's that? I think I did well! ^^ Do tell what do you think then! Ja ne~


Music of the day: Outsider- Loner

P/S: A very cool song with an orchestra feeling and a darn speedy rap by Korea's fastest rapper! Now, how's that? I'm not really into hip hop but I can tolerate with rap...and this guy really blow my mind! He raps so damn fast like hell! Imagine speaking 17 syllables per second...(found this information on him in Wikipedia) The first time I heard this song I was like whoa?? How can he rap like that??. But seriously, the more you listen to it, the more you get hooked on! Try to give this one a go and be ready for a ride of rap! haha~ Check it out on my playlist as always! ^^

~Writing-this-damn-fast-and-quite-tired-for-the-moment Heiji.

It's raining hard now and he somehow lost his umbrella somewhere along the way, not like he really cares. Walking down the road, soaked to the bones, he looks no less than a walking zombie.

He ignores the stares from people all around him, dragging his feet, with no particular place to go and call home; let alone a simple shelter from the rain now which somehow sounds too bitter to his tongue.

He is wet, lost, bitter, cold, every negative and angst emotion you can name with.

Still, despite his poor poor brain, he knows one thing much.

He is a human. And nothing will ever change that.

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Author: Heiji Hatsutori (yup, that's me.)

A/N: I took a damn long time to update this sorry~ T_T Do tell me what do you think and comments are love! I'll be writing Chapter 2 a.s.a.p! *fistpump*

Took this sort of format from got awesome stuff there, mind you.

-PART 7-

“Our heart, it’s different from others, Yong-jae.”
“Stop talking, dad. Hold on. Mum’s gone to get the doctor. You’ll be fine, dad.”

Father has been sick for a long time. All that he can do is just lying on the bed. That day, however, his condition worsens.

“Listen to me, Yong-jae. I’m afraid I don’t have much time left.”
“NO! Don’t say things like that, you’ll be fine, trust me.”
“Just listen to me, ok? Our heart, yours and mine, are not the same as others. It’s not even the same with your mother’s.”
“What do you mean, dad?”
“Our heart, it’s special. It’s a crystal.”
“What are you talking about? Don’t talk nonsense, dad. Mum will be back soon with the doctor, ok?”
“It’s true. You might find it nonsense now, but you’ll accept it soon enough. When first I knew about this from your grandfather, I also find it nonsense.”

Father starts to cough. He looked like in so much pain when he did, and I always felt like crying whenever I happened to see it. That time however, somehow, I did not, until I saw blood on his hand, and a bit beside his lips.

“Dad, you’re…”
“I’m fine, son. Don’t worry about it.”
“How am I supposed to not worry?”

He just smiled and took my hand, putting a black, round badge with a white logo in a symbol of diamonds on it. It looked so beautiful, yet somehow, all the diamonds are imperfect in shape, a bit shattered here and there.

“Keep this, as a sign. No matter what, don’t lose it. This is a proof, of who you really are. Promise me, you’re not going to lose it, ok?”
“Dad, I don’t get it…”
“Promise me, please?”

There was a look in his eyes, desperately hoping. Yet at the same time, there was a hint of sadness. I could not bear looking at it like that, so I just nodded.

“I promise you, dad.”

He smiled, so happily, like he was letting out a big burden of his shoulder. Still looking at me, his eyes not leaving mine, he held my hand with the badge so tight, like he was using all the energy that he got.

“Thank you, son. Thank you…and forgive me….”

He coughed again, this time with more blood. I wanted to get up and get him some water or something, but he would not let go of my hand.

“Dad, I’ll go get you some water, ok? Mum will be back soon, please…”
“Stay…don’t go…I beg you…”
“Dad, please…dad?”

He was looking at my eyes…no, his gaze goes right through me, he did not look at me, and I could not see my reflection on his eyes.

“Don’t go…I’m sorry…I’m deeply sorry…”
“Dad…? What’s wrong? Talk to me, dad!”
“I am the one who’s wrong…son…”

His breathe goes lower and lower, irregular. There were times that he had hard time breathing. I felt so powerless, for there was nothing I could do.

