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Unchained Silence.

Hi! As I mentioned on the post before, this is another one-shot I wrote during the orientation week...there was a speech about co-curriculum...(so boring~) and I have my pencil and book with me so...haha!!

The story might be a bit confusing....(I don't really seem to be able to think straight at that time...the hall is too hot...) So pardon my laziness in detailing it all...haha!!

For those who might think the words are somewhat familiar, they are actually the lyrics of Taylor Swift's Love Story...just like Untitled's Insa, this one is written when I was totally hook on the song...haha~! I always have this tendency to write based on songs..you can say it's...inspiration? haha!!! Literally is dominated by TVXQ though...sorry...just can't help it...hee~

So then...this is it...

UNCHAINED SILENCE (the title is randomly put...I hardly have any idea...haha!)

We were both young when I first saw you…


I close my eyes and the flashback starts…

“Are you okay?”

I’m standing there, on the balcony for some air…

“You’re not okay?”

Little did I know…

“Do you hear me?”

I was a scarlet letter…

“You’re still here, right?”

Stay away from Juliet…

“Will you answer me?”

Begging you please don’t go…

“Talk to me, please?”

Just say yes…

“No, you’re joking, right?”

Save me…

“Why do you have to kill him?”

I got tired of waiting…

“Tell me you didn’t do it, will you?”

Wondering if you will ever coming around…

“Say something, please?”

My faith in you is fading…

“And I thought you love him?”

You were throwing papers…

“I really don’t want to do this, you know?”

See the light…

“Still, I’m your lawyer. On 3 July, about 11.34 p.m you kill your fiancee on the balcony of your house using a vase by hitting his head continuously, leading to his death. You called the police to report the incident and hand yourself in. The moment you were arrested, you were still wearing the dress…drenched in his blood. You confessed to the crime and remain silent ever since. Am I right?”

See you make your way through the crowd…

“You look confused when I saw you on the crime scene. You didn’t really meant to kill him, right?”

Say hello…

“Hello, you hear me clearly, didn’t you?”

You were everything to me…

“Sorry sir, but time’s up.”

I was crying on the staircase…

“I’ve known you for a very long time already and I couldn’t think of any reason of why you would do it. Really, why?”

It’s a love story…


Coz’ we were both young…

“I want to help you, not just because you’re my client, but also, because you’re a very important friend for me. I missed your smile, your voice, and the light on your eyes, really. Still, you have to help yourself. I hope you’ll tell me the reason the next time we meet, ok?”

When I first saw…

“I’ll see you again. Please, take care.”


That's it! Short, I know. Might just be the fastest story I ever wrote...try to read and imagine it...literally...haha!!

Do tell me what do you feel about it! Though it might bee just too confusing to read..haha! Still, thanks! ^^


Assalamualaikum...oro?? haha~ Well..it is Ramadhan now after all....thought I'd change the greeting for once...haha!!

I plan on posting on the first day of Ramadhan but somehow the internet connection broke down (damn it!) so I only can post it today instead..T_T It is the fourth day already right? Hope everybody is still strong on fasting! To all Muslim let's celebrate this Ramadhan the best way we can! ^^

Even though it is Ramadhan it doesn't mean you have to go and just sit back with the excuse "I'm fasting!"! There are A WHOLE LOT of work to be done...assignments, works, etc, etc...*sigh* I might post another one-shot after this...Chapter 2 is moving on great but now will be on halt...the English essay is going to take it's place on the ranking of importance...*sigh* How I hate English essay~ it's about...800-1000 words? I'm going to die for sure...T_T

EDIT: It's actually 200-250 words..I'm too exaggerating~

Due to this too, I don't know when I'm going to post again...but rest assure I'll try my best to complete Chapter 2 a.s.a.p! (After the essay of course...) Minna-san, do give me your support!! ^^

I almost forgot about the mid-term test for math this week...arghh!!!! I'm no-good in math..T_T So now the ranking of importance is

1) Study math
2) Start English essay
3) Start/finish all the exercise/assignments/etc...
4) Finish Chapter 2 (can't wait to start Chapter 3! So exciting!! hee~)
5) Finish downloading all that I want..anime, drama, TVXQ, etc...(this is important??)
6) ...

Em...anything I missed? Hope not~ Luckily it's Ramadhan so the time is longer for work...(minus eating time...hee~) Hope I can finish all the tasks!! Wish me luck! ^^

Till then, Happy Ramadhan (is it right??) to all Muslims and do take care people!! ^^

P/S: The playlist is not working!!! Arghh!!! Might looking for a new one after this...T_T Check out the video playlist though! Hope it work well...^^

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New Look! ^^

Hi! After two days (including today) of editing and exploring, here it goes...a new look to my blog!! Haha~ A zillion arigatou to Kimmy who gives me the info and even on how to do it! Huh~ I have confidence in changing the CCS code of Friendster but the blog template really makes me go crazy! *sigh* Reminds me a whole lot on C++!! *shudder at the thought* Can I take it as some sort of...exercise?! Haha!

