Monday, March 26, 2012

50 Things You Didn't Know About Me And My Anime

So there's this thing that seems like some sort of a meme (except not really) that has been circulating around among animebloggers; that is answering the 50 questions about you (me) in an honest way or something. While I don't consider myself as an animeblogger and this blog as anime-centric (since I'm random most of time and really, this blog won't suffer from the so-called 'lack of posts' or 'almost dead' situation if that is the case) just thought that I answer them, if only to at least post something.

...yeah, this is my countermeasure to make sure it WON'T happen that way.

I actually posted a new story at Livejournal a couple of days ago but I know better than to trust myself when it comes to typing or ranting so I'll post the link and rant about it and life in another post later.

Thus, let the long post questionnaire begin!