“I’m not…your real…father…you…already knew…right…?”

Tears started to well up my eyes. I nodded. I knew that a long time ago, mother told me about it, on my twelfth birthday.

“No matter what…have faith…in you…never…lose…?”
“Faith. I got it, dad.”
“That person…will help you…”
“Who is it?”
“Take care…of your mother…”

He let out one small breathe and smiled, his grip on my hand loosen.

“Dad…? No, dad! Tell me, who is it? Don’t leave us, please, dad!!”


It is Seul-ri, screaming my name, so loud that it brings me back to reality. That person is nowhere to be seen, though.

“That’s that little devil, great, call for more guards!”
“Seriously, is that person really a devil or what? Hurry up!”
“Seul-ri’s…not a devil…that person…is not…evil…”
“Great, even this kid is waking up now. Give him more anesthetic!”
“Already run out of it, sir.”

I can hardly breathe, the pain is excruciating. They really open up my chest to take the heart, literally. These guys are totally insane. I can see blood on the guy’s hands, lots of them.

“Don’t worry, kid, once we take it, you’ll be free, just hold on a bit, ok?”

And that come from someone who is grinning excitedly now, for God’s sake.

“Just a bit more…done.”

I can feel like something is taken away from my chest. For a moment it is really painful but a second later all the pain starts to gone.

“It’s beautiful…it’s really worth it. Oh gods…kid, look, your heart.”

I open up my eyes to see it, my heart, as my head cannot seem to function normally after all of this and there, on the guy’s hands, covered in blood, is…a crystal? What the hell?

“Your heart is a crystal, kid, and above all, its amethyst! Boy, how I’m lucky.”
“I don’t understand…”
“Let me tell you, kid, in this world, there is a type of people who possesses this, a crystal heart, and you are one of them. Whoever has this, can have all their wishes come true, if they desire for it so much that is. Now, I can fulfill mine, thanks to you. Each type have different abilities, and amethyst, is said to be the second strongest. The most powerful is black in color, a devil’s heart, they say, but this is more than enough already!”

Mr. Lee still holds the crystal, his eyes full of admiration. The guy start cleaning up his knife and the guard, suddenly, looked at me with a confused look.

“Kid, that devil you brought here, who the hell is that?”
“That’s…my friend, why?”
“You said just now, that person…is not…evil. Why ‘that person’? And I thought you guys are close enough or something. The way you address…sounds odd to me.”

“No he, she, or whatever.”

Immediately, those words hit me. Hard.

Is it short? Fufu~ I don't know where to cut it and yeah, I love cliffhanger so yeah! haha~ Hit me back! ^^

Music of the day: Masamixes- Why did I Fall in Love with Your Halo? (TVXQ vs Beyonce)

P/S: You have no idea how I freaking love this song...Why did I Fall in Love with You (Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou in Japanese -shorten as Doushite) is one of my all-time favourite from TVXQ and Beyonce's Halo is soooo damn good I listen to it on repeat mode for a good couple of days! To combine this two awesomesauce songs perfectly...Masamixes is indeed one hell of a DJ! He's so cool and his works are awesome! Check out his blog here!

I don't know what the effect of hearing such a beautiful song (Doushite is a damn sad song -try listen to the original version and acapella version of it on my playlist- and Halo's melody is quite melancholy for me...what with the piano and all...) after reading this part of the story...I have to say Yong-jae is heartbroken for the moment (it sounds weird now that he don't even has a heart anymore) but things are just getting exciting don't you think? (I'm evil, yeah~) But put that aside, you really have to listen to this! Just go to my playlist below! ^^

If anybody did experience such/any effect or whatever do tell! For I feel like...don't know..I wrote this a long time ago to be exact but listening to it in repeat mode make my mind go what, angst-feeling all over?


And I just wonder...the title of the Masamixes' song (Why did I Fall in Love with Your Halo?)...if we change it to Japanese...will it be Doushite Kimi no Halo wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou? hahaha!! LOL. Whatever just comment me back! My mind is getting weird...better stop.