Credits goes to Pyzam.com though as I just took a couple of template and adjust it a bit here and there to my liking! ^^ I took a red template on the black section...to those who did it...(I forgot the name) you rock! ^^ It also makes me realize that my Imageshack account is still alive! I just login by luck and it somehow comes out ok! I've been using Imageshack before until it have some problem and I change to Photobucket about...3 years ago?? It really took me by surprise you know! I mean...it's been a long time already! The background picture is uploaded by Imageshack to celebrate the revive (?) of my account! One thing I like about Imageshack is that I can resize the picture to as big as I want! ^^ Photobucket makes me stuck at 1024x648...just view my Friendster profile...the pic is from Photobucket...but when I try to login just now there is a scheduled maintenance going on...just wait for awhile longer then! ^^

I want to make the boxes transparent at first but it makes the reading of the posts somewhat difficult so I just make it black! The only regret I have by doing so is it blocks Miharu's face! *sigh* That's the reason I put the same pic on the header...just can't take it! Haha~ Still, if you have the idea on making it look better (I'm already contempt with this one though) do let me know! ^^

I kind of reluctant on posting at first because this will move the Nabari no Ou and Clannad post off the main page...haha! But then I can't let it stay there forever, right? So I just think "let's post something as a celebration!" and starts writing! haha~ Random, I am...^^

I (finally) start Chapter 2 last night!! Whee~ Somehow the idea just struck my head and I began writing! Thanks (again) to Kimmy for the support! Have a really long phone call with her on the evening before...but I'm using the Postpaid number so there's no problem on the bill! Have to be careful though or my parent will go mad at me! Haha!! But once in awhile may not be a big deal...right? ^^

I am currently downloading Makoto Shinkai's Byousoku 5cm...I am always a Makoto's fan (though I NEVER watch ANY of his work before...T_T) as his work is always so beautiful!! Might post something about him and his work after this...but you can always search for the info in Wikipedia.com...they have almost everything, mind you. ^^

It suddenly raining outside so hope the internet connection will be stable enough until I finish downloading (and stops by the time I'm going back to hostel)! It's 350MB...going to take a long time to finish...^^ While waiting going to enjoy Mariah carey's Obsessed...I'm somehow obsessed on the song! First time heard it on Kimmy's blog...a very cool song! Her blog is also so cool!! Go check it out guys! ^^

(Somehow I got problem on inserting the link...T_T Just check out the link at My Blog List...RoTtkaPpchen...if you know how to do so do tell me! T_T I'm soooo new in blog world...*sigh*)

Till then, do take care!! ^^

P/S: Did You Expect a Love Song? Hmm...

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi! This is my third post for the day...I'm sooooooo random, didn't I? haha~

I was on the verge of breaking my neck to start chapter 2 when I found this one-shot inside my pen drive...(haven't open it for a long time...lucky I don't lost it!) It really brings out memories, I wrote this one just after I finish college...and it describe my journey back home..going back by bus...have to walk after the gate due to the "disappearing of buses" in order to get to the bus station and all...what with the song Insa kept repeating in my head all along the way...I can be a bit sentimental you know..haha!

The story is pure fiction and I just blend in my journey here and there to add up to the story...also I'm totally hook on the song Insa by TVXQ at the time I wrote the story so it's best to listen to it while you reading it...just look for the song in my playlist on the bottom of the page....^^ There are two version...one by TVXQ and the other is a solo version by Hero Jaejoong, one of the member of TVXQ...I sincerely like TVXQ's version more..their harmony is just...indescribable..haha!

For those who love K-movies might notice that the song Insa is actually the OST for the movie A Millionaire's First Love...a sad love story, mind you...haha!

This one-shot has no title at first so I just going to call it...


Hi! How are you doing today? The weather’s nice today, right? The sky is so blue, and the cloud is so white. The sun is so hot though. I had a hard time walking under the heat. No need to mention my red face, I already got the oh-my-god-her-face-is-so-red kind of stare from everybody before I arrived here. And that’s not funny at all, in case you’re thinking of laughing right now. I know you won’t though, because you’re just a nice person! Oh, before I forgot, here, for you! Iris, hope you like it! Do you know the meaning of Iris? It’s the happiness of the believer. Cool, right? I know this from the anime, Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna. It’s really awesome! Highly recommended! Ok, I know you’re not that into anime so I better stop here. But it’s really good! I even buy the original DVD! You know how I am when it comes to money yet I’m still willing to buy it. And that just shows how good the story is! Ok, I really have to stop now. Or else you’ll go crazy, right?

In case you’ve forgotten, today’s the last day of exam. And that means a complete freedom! Also, being the last day it is, it’s the last day of school too. Everybody’s got their parents come to pick them up, excluding me. I’m going back by bus. That explains the bags I have here! To tell the truth, this is not much actually; my roommates are having tougher times than me! So I can be considering as lucky. I don’t really mind though. Because I can see you first before I leave! I’m a nice person, right? No need to answer, I know I am! Just kidding~ By the way, my bus is due on 5PM so I need to go earlier than that. It’s just 2PM now, but just in case I forget the time, do remind me, ok!

