Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Mr. Lee shouts loud, and throws a small thing near the door. It explodes and the room is filled with gas instantly. It is a gas bomb. I can hear the sound of punching, probably Seul-ri’s. I start to move towards the sound when a strong hand grabs me from the back, trying to pull me away. I turned back to see the guard, smiling.

“You’re coming with me.”

I laid a punch with my elbow and it hit him at the stomach, causing him to groan as I try to break free but, his grip is too strong for me.

“You little…”

The guard is furious now. Holding his stomach with one hand, he uses the other one to choke me. I can hardly breathe, what with all the gas around us, it make me seeing nothing. I can only think of Seul-ri at that time.


I try to call Seul-ri but my voice hardly out. Then suddenly I see a table, yes, a table come flying out of nowhere and lands on top of the guard. I try to stand up and get some air when Seul-ri gets me.

“Yong-jae, you ok?”

I just nod a bit and Seul-ri takes my arm and put in around the shoulders.

“Let’s get out of here.”

We make our way out of Mr. Lee’s room and start to run quickly to the main entrance. We turn left, right, left, down the stairs, and there is the main entrance in front of us, with more than ten guards, ready to catch us.

“These guys are crazy. What the hell is going on now?”
“Yong-jae, step back.”

Seul-ri put an arm in front of me, prohibiting me from move further.

“You want to fight them? There are more than ten of them there, Seul-ri!”

There is a grin.

“Watch me.”

Seul-ri put a hand into the pocket and takes out a small thing in round shape.

“Here, a present!”

Seul-ri throws the gas bomb towards the guards and once again, thick gas starts to surround the area. Quickly, Seul-ri grabs my hand and rushes to the small door nearby. Unfortunately for us, it is locked. There is no way we can escape from the main entrance, the guards are still there.

“Don’t worry, Yong-jae, we’ll escape for sure.”
“But, how?”

Seul-ri stares at the door in front, holding the fist tightly. No way, this person is going to break the door!

“Step back.”

Seul-ri aims at the center of the door, turns half of the body, lifts the right leg, and kicks the door open with full strength. I can feel my jaw drops. We hurries out when a gunshot find its way to Seul-ri’s left shoulder, blood starts to ooze out. I rush to get Seul-ri that is already fall to the knees, holding the wound. There is no one on sight though.

“Run, Yong-jae! Quick!”
“What? I can’t leave you!”
“They want you. Don’t worry about me. I’ll catch up with you later.”
“Ok, let’s end this, shall we?”

I can feel something cold pressed on my neck. A gun. Then, the strong hand of the guard grabs me, pulling me up.

“Let go of him!”

Seul-ri stands up too, and the many guards are all there now, blocking.

“Finish this kid, and don’t forget to enjoy it, guys.”

The guard grins, and the other guys also starts grinning.

“Wait, Yong-jae, I’ll get you back.”

All the guards there start to laugh and at the very instant, Seul-ri moves forward and punches one of them on the face, knocking him down. That stops their laugh, and silence takes place for standing in front of me now is the most dangerous Seul-ri I had ever known, the one on our first encounter together, yet more scary than at that time. The look on the face shows that this person really can kill somebody now. Suddenly, Seul-ri takes off the cap and the headphone and puts it down, which are something out of normality. Still staring at the people in front, Seul-ri turns the body half facing us, right hand on the hip, right leg stretches to the back, left hand holds firm in front of the body, like a taekwondo move, ready to attack.

“I’ll fight you, seriously, and be lucky, I don’t do this often.”

The guards are now also starts to be serious, ready to attack when the one behind me asks suddenly.

“Who are you, kid?”

Half grinning, Seul-ri said it, with a voice that freeze people up to their bones.

“They don’t call me The-Invisible for nothing, you know. You’ll see why, and you’ll regret it.”

It all happens so fast that I can barely see what is going on even though I was standing just a few meters from them. In a split second, two of the guards are already down. Seul-ri is invisible, literally. I could hear the sound of bones breaking and it is so scary. Even the guard behind me starts to turn pale. Wanting to avoid the worst, he grabs me up, put a hand to cover my mouth and starts to runaway, bringing me along. I feel so powerless. Indeed, I see it now, and I regret it, for it is a side of Seul-ri I do not want to know. That person is really so strong, being able to fight like that even with a gunshot wound. I can feel my body shaking hard. I feel like crying.

We reach a corner where Mr. Lee is already waiting. Seeing that face again, grinning makes me remember that I am in trouble now. I struggle to break myself free but fail miserably. He put me down on the ground and immediately pinned my arm, Mr. Lee grabs hold of both my legs. All of them are grinning now. Along with them is a guy in white, like a doctor or something, holding the dissecting knife? What the hell is going on?

“We want something from you. We’ve been searching for you for years, you know.”

Mr. Lee starts to talk and smiles sweetly. The doctor-like guy starts unbuttoning my shirt.

“What are you doing? What do you want?”
“We want your heart, literally.”


  1. "I could here the sound of bones breaking and it is so scary."
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