Hey, I finish one thing from my list last post! Now that's quick~

~Weird Heiji (a signature to separate the Italic part and my post -I have a somewhat hanging feeling (?) when I review my last something's missing in the middle, no? Geez~ I'm so random -and weird- today...what's wrong with me?!)

"Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou?"

He simply shrugs.

For he himself has no idea why.


Hi! So~ prepare your ears...for I'm going to scream...*inhales deep breath*


One more time...

MERDEKA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *going crazy*

Huh~ I think that's it for now...haha!!

In case you're wondering (I bet) 1. Merdeka is Independence in Malay 2. No, it's not Malaysia's Independence Day either, we celebrate it on 31st August each year.

So, what is this screaming all about? hehe~

I just finish my last paper this morning (when I type this post) and that means...EXAMS OVER!!! I'M FREE~~~ (ok, that's exaggerating, I know)

After this going to spend my time with my laptop (as if, I don't do that every day) and might as well finish up Chapter 2! Hehe~ In a great spirit...I am..^^


I also wrote a one-shot last Friday (when I was supposed to study for Paramedic Exam the next day...really, what's wrong with me??) but now in a slight hiatus (kind of stuck? for the moment) but I'll finish that one first and post it here! ^^

And I promised sooo many thing here, didn't I? Let's list them before I forget..pardon my poor memory..

1. Literally Chapter 1 (I noticed that I can divide the remaining part into two or three until the ending of it so might as well post it after this! Sorry for the late update....T_T)

2. Literally Chapter 2-?? (I made some sort of promise with myself to finish writing this story NO MATTER WHAT so yeah, going to put it here too!)

3. The on-hiatus (kind of) one-shot (This one is kind of long for a one-shot to me -it might be normal but I don't use to write this long...also experimenting with a new style..hope it'll turn out good!)

4. The Troubling Thing (but it's been too long already so I'm thinking of dropping this off..hahaha!!! Might just brief a bit...anyway, this is super late but I'm taking Japanese next semester!! And basically this part is dedicated to my journey -yeah, right- in securing the place in the class...maybe I should write a post about it after all...)

5. Anime and manga Special A (I have to write this...I have to)

6. Manga Penguin Revolution and all story from Tsukuba Sakura-sensei (I never disappointing with her work...another recommendation to write!)

7. Makoto Shinkai (I remembered promised to introduce him too...but I do not watch 5cm per Second yet -I downloaded this a century ago!- so this really have to wait)

8. Mirai Nikki (one of the awesomesauce manga I'm currently reading...have to write about this too)

9. Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna (another great great great manga that make me buy the anime -the only anime dvd I had buy in my life so far- recommend this too)

10. Next- OMG there's sooo many anime/manga/songs/series I want to recommend! Kuroshitsuji, Kekkaishi, Bloody Monday, Darker than Black, TVXQ, YUI, Linkin Park, The Fray, Suga Shikao, xxxHolic, The Slingshot... *gasp*

Will I be able to write all this? Don't put your hopes high, people...*sigh*

I'll try my best though...not like I have anything better to do during holiday anyway~ ^^ Speaking of holiday I'm going back home on 23rd (damn late!) so going to spend the remaining days here in Labuan online! Muahaha~

Kimmy is going to Egypt for her study on the wee morning of 23rd...I don't have the chance to even see her off...T_T Kimmy~~

I hope that she'll be fine...ganbatte!!! *fistpump* And then come back to be damn good dentist! Oh yeah~ Maybe a free service once in awhile...? haha! Kidding~ It'll be great to graduate, right?

Hope we will meet again...aitai~ ^^

Till then for now, take care people! Ja ne! *wink*


Music of the day: Taeyang- Where U At

P/S: One of my friend are all crazy about Big Bang and had been recommending their new songs to me. I always like their songs...though have to say I still prefer TVXQ..haha! The genre of music between the two is completely different and all but well, I'm open to any style of music I have no problem accepting his recommendation...back to the song, Taeyang (real name Yongbae) is one of the member of the group (Big Bang) and this is his solo song..I have to say it do not take me long to love this song...his voice fits with the melody and it do not hurt that he's a good pianist and dancer too..he's featured with TVXQ's Junsu *cough* in last year's award show in a so-called piano battle...he's good! It's obvious who I'm rooting for though...hehe~ Watch it here!