The exam is so hard! I could feel my head spinning around again and again in the hall. But I’ve tried my best though. No matter how the result will be, I just going to accept it with all my might! Don’t believe me? I don’t believe myself either. But the part where you teach me before, I could answer them well! Really, it’s all thanks to you! I bet if you answer them you’ll definitely get high scores! You’re much smarter than me anyway. Don’t deny it; you know it’s the truth!

Seriously, to think that it’s already the last day, time does moves on so fast right? I feel like I just knew everyone yesterday. And now all of us are moving on different ways. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it? But we’re friends, right? Don’t you dare forget me! Or else…hey, take it easy! I’m just kidding! But I won’t forget you. No need to worry, ok! You’re the very best friend I ever had! Do you hate it, when I keep on saying ‘friend’?

To tell the truth, I’m actually afraid to come today, but thinking it’s already the last day, I brave myself! No, not because of you, it’s just that I’m afraid your family will be here too. You see, I’m not the type that can easily talk like this to any people. So, I’m afraid if they are here, too, I won’t be able to talk to you, as freely as now. So I’m quite glad, to be exact. Do you mind? It’ll be great to meet them, but I don’t think I have that courage. You know what I mean, right? You understand, right? Thanks!

I…I really am grateful that I know you. You are my inspiration, and you never fail to amuse me with your practical way of thinking. Seriously, I think it’s funny that we can be close friends yet never really agree with each other! Weird, isn’t it? Yet that really draws us closer. And am I weird if I say I’m actually always looking forward to not agree with you? I think that’s weird. I am a weird person! No, you’re not weird. It’s just me. Me, myself, anime, and I. What does anime have to do here?! I am weird, right? Just bear with it, ok? Good luck.

Lately I’ve been thinking, how I know you’ll go mad if I say this. But still, I want to say it. I don’t want to care of the consequences, now that I’m already here with you. I want to say…sorry. I know you’ll go on saying that it’s not your fault or whatever but still, sorry. Sorry, if I ever hurt you somehow along the way. Sorry, if I ever said something that makes you hurt. Sorry, for not trying to understand you at times. Sorry, for not being able to do anything for you. Sorry, for everything I’ve ever said and done. And sorry, for this, might be our last meeting. I’m going back home today. It’s far, for you and I are separated miles apart. We…might not be able to see each other anymore. I, hate to say this, I really do! Don’t worry; I’m not going to cry. Not in front of you of course! It’s embarrassing. It’s already embarrassing enough to say things like this! It’s so not cool. But I have to. So I’m bearing with it. Try to bear with it too, ok!

Oh no, it’s getting late already. I should have come sooner, right? I try too, but there’s lack of bus today from school to here, even though it’s weekend today. Now that’s one thing weird, right? Seriously, how come there’s lack of bus? And no, I’m not lying if that’s what you’re thinking right now, ok! And here we go again. We never really could stop, for God’s sake. Even at times like now. We really not going to stop, right?

I’m taking my bags now. I…really am going to go now. I am going to move forward. I’m going to move on. Even without you with me, I’ll move on. Regardless of whatever happens, I still going to move on. No, I’m not going to turn back to you, because if I did, I may not be able to leave. I…I’ll work hard. In order to see your smile again, I’ll do everything I could. No matter what it takes, I’ll give it my all. So, please, please hold on. Please work hard too. Until you wake up again from your comatose state, until you recover fully, I will always work hard. If you suddenly go in your sleep, I will never forgive you. Never! So please, hold on. This is my last greeting to you.

And she says it.

I love you.


She take a small step, with her bags on the shoulders, she opens the door, heads low, moves out, and closes it. She never turns back. For if she did, she might as well see his mother standing, watching her go, eyes brimming with tears.

Out of the hospital, she puts on her mp3, the highest volume. Upon the sound of DBSK’s song Insa played, she can’t hold on anymore. Tears down her rosy cheek, and the song played, over and over again.

Fly away, fly away love, fly away, fly away love…

It's weird for me to write a love story...so just bear with it..(this is my first time writing one!) and I'm not good in this kind of thing anyway...haha!

Insa (Greeting) lyric by TVXQ (somehow got the urge to post it together...haha!)

Barami momun gu shigan jocha
Naegen nomu mojarangol
Hanbone miso majimak insa
Saranghamnida gudel

Shigane jichodo sarang-e apado
Gu shigan jocha chuogigo
Majimak insal haneyo
Saranghamnida saranghamnida

Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE

Neseng-e dan hanbone sarang-a ahnyong

P/s: I really dunno if I'm accurate in the who sings what part. HAHA (Says the one posting the lyric but I'm quite 100% sure -quite??- that it's correct..especially on Junsu's part..haha~)


Even that time when the wind stays
Its not enough for me.
I smile one more time and give my final greeting:
I love you.

