Thursday, March 21, 2013

Holding Onto Gravity, That Other Blog, And Me (Ranting Like A Boss)

I mentioned before on how my interests and mood can be divided into three and all, but I've come to the point where there's an addition to that; nothing. Yes, as in none of the three manage to make me focus on them. Sure, I still follow on music (or rather, keep on rediscovering and repeating songs from way back or something), I still don't give up on writing (the editor was thisclose on exploding upon the discovery that is my draft folder), I still watch anime (though it's been years since I last download the latest episode of currently/aired anime -end up falling into Ghost In The Shell fandom instead), and I still read manga (which mostly are still ongoing and stops at freaking cliffhanger and make me rant endlessly like what), but it's just come to the point where I don't do those obsessively like I usually did, and the possibility of me letting them go or something is so so horrifying I end up upgrading/messing with the html on Livejournal's master list and make changes here and there on this blog.

Which leads to me (sorta) rediscovering things and this (totally, definitely will be long) post is my attempt to make peace with myself and rekindling all those passions (a.k.a me going to rant and justifying myself so yeah you might not want to read this). Never mind this is my first post in a long while, and the first in 2013 no less; I sincerely think we have establish the fact that I'm characteristically late with everything by now, so yeah.

Before you click the 'x' button though, here's the link as per usual.

Holding Onto Gravity