Enough of the rambling, this song is indeed good! As always, check it out in my playlist below! ^^

He closes his eyes, breathes slowly. The sky has never been this dark in his life. The weather report he heard this morning said it will be raining till afternoon only and the sun will shine for the rest of the day.

The umbrellas starts to disappears from his visions but there is storm on his head.

He did not buy any of it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hi! We meet again~ (when we really shouldn’t actually…) I wrote this on Word (internet line in my room kind of sucks at the moment….not like I really blame it…it’s quite a miracle the connection is on at the first place!) when I was supposed to be sleeping (not telling you what time is it now…I’ll be murdered for good…) just because I’m overwhelm with a whole lot of feeling right now…and I can’t bring myself to sleep before telling at least one person about this anime…yeah, you read it right…anime…the one on the title above.

Basically, as my previous post talks about Study week, that means now is Examination Week (or should I say weeks?) and that also means that of course, I should be studying, right? Nope. I'm a very good student after all...people, hit me.


My examination started on last Tuesday until Thursday (the time I write this posts) and the next exam is due on the next that means I have a couple of day offs in between...and to commemorate with that...(sort of) I downloaded the anime Yukikaze which I had watched on Animax some time ago and remember liking it to bits! Indeed, I still like it now and perhaps love it too much my hands stutters while typing this! I'll rate this a perfect 10~

Yukikaze (戦闘妖精・雪風, Sentō Yōsei Yukikaze?, lit. Battle Fairy Yukikaze) is a five-episode Japanese direct-to-video anime series produced by Gonzo and Bandai Visual and was released in Japan from August 28, 2002 to August 25, 2005. It is based on a popular science fiction novel of the same name by Chōhei Kanbayashi, and was produced in commemoration of Bandai Visual's 20th anniversary. Yukikaze has twice won the Tokyo Anime Award for Original Video Animation in 2003 and 2006.(Credits to Wikipedia! ^^)

Thirty-three years ago, an alien force known as the "JAM" invaded Earth through a dimensional portal over Antarctica. Earth's forces managed to drive the JAM away to a distant planet designated as "Fairy." While majority of Earth's population is unaware of the JAM's presence, the war continues on Fairy. Sentou Yousei Yukikaze chronicles the life of Rei Fukai, an SAF (Special Air Force) pilot assigned to pilot "Yukikaze" - an advanced reconnaisance fighter plane equipped with a near-sentient A.I. that detects the presence of the JAM within its path. (This one credits to one on Wikipedia covers the plot of the first episode only..)

That's for a brief introduction with the expert opinion attached (why does I have a strange feeling like I'm repeating my English essay?!) so after this is all my part! Mind you, I can be extremely bias...

Yukikaze is an OVA with just 5 episodes where each episodes runs from 30-45 minutes each...I must say the pace of the story is quite slow but it gives the story time for developing the plot in each episodes...the interaction between characters is unique in its own way...even when they don't speak much (Rei is undoubtedly the main character with the least script in anime history) but just their presence gives meaning in the scenes...especially when Rei interacts with Yukikaze (note that Yukikaze is no human, but a fighter plane with Artificial Intelligence -Rei refers to it as a 'she')'s achingly beautiful~

The main character of the story, Lt. Rei Fukai is a person who have a tendency toward social rejection and seldom shows interest in any objects other than B-503 (sometimes shortened to "B-3") "Yukikaze" (Yukikaze literally means snow wind -Yuki=snow and Kaze=wind). This explains the lack of character in the story (the characters available are ones that interact with Rei after all, being an unsocial guy he is)...and this also brings the focus of the story to the center, meaning Rei, Yukikaze and the JAMs.