I am tired now and love hurts
But even if that time is just a memory
I have to give my final greeting.
I love you, I love you.

Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE

In the afterlife I will greet my love again

Lyrics credit to dbskarchives.blogspot.com

Do tell me how you think about it! ^^


Hi! Sorry for the disturbing title...it's just me and my head screaming with no voices at all...I want to scream...I really do! But there are people around so it's best to drop the idea off and just post something here...

The reason for this weird behavior of mine is of course, Nabari no Ou. (come on, seriously?) I am dead serious for now...I just finish reading the manga till the latest chapter...(I'm doing a marathon for about 20 chapters...1 chapters consist of about 50++ pages!) And I was left dazed in front of the laptop after chapter 50 (can't tell why..go and read it!). But the daze left me as I keep on reading and upon finishing the last chapter available (chapter 60) I was like what the hell?? Seriously...I don't realize it was the last one!! ARGHHHH!!!! The story just simply stops when it is the best part! Damn it!! *sigh* Can't blame Kamatani-sensei, that's what writers do, after all...I myself love to do it..but still..*sigh*

Man, what am I blabbering about? This is just a sickening post...there's really no point anywhere...just want to clear my head a bit...they say the next chapter will be out on 18 (tomorrow??) so just going to hope for the best...*sigh* really..sorry for writing this post...I just..man...*sigh again and again*

Actually there are A LOT of manga I love which is currently in hiatus/ongoing...like..

1) Nabari no Ou (have to be patient..I know...don't remind me...)
2) Whistle (have to wait till September..hopefully...but this one comes out in volumes...a couple of chapter at once so it's good)
3) Kekkaishi (the latest chapter just comes out YESTERDAY..yeah..I know...)
4) Mirai Nikki (this one is damn good, mind you! I'll post something about it later I think...also heard they want to make an anime too..hope it'll be good!)
5) Spiral:Suiri no Kizuna (I'm soooooooo waiting for this one...the complete volume to sold in 2011?? What the hell?? They better do make it quick!)
6) Spiral:Alive (no news AT ALL on this one..*sigh*)
7) Kuroshitsuji (just finish downloading the anime! Yay!! Hope the manga will be quick!)

Can't think of others anymore...I forgot where did I stop reading Naruto and Bleach but it'll took some time for me to continue them back...sorry..i just find them a bit...boring for the moment?

I'll go out to the town tomorrow...hope it can distract myself a bit...*sigh* I'm an otaku didn't I? Heh~

P/S: The songs I've mentioned on the post Nabari no Ou and Clannad, the anime OSTs are available on my playlist on the bottom of the page...do check it out! ^^

Mid-sem Break...

Hi minna-san! Genki? haha~ Hope you all are doing great! ^^

It is now Mid-semester break...1 week without lecture, class, and all. I before the break really looking forward for it! But now...when it's here...I...am...sooooooooo....boring!!! *sigh* Lucky enough the laptop is here to accompany me..^^

I want to write Chapter 2 a.s.a.p but I caught myself stuck and I end up deleting ALL the draft! Now I have to start again from zero...*sigh* Something to do on the boring week I guess...haha! The problem is...I'm still stuck...(and kind of lazy at the same time...) so pardon this lazy writer...haha! I'll try my best....gambatte!!!! ^^

Proceeding with Nabari no Ou manga...mind you...it is indeed AWESOME!! Kamatani Yuhki-sensei is great! And Nabari is her first manga too! She wrote short stories before but Nabari is her first long series! You can also notice the progress in her artwork as you keep on reading...the first volume art is like what the hell?? but as you go on it just keeps on going better! The first half of the anime is the exact like the manga but the manga is indeed more detail!

I usually prefer Onemanga.com to read the manga online but for nabari I go with Mangafox.com...they have stable update than Onemanga which is currently on hiatus...*sigh* Folks, do check it out!! ^^

Pardon me for getting all worked up over the series...it just control me...being an anime freak myself...haha! My Friendster background and my dekstop background are even the same wallpaper of Miharu and Yoite! Want to do the same with this blog but I don't know how...*sigh* Anybody mind to teach me? haha!! ^^

I better stop for now...or else I'm going to make a whole essay about it...hee~ Till then, kiotsukete ne, minna-san! ^^

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi! Hope you guys in the pink of health! ^^

For those who've been following the k-pop industry must have heard of this issue already...also this is an old article explaining about this but as one of the (perhaps billions..?) fans of this awesome group, I have the urge to post it..pardon me..haha~

[Lawsuite] 090803 Junsu-Jaejoong-Yoochun, Official Statement Released, "We're so tired emotionally and physically"

TVXQ from left: Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu), Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun), YoungWoong Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong), ChoiKang Changmin (Shim Changmin) and U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho)

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu), YoungWoong Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong), and Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun), who filed for a Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request against SM Entertainment on July 31st, have finally released their official statement.

The three revealed today that, "For the past five years, the agency has been controlling everything and because of everything we have gone through, we are so worn out mentally and physically."

