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Author: Heiji Hatsutori (yup, that's me.)

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-PART 7-

“Our heart, it’s different from others, Yong-jae.”
“Stop talking, dad. Hold on. Mum’s gone to get the doctor. You’ll be fine, dad.”

Father has been sick for a long time. All that he can do is just lying on the bed. That day, however, his condition worsens.

“Listen to me, Yong-jae. I’m afraid I don’t have much time left.”
“NO! Don’t say things like that, you’ll be fine, trust me.”
“Just listen to me, ok? Our heart, yours and mine, are not the same as others. It’s not even the same with your mother’s.”
“What do you mean, dad?”
“Our heart, it’s special. It’s a crystal.”
“What are you talking about? Don’t talk nonsense, dad. Mum will be back soon with the doctor, ok?”
“It’s true. You might find it nonsense now, but you’ll accept it soon enough. When first I knew about this from your grandfather, I also find it nonsense.”

Father starts to cough. He looked like in so much pain when he did, and I always felt like crying whenever I happened to see it. That time however, somehow, I did not, until I saw blood on his hand, and a bit beside his lips.

“Dad, you’re…”
“I’m fine, son. Don’t worry about it.”
“How am I supposed to not worry?”

He just smiled and took my hand, putting a black, round badge with a white logo in a symbol of diamonds on it. It looked so beautiful, yet somehow, all the diamonds are imperfect in shape, a bit shattered here and there.

“Keep this, as a sign. No matter what, don’t lose it. This is a proof, of who you really are. Promise me, you’re not going to lose it, ok?”
“Dad, I don’t get it…”
“Promise me, please?”

There was a look in his eyes, desperately hoping. Yet at the same time, there was a hint of sadness. I could not bear looking at it like that, so I just nodded.

“I promise you, dad.”

He smiled, so happily, like he was letting out a big burden of his shoulder. Still looking at me, his eyes not leaving mine, he held my hand with the badge so tight, like he was using all the energy that he got.

“Thank you, son. Thank you…and forgive me….”

He coughed again, this time with more blood. I wanted to get up and get him some water or something, but he would not let go of my hand.

“Dad, I’ll go get you some water, ok? Mum will be back soon, please…”
“Stay…don’t go…I beg you…”
“Dad, please…dad?”

He was looking at my eyes…no, his gaze goes right through me, he did not look at me, and I could not see my reflection on his eyes.

“Don’t go…I’m sorry…I’m deeply sorry…”
“Dad…? What’s wrong? Talk to me, dad!”
“I am the one who’s wrong…son…”

His breathe goes lower and lower, irregular. There were times that he had hard time breathing. I felt so powerless, for there was nothing I could do.

“I’m not…your real…father…you…already knew…right…?”

Tears started to well up my eyes. I nodded. I knew that a long time ago, mother told me about it, on my twelfth birthday.

“No matter what…have faith…in you…never…lose…?”
“Faith. I got it, dad.”
“That person…will help you…”
“Who is it?”
“Take care…of your mother…”

He let out one small breathe and smiled, his grip on my hand loosen.

“Dad…? No, dad! Tell me, who is it? Don’t leave us, please, dad!!”


It is Seul-ri, screaming my name, so loud that it brings me back to reality. That person is nowhere to be seen, though.

“That’s that little devil, great, call for more guards!”
“Seriously, is that person really a devil or what? Hurry up!”
“Seul-ri’s…not a devil…that person…is not…evil…”
“Great, even this kid is waking up now. Give him more anesthetic!”
“Already run out of it, sir.”

I can hardly breathe, the pain is excruciating. They really open up my chest to take the heart, literally. These guys are totally insane. I can see blood on the guy’s hands, lots of them.

“Don’t worry, kid, once we take it, you’ll be free, just hold on a bit, ok?”

And that come from someone who is grinning excitedly now, for God’s sake.

“Just a bit more…done.”

I can feel like something is taken away from my chest. For a moment it is really painful but a second later all the pain starts to gone.

“It’s beautiful…it’s really worth it. Oh gods…kid, look, your heart.”

I open up my eyes to see it, my heart, as my head cannot seem to function normally after all of this and there, on the guy’s hands, covered in blood, is…a crystal? What the hell?

“Your heart is a crystal, kid, and above all, its amethyst! Boy, how I’m lucky.”
“I don’t understand…”
“Let me tell you, kid, in this world, there is a type of people who possesses this, a crystal heart, and you are one of them. Whoever has this, can have all their wishes come true, if they desire for it so much that is. Now, I can fulfill mine, thanks to you. Each type have different abilities, and amethyst, is said to be the second strongest. The most powerful is black in color, a devil’s heart, they say, but this is more than enough already!”

Mr. Lee still holds the crystal, his eyes full of admiration. The guy start cleaning up his knife and the guard, suddenly, looked at me with a confused look.

“Kid, that devil you brought here, who the hell is that?”
“That’s…my friend, why?”
“You said just now, that person…is not…evil. Why ‘that person’? And I thought you guys are close enough or something. The way you address…sounds odd to me.”

“No he, she, or whatever.”

Immediately, those words hit me. Hard.

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Music of the day: Masamixes- Why did I Fall in Love with Your Halo? (TVXQ vs Beyonce)

P/S: You have no idea how I freaking love this song...Why did I Fall in Love with You (Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou in Japanese -shorten as Doushite) is one of my all-time favourite from TVXQ and Beyonce's Halo is soooo damn good I listen to it on repeat mode for a good couple of days! To combine this two awesomesauce songs perfectly...Masamixes is indeed one hell of a DJ! He's so cool and his works are awesome! Check out his blog here!

I don't know what the effect of hearing such a beautiful song (Doushite is a damn sad song -try listen to the original version and acapella version of it on my playlist- and Halo's melody is quite melancholy for me...what with the piano and all...) after reading this part of the story...I have to say Yong-jae is heartbroken for the moment (it sounds weird now that he don't even has a heart anymore) but things are just getting exciting don't you think? (I'm evil, yeah~) But put that aside, you really have to listen to this! Just go to my playlist below! ^^

If anybody did experience such/any effect or whatever do tell! For I feel like...don't know..I wrote this a long time ago to be exact but listening to it in repeat mode make my mind go what, angst-feeling all over?


And I just wonder...the title of the Masamixes' song (Why did I Fall in Love with Your Halo?)...if we change it to Japanese...will it be Doushite Kimi no Halo wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou? hahaha!! LOL. Whatever just comment me back! My mind is getting weird...better stop.

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"Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou?"

He simply shrugs.

For he himself has no idea why.


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