Image Hosted by
By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-07
Lt. Rei Fukai

Interestingly enough, each of the supporting characters is very important at the first place as they live up to the surroundings and gives a somewhat explanation on the situation to the viewers, thus, adds up to the further understanding of the story. Each character also have a different role and perspective on the situation which is interesting. For a heavy-style and serious topic anime, I always prefer the characters differentiable from one another to make it more realistic. I mean, there's no use of soooo many characters if there's not even a meaning for them being there, right? Thus, this is just perfect for me. ^^

The animation is a pure art, GONZO did a marvelous job with the series (no wonder they won the award twice, they deserve it). The dogfight scene use tons of CGI (I wonder how much money they use on this project...) makes it a really breathtaking situation. The design of the planes is unique enough and even if you are not into planes let alone the fighter planes you can't help but admire the is the trailer and one of the fight scenes I found in YouTube...^^ I also found a blog where the owner put on the screen caps of the story...mostly form the first episode...try check it out here!

The sound in this anime is good, and I've been searching for its OST since last night! Especially the ending song for the 5th episode..."RTB-AGL2" by Monsieur Kamayatsu...instead of the usual singing, this version replace the lyrics with whistling, and made me go all melancholy all over! To anybody who knows where can I download the OST please tell me!! The seiyuu is also good! I like Rei's voice though it seems like he seldom voices anime characters...I wonder why? Also, this story is based on a novel, so, (this might sound hard enough but...) if you ever comes across blogs or whatever that shows where to read the novel (or buy it) do tell me! I'm really hooked on the series...onegaishimasu!


Yukikaze is a story that can either blow your mind away (which did happen to me) or put you on a deep sleep...yes, it's the love it or hate it kind of don't be shocked when you read extremely negative reviews of the story somewhere (I did come across some) for you might actually like it at the first place! My advice, watch it and judge it yourself...don't judge a book by its cover never seems so true no? ^^ The story's overall tone is quite dark especially the characters and the storyline can be odd at times but this is an an anime which can make you think while watching it, and believe me, you'll find enjoyment in it. Besides, it did blow my mind away! ^^

Sentou Yousei Yukikaze is a series I won't mind re-watching again tonight (but I have to start studying...), the melancholy feeling I got when finished it before just clenched my heart till now, and might just be good for writing Chapter 2...something I don't have even after watching Nabari no Ou...perhaps I finally got over the series? *gasp* Yoite~ T_T

I remember I promised to write about the troubling thing (which is actually about my Foreign Language Class next semester -got a whole lot of story about that) and the 2 stories Penguin Revolution and Special A (finished the manga!! So happy~)...but I end up writing about this instead...sorry I just couldn't help it...*sigh* I'll make sure I write about that next, ok! ^^

To end this I put on some images of Yukikaze...I even thinking of making one of the images the background of my blog! For some reason, the Nabari picture do not come out...T_T Do give your opinion on which is the best! ^^ (Though I might end up putting it right after this).

EDIT: I DID put it..haha!! What do you think of the new look? Do tell~ ^^

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By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-07
Lt. Rei Fukai on Yukikaze

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By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-07

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By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-07

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By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-07
The guy with Rei is Major James "Jack" Bukhar, the only person who bother himself enough to befriend Rei. He provides a wider view on the war to the him too...^^

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By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-07

Lastly, do give this one a try, people! You won't regret it! ^^ Till then, ja ne! (Have to go and study~ wish me luck!)


Music of the day: Placebo- Sleeping With Ghosts

P/S: This song gives off a feeling like Yukikaze...and somehow I think they suit one another...(?) Another song that have a (high) possibility to make me write a one-shot...the lyric and the melody compliments each other perfectly! Check it out on my playlist below! ^^ Also, I'll continue with the end-segment! ^^ Thanks to Kimmy for supporting me! I still don't know what to call it though so I think I just write it off, then! ^^

As he moves on, catching the pale ghosts of yesterday, he hears a whisper, slow, haunting.

Over and over again.

"Soul mates never die."