#1. For the past five years, the agency has been controlling everything and because of everything we have gone through, we are so worn out mentally and physically.

Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoon, and Park Yoochun debuted in group TVXQ in the early months of 2004 and have been, with the order of SM, traveling back and forth from Korea, Japan and China. They have been completing their schedules by sleeping only 3~4 hours every night every single day except for one week of the year. Because of this, the three members' health has been affected greatly and the amount of stress and mental weariness they received was huge. However, the more SM got TVXQ involved in foreign activities, the more tiring and almost impossible the activities became. The three members finally began to feel like they were no longer SM artistes who were striving to reach their dreams, but mere tools for the agency to get money.But the three still wish to continue with their activities as a singer according to their own visions.

#2 The exclusive contract that was set for 13 years is in fact a 'slave contract'

When they talk of the exclusive contract, they refer to their contract that lasts 13 years. However, when they add the years they will serve in the military, the period will extend to at least 15 years which would mean that they would have to be celebrities under SM's rule for at least ten more years before they could even consider retiring. If they were to cancel their contract before the 13 years were over, they would have to pay a fine that was thrice the amount of all the investments made and twice the amount of how much they earned. As this amount would add up to tens of millions of dollars if they were to cancel their contract, they had no other choice but to stay at SM under the same conditions they are suffering because of right now.

#3 The members did not receive as much as they should have for their hard work

Just because they were tied to such a contract, doesn't mean they received fair treatment from SM for their hard work. They received no money for the contract, and when the division of income is seen for their albums, their contract states that each member can receive 1000,000 won only if they sell more than 500,000 copies of their album. If they do not reach 500,000 copies, they do not receive a single won from the income earned from the album This clause was altered on 2009.2.6 but even after the alteration, the members only receive around 0.4~1% each from the album sales.

#4 The members have tried numerous times to fix the contract, but SM did not listen to their pleas.

Therefore, the three members repeatedly asked for a suspension of their exclusive contract so they could follow their own visions of being a singer, but SM tried to move the spotlight towards the three's cosmetic company, which has nothing to do with this trial. So the three people believed that the least they could do was have the two sides talk and reach a compromise that both sides would agree on and even offered to find a proper place to do so, but not only did SM ignore this, their past and current attitude made it almost impossible for there to be any talks with SM. There was no hope for any talks to happen with the agency and that is why the three members decided to file this lawsuit.

#5 The investment in the cosmetic company was something they did outside of their activities as a celebrity, it has nothing to do with this lawsuit. The focus point is the unlawfulness of the exclusive contract.

SM revealed in their official statement that the three members were filing this lawsuit because of problems that arose because of the cosmetic company. However, the members' investment in the cosmetic company has nothing to do with this lawsuit. The company SM is referring to is the Chinese branch of the company that the three members invested in, and this was purely a personal investment that had nothing to do with their activities as celebrities. No one can say that TVXQ should lose everything they have worked so hard for until now just because of an investment of $1 million in a cosmetic company that is opening in China; that is ridiculous to even consider. The core of what the members see as a problem is the unlawfulness of the exclusive contract. SM must stop trying to move the spotlight to the cosmetic company that has nothing to do with the case.

#6 None of the members want to disband, all they want is to escape from the tirades of their contract.

They realized that many fans feared that a disbandment would arise from this lawsuit. However, this lawsuit should never be linked to the possible disbandment of the group. Only the three members are involved in this process because of a difference in opinion of a method of approach between the members, but there are no strains whatsoever between the members and they all wish to keep their promise to their fans and stay together. If they had even a small chance to fix the unlawful clauses in their contract and pursue their music careers in the way they wanted, they were willing to go through with this process with only the firm belief that all five of them would be able to stand on one stage together in front of their fans even after this ordeal.

#7 They take this as a step to become more mature

The three members are extremely sorry for frightening the fans who care so much about TVXQ with this lawsuit, but they believe this is a step towards a bigger dream. They promise that they will be able to come out of this situation as better people and a better group if they receive support from their fans.

Source: [osen + DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@iscreamshinki.net
Shared by: iscreamshinki.net
Credits to dbsker.blogspot.com

To be frank, (mind you after this are ALL MY PERSONAL OPINION) there are soooooo many articles coming out regarding this matter, what with them disbanding, the other two got personal opinions for not joining in the lawsuit and all...I sincerely think that as a fan, it's best to NOT make any speculations at all and just wait and see what's going to come...to much exposure on the matter will make it go worse, isn't it? As for me, I always read those articles (can't help it, I'm a fan anyway) but NEVER believe any of it...the one I know is the truth for now is the one I post above...no more nor less...I mean, come on, we are all know their bond is strong, so why worry to death? I'll be lying if I say I'm not worried at all...but still, supporting them is the best we can do for now, as a fan, and pray for them, hope that everything will be okay. They have always do their best for us, it's time to repay back the favor. After all, proud of your love? Making a big fuss over it and speculates more will kill the trust, and it'll hurt, both them and us. Literally.

