Saturday, May 30, 2015

Writing Feedback Required

This is going to be short because as much as I want to revive this dead blog again (har har) I found myself stuck in a deadlock when it comes to writing, resulting in me unable to write something satisfactory enough, even for a simple post in my own blog, to my horror.

(If there is people who actually follow this blog, allow me to apologize in advance for being such an  irresponsible blogger, orz)

I mean, it's not like I ever lost a topic to write about; there's two pieces (!!) of writing posted in my Livejournal after the A to Z challenge last year (which I totally forgot to join this year until half way through April OTL), lots of anime (duh) and songs for that other blog, but alas no words escaped me.

And now I actually go the drastic way of trying to write a hella huge story of 100 chapter -utilizing the 100 fic challenge into 1 huge interconnecting fic instead- and joining yet another new challenge but at this rate nothing will come to fruition thanks to the said deadlock.

Thus, in order to pick myself up together I go and make a comment at dreamwidth's anonymous writing feedback meme, which explains the title of this post. My comment is linked below:

Anonymous Writing Feedback Meme

Basically it's the spot for writers who wants feedback and constructive criticism on their writing, and I swear it cannot come at a better time than this. So if you're interested, do kindly give some of your time to read my writing whether at livejournal or AO3 and leave a comment at the meme linked above. Words cannot describe how grateful I'll be for even one piece of advice now.

Thank you in advance.

Till then,

(/ _ ; )

~the pretty-much-desperate Heiji

Music of the Day: Beast - One 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zero (and the end as well as reflecting on the AtoZ Challenge)

Surprisingly, I don't have much qualms on what topic to write about today for the letter Z. Though I did debating on whether to do this or to write on Zetsuen no Tempest and all the underrated anime -in my opinion- but this is the last one, the ending, so while I don't have other story to link to (har har) I thought I should close this with regards to the challenge; since there's high chance I won't do it tomorrow.

Or, the zero in the title above can be interpreted on many things, like:

  • the chances that there will be zero post here on the course of May and possibly June (since I have to buckle up and write for that damn challenge already damnit).
  • the zero feeling in me when I don't open the Blogspot to write a new post come almost-midnight tomorrow.
  • the need to readjust all the writing here to MS Word instead and be concrete when I have gotten used to just type whatever that come in the usually blank (zero) mind of mine.

Thinking about parting with this almost-habit actually kind of hurts, somehow.

Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xia Junsu's "Kanashimi no Yukue" (or the one ballad by Junsu-sama I never seem able to get bored of)

Sadness, please do not weep, even though we can see almost nothing
The memories are by our side, forever and ever
For me, happiness changing is more lonely, than happiness coming to an end

Xia Junsu. (2010). Kanashimi no Yukue (The Whereabouts of Sadness)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Writer's Block Demon (or me waging a war on the entity that conquers my brain most of the time)

For someone who (allegedly) called oneself as a (sorta) amateur writer I am one who unfortunately have the long-period of blankness where I am unable to think of something remotely close to a concrete plot and that period; which is more accurately identified as having a block -is what people dubbed a writer's block.

While this is not something uncommon among people who writes, it is an almost constant presence with me when it comes to fiction writing to the point of me calling it Writer's Block Demon. Yes, caps for its a legit evil.

(As of writing this I still have no idea whatsoever sans a title -don't ask- and the deadline for the 1st draft of the challenge is just around the corner and yes, I'm sorta panicking right now)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Uncomfortable (or how the AtoZ challenge impacts me so far)

I'm taking a break from all the song recommendation posts as I can't really choose a song for the day (though I can always choose one from U-Kiss and begone with it) and this is me trying to reason with myself on the purpose of blogging and all -or simply put welcome to yet another episode of me ranting about the no-nonsense that is my more-often-than-not jumbled up thoughts.

(I try to make it short since I just have the urge to go and read some manga instead, but the day's nearing to close and I don't think it'll be wise to give in to the procrastinator side in me at this moment)