Monday, August 17, 2009

Mid-sem Break...

Hi minna-san! Genki? haha~ Hope you all are doing great! ^^

It is now Mid-semester break...1 week without lecture, class, and all. I before the break really looking forward for it! But now...when it's!!! *sigh* Lucky enough the laptop is here to accompany me..^^

I want to write Chapter 2 a.s.a.p but I caught myself stuck and I end up deleting ALL the draft! Now I have to start again from zero...*sigh* Something to do on the boring week I guess...haha! The problem is...I'm still stuck...(and kind of lazy at the same time...) so pardon this lazy writer...haha! I'll try my best....gambatte!!!! ^^

Proceeding with Nabari no Ou manga...mind is indeed AWESOME!! Kamatani Yuhki-sensei is great! And Nabari is her first manga too! She wrote short stories before but Nabari is her first long series! You can also notice the progress in her artwork as you keep on reading...the first volume art is like what the hell?? but as you go on it just keeps on going better! The first half of the anime is the exact like the manga but the manga is indeed more detail!

I usually prefer to read the manga online but for nabari I go with have stable update than Onemanga which is currently on hiatus...*sigh* Folks, do check it out!! ^^

Pardon me for getting all worked up over the just control me...being an anime freak myself...haha! My Friendster background and my dekstop background are even the same wallpaper of Miharu and Yoite! Want to do the same with this blog but I don't know how...*sigh* Anybody mind to teach me? haha!! ^^

I better stop for now...or else I'm going to make a whole essay about it...hee~ Till then, kiotsukete ne, minna-san! ^^


  1. heiji..,
    u may find blog's template in many websites!!!
    yg aku pnye ak cri kat
    mcm yg friendster jgk,,just copy je code,,
    g kat customize blog,amek layout,then kat edit HTML,,paste dkat edit template..kirenye yg dh ade kt situ ko kne pdam la kne tgok la sbb gadgets yg lame cnthnye sudoku tuh mybe bleh hilang,,
    so kirenye mcm buat blog bru jgk la.
    aku pnye pn sume hlg..
    so,kne cri smule r..
    heheh..tu je..
    try r!

  2. Huh~ Thanks for the advice! Got a hard time editing the template...finally can post a comment! Huh~ *going to edit it again* ^^