So then, simply, just wait and see. Atashi wa shinjiru, TVXQ, kimi no koto. If justice are really gone from this world, they'll lose the case. Full stop.

Still, you agree with me? Or do you not?

Nabari no Ou and Clannad

Hi! Hope everybody's doing fine! ^^

I am a great fan of Japanese's manga and anime...and I want to recommend this 2 animes I finished recently...mind you..they are AWESOME to boot! ^^

First is Nabari no Ou(隠の王, Nabari no Ō?, lit. Ruler of Nabari). Set in the modern age, the story is about Miharu Rokujou, who just wanted to live a normal life and inherit a Okonomiyaki restaurant. At the moment, his biggest problem was the constant pestering from Kouichi Aizawa and Durandal Thobari Kumohira, who started a Nindō (忍道?, lit. "Way of the Ninja") Club. Miharu wanted nothing to do with "ninjas" and turns them down every time. But soon, he is attacked by an actual group of ninjas and is protected by Kouichi and Kumohira. There, Miharu learns of the hidden ninja world Nabari, the roles of his classmate and teacher in that world, and of the secret art Shinra Banshou (森羅万象, Shinrabanshō?, lit. "all things in nature") within him. The secret art, containing all the world's knowledge, is sorely coveted after in Nabari. And because of that, Miharu cannot return to his normal life. He must become the "Ruler of Nabari" to survive. Credits to Wikipedia.com ^^

I just finish the 26 episode anime and really, it stuck to my head like what! Seriously! If you're into ninja-like story but fed up with Naruto already, this is exactly the one for you! It have ninja as base but not too ninja-like like Naruto...as everybody look normal (like us) but actually ninja at the same time..you can name it living in two worlds or something...(is it confusing??) it's plot is easy to digest and fast-pace...you're not going to be boring just after one episode! ^^

I sincerely like Miharu and Yoite, they both give out this dark feeling and lonely at the same time...really inspires me much! The indifferent look of Miharu...remind me of Seul-ri! haha~ Currently starting with the manga...this is going to be great! ^^

The tall one is Yoite and the other is Miharu...seriously..I's not sure wether they are under the same stuff...this one under J.C Staff but Miharu reminds me of Ciel and Yoite is a bit like Sebastien (?) from Kuroshitsuji...though Yoite didn't smile at all and Sebastien...his grin can make you shiver...another one reminds me of Seul-ri! haha~

Major characters of Nabari no Ou as they appear in the anime. From left to right: Gau Meguro, Raikō Shimizu, Kazuhiko Yukimi, Yoite, Miharu Rokujou, Tobari Kumohira, Raimei Shimizu, and Kouichi Aizawa.

I realize they don't mention Yoite on the synopsis...and I keep on repeating him here...so briefly Yoite (宵風?) is a 16-year-old ninja who uses the Iga's kinjutsushō "Kira". This technique shoots the user's ki into the target's body and controls it from the inside out, causing the target's bones to break or their body to completely explode. The cost of using this technique is the loss of the user's life force, gradually losing their five senses and eventually dying. Yoite has roughly two more months to live; this time limit is shortened to one month in the anime adaption.Yoite first meets Miharu when retrieving Fuuma's kinjutsushō. The two slowly form a bond after Miharu promises to use the Shinra Banshou to fulfill Yoite's wish: to be erased from existence. In turn, Yoite will make Miharu the ruler of Nabari. Credits to Wikipedia.com again...they have everything you want! ^^

I really like the opening song Crawl by Veltpunch...it makes your head go banging! (Seriously I heard the song first before watch the anime...the song makes me search for it actually!) I really think it suits the mv well...(the part in the anime where the song is played...I don't know what to call it...gomen!) The camera technique and all...so cool! ^^ About the ending one...the first ending Hikari by Elisa is a slow one...and I'm not really int slow song so it's just so-so for me...but the second ending song, "Aru ga Mama" (あるがまま, "As It Is"?) by Anamu & Maki is also a slow one but it suits the mv (again I don't know what they call it! T_T) and really good with the atmosphere of the story as the tension buildings in on the plot! Also it features only Miharu and Yoite so I kind of be bias a bit...haha!! Try check out the lyrics too...especially Aru ga Mama...it's superb! ^^

So really guys, don't hesitate...this is really good! Go and watch it! ^^

Next is Clannad...ok...you might think this is odd and all but seriously this one is good! I'm usually into shounen-style anime but Clannad makes me realize...I'm still a girl after all...I cried watching this! Seriously! So basically Clannad's story revolves around Tomoya Okazaki, a third year high school student who dislikes his life. Tomoya's mother (Atsuko) died when Tomoya was young, leaving his father (Naoyuki) to raise him. After the accident, Tomoya's father turned to alcohol and gambling, and held frequent fights with his son. One day, Naoyuki, again arguing with his son, slammed Tomoya against the wall, dislocating Tomoya's shoulder. Ever since then, his father has treated Tomoya nicely, but distantly, as if Tomoya and he were strangers rather than a family. This hurts Tomoya more than his previous relationship with his father, and the awkwardness of returning home leads Tomoya constantly to stay out all night. Additionally, the injury disables Tomoya from participating in his basketball club, and pushes him to distance himself from his school and other activities. Thus his delinquent life begins. Tomoya's good friend Youhei Sunohara, who got thrown out of the soccer club for a dispute, is also a delinquent and often hangs out in his dorm room with Tomoya doing nothing much.

The story opens on Monday April 14, 2003 at the beginning of the school year,[1] when Tomoya meets by chance Nagisa Furukawa, a soft-spoken girl one year older than him who is repeating her last year in high school due to being sick much of the previous year. Her goal is to join the drama club which she was unable to do due to her sickness, but they find that the drama club was disbanded after all the members graduated. Since Tomoya has a lot of time to kill, he starts to help Nagisa in reforming the drama club. During this period, Tomoya meets and hangs out with several other girls who he gets to know well and help with their individual problems. Credits to Wikipedia.com! ^^

The animation is extremely beautiful (Toei Animation did a great job there) and the characters are so real! I mean not thier appearance but the personality of those characters...we can relate it to people around us...and that's what moves me to watch it till the very end! I strongly suggest you to watch Clannad first then follow by Clannad:After Story...for you might get confused of the plot...Clannad:After Story happens right at the end of Clannad but extends into the next ten years (Credits to wikipedia.com) And I definitely couldn't tell you what happens in After Story...it'll be a major spoiler! Haha~
You might not get it but seriously, you may not be able to stop after first episode! Try watching it alone and feel it...you'll be moved! After finishing After Story...I was out of space for half the day! Really...it impacts you...(maybe just me though but it's true! haha~)

Female characters of Clannad: From left: Nagisa Furukawa, Kotomi Ichinose, Ryou Fujibayashi, Kyou Fujibayashi (this two are twins...with Kyou being the older sister), Yukine Miyazawa, Fuko Ibuki, Tomoyo Sakagami, Mei Sunohara ( Youhei Sunohara's younger sister, Misae Sagara (dorm manager where Youhei Sunohara lives in), Sanae Furukawa (Nagisa's mother) and Kouko Ibuki (Fuko's older sister)

Mind you...this anime have lots of girls...but the one I like the most is of course the main character..Tomoya Okazaki! Haha~
He's not one to flatter and he says whatever is in his mind...regardless it'll make you hurt or not...really...remind me of...haha! Can't say the name...he's in my Chapter 2! ^^ That interesting personality of his makes many of the girls like him...yet he is oblivious to thier feelings and all...(normal guys in animes are always like this anyway...isn't it?) Seriously...I like this guy really much!! ^^
With his idiotic friend Sunohara...you can always count on this guy to provide comic relief in the story...he's a total baka...haha! ^^
Like the way he looks...^^

About the songs...it's just a so-so for me...but to pick two that I like it'll be the ending song for Clannad, "A Large Family of Dango" (だんご大家族, Dango Daikazoku) by Chata...it's a really cute song! But calming...try to look at the lyrics! But compare to that one I like the opening song for After Story more..."A Song to Pass the Time" (時を刻む唄, Toki o Kizamu Uta) by Lia...it's really really good! Transfer it into my hp already..^^ Both of the songs really suit the mv...(I'm going to call it mv...if anybody know what that part with when the song is played called, do tell me!)

I'm yet to read the manga so I don't know how it'll be...but kind of dissapointed though...Tomoya-kun's hair is not the same...and the one in the anime looks soooo much cooler...T_T Alas, I still going to read somehow...just hope that I'm not going to be more dissapointed...^^

Still...the animes are worth your time! Trust me!! Go and check it out!! Both Nabari no Ou and Clannad (not forgetting Clannad:After Story too) are awesome!!! ^^

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Mr. Lee shouts loud, and throws a small thing near the door. It explodes and the room is filled with gas instantly. It is a gas bomb. I can hear the sound of punching, probably Seul-ri’s. I start to move towards the sound when a strong hand grabs me from the back, trying to pull me away. I turned back to see the guard, smiling.

“You’re coming with me.”

I laid a punch with my elbow and it hit him at the stomach, causing him to groan as I try to break free but, his grip is too strong for me.

“You little…”

The guard is furious now. Holding his stomach with one hand, he uses the other one to choke me. I can hardly breathe, what with all the gas around us, it make me seeing nothing. I can only think of Seul-ri at that time.


I try to call Seul-ri but my voice hardly out. Then suddenly I see a table, yes, a table come flying out of nowhere and lands on top of the guard. I try to stand up and get some air when Seul-ri gets me.

“Yong-jae, you ok?”

I just nod a bit and Seul-ri takes my arm and put in around the shoulders.

“Let’s get out of here.”

We make our way out of Mr. Lee’s room and start to run quickly to the main entrance. We turn left, right, left, down the stairs, and there is the main entrance in front of us, with more than ten guards, ready to catch us.

“These guys are crazy. What the hell is going on now?”
“Yong-jae, step back.”

Seul-ri put an arm in front of me, prohibiting me from move further.

“You want to fight them? There are more than ten of them there, Seul-ri!”

There is a grin.

“Watch me.”

Seul-ri put a hand into the pocket and takes out a small thing in round shape.

“Here, a present!”

Seul-ri throws the gas bomb towards the guards and once again, thick gas starts to surround the area. Quickly, Seul-ri grabs my hand and rushes to the small door nearby. Unfortunately for us, it is locked. There is no way we can escape from the main entrance, the guards are still there.

“Don’t worry, Yong-jae, we’ll escape for sure.”
“But, how?”

Seul-ri stares at the door in front, holding the fist tightly. No way, this person is going to break the door!

“Step back.”

Seul-ri aims at the center of the door, turns half of the body, lifts the right leg, and kicks the door open with full strength. I can feel my jaw drops. We hurries out when a gunshot find its way to Seul-ri’s left shoulder, blood starts to ooze out. I rush to get Seul-ri that is already fall to the knees, holding the wound. There is no one on sight though.

“Run, Yong-jae! Quick!”
“What? I can’t leave you!”
“They want you. Don’t worry about me. I’ll catch up with you later.”
“Ok, let’s end this, shall we?”

I can feel something cold pressed on my neck. A gun. Then, the strong hand of the guard grabs me, pulling me up.

“Let go of him!”

Seul-ri stands up too, and the many guards are all there now, blocking.

“Finish this kid, and don’t forget to enjoy it, guys.”

The guard grins, and the other guys also starts grinning.

“Wait, Yong-jae, I’ll get you back.”

All the guards there start to laugh and at the very instant, Seul-ri moves forward and punches one of them on the face, knocking him down. That stops their laugh, and silence takes place for standing in front of me now is the most dangerous Seul-ri I had ever known, the one on our first encounter together, yet more scary than at that time. The look on the face shows that this person really can kill somebody now. Suddenly, Seul-ri takes off the cap and the headphone and puts it down, which are something out of normality. Still staring at the people in front, Seul-ri turns the body half facing us, right hand on the hip, right leg stretches to the back, left hand holds firm in front of the body, like a taekwondo move, ready to attack.

“I’ll fight you, seriously, and be lucky, I don’t do this often.”

The guards are now also starts to be serious, ready to attack when the one behind me asks suddenly.

“Who are you, kid?”

Half grinning, Seul-ri said it, with a voice that freeze people up to their bones.

“They don’t call me The-Invisible for nothing, you know. You’ll see why, and you’ll regret it.”

It all happens so fast that I can barely see what is going on even though I was standing just a few meters from them. In a split second, two of the guards are already down. Seul-ri is invisible, literally. I could hear the sound of bones breaking and it is so scary. Even the guard behind me starts to turn pale. Wanting to avoid the worst, he grabs me up, put a hand to cover my mouth and starts to runaway, bringing me along. I feel so powerless. Indeed, I see it now, and I regret it, for it is a side of Seul-ri I do not want to know. That person is really so strong, being able to fight like that even with a gunshot wound. I can feel my body shaking hard. I feel like crying.

We reach a corner where Mr. Lee is already waiting. Seeing that face again, grinning makes me remember that I am in trouble now. I struggle to break myself free but fail miserably. He put me down on the ground and immediately pinned my arm, Mr. Lee grabs hold of both my legs. All of them are grinning now. Along with them is a guy in white, like a doctor or something, holding the dissecting knife? What the hell is going on?

“We want something from you. We’ve been searching for you for years, you know.”

Mr. Lee starts to talk and smiles sweetly. The doctor-like guy starts unbuttoning my shirt.

“What are you doing? What do you want?”
“We want your heart, literally.”


Hi! Hisashiburi desu ne~ It's been a long time since my last post..really...I can be quite lazy...haha! ^^"

Yesterday was my father's birthday...otou-san...otanjoubi omedetou~~ hope that he will stay healthy! ^^

Speaking of health, the H1N1 is really worrisome! The death rate is increasing and what with the sooooo hot weather here in Labuan, everybody is encouraged to wear the mask already! T_T Even I have to wear it too....my cough still did not go away...and it's been like what, 1 week already! *sigh* My medications were all finished up...including the antibiotics! T_T Minna-san...take an extremely good care of your health!!

I'll be posting more parts from Literally after this (somebody is going to be happy...*looks at Kimmy* LOL). I'm not sure wether I'll put the rest of Chapter 1 as I am yet to finish up Chapter 2! Getting busy these days...*sigh* so I think it's best if I put a bit of it so that you guys won't going to wait extremely long for Chapter 2...(I kind of having it stuck for now...for ideas on Chapter 3 is flooding my mind! *sigh*) But I'll try my best...I WILL!! ^^

So then, do leave comments everyone! ^^ Arigatou gozaimasu! *bows*