Monday, April 9, 2012

Eight Flew Over, One was Destroyed and (Somewhat) Final Winter Anime Impression

If I can divide my mood and overall interest, I think it'll be largely into three portion; writing, anime, and music. And I tend to focus on one interest at one time (somewhat obsessively compare to others) and that, really, is the main reason of my procrastination. Ironically, I realized this when I finished the first episode of THE anime and caught myself (almost) tempted to write the first impression of that episode instead of the intended post; which is my writing. And when I'm damn interested in writing, I won't even bother with anime; heck, that's (one of) the reason I (kinda) stop downloading some anime instead of ones I really watch, but more on that later.

For now, this is the link, as per usual.

Eight Flew Over, One was Destroyed

So this is a contest entry, and one that was written with a I'm-so-screwed-the-deadline's-here-already-like-DAMNNNNN- frame of mind. I'm surprised with how it turn out to be, and somewhat pleased with the result, considering it was written with a new technique (and one I won't use again, if possible); copy and paste. I cringed at how bad the repetition goes, but each time it end up describing stuff with a slightly different feeling, so I guess it's good? Besides, my 'editor' have no problem with it, so I call it a success hahahaha~

Though the real bummer is they end up extending the deadline, which I struggled so bad to meet. Cue RAGGEEEEEEE like no other. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

But oh well, not that it can change anything either.

So on to the second topic of this post (yeah, I intend to make this short, considering that I'm planning a sure-to-be-long post after this one); the -somewhat- final Winter anime impression.

I downloaded a lot of anime at the start of the season, but the long-time enemy of mine that is the space in my HD makes me delete some of them and in the end, the ones I really follow and download till the end are just 5. I have some more title that I will continue download (Nisemonogatari and Mirai Nikki among others), but it may depends on my mood and whether the story is interesting enough for me, so yeah.

I also watched some film (Hoshi o Ou Kodomo, Hotarubi no Mori e) as well as marathon-ing some series (Cross Game, Shigofumi, and currently in midst of watching Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho: Tou) -thus the crazy anime mood recently- but it will make this long so yeah; (maybe) I'll make a separate post for them one day.

Enough on that, here's the final impression. Though really, these are the only 5 anime I managed to finish.


Persona 4 The Animation

Okay, call me cheating since this starts on Fall season, but it ends on Winter, so yeah. I'm never a gamer and while I know of the game, I'm not that familiar with the premise so the decision to watch this was out of pure curiosity. Which is a surprise when the first ep (or rather the OP and ED for it) totally blow me away (they actually change it on the 2nd ep, but oh well). The story is...cheesy at times. I admit I LOLed at certain part but something about the whole hilarity hooked me to continue watching. I bet it's the whole deadpan commentary and poker face of Yu; damn he's the best character ever in this series.

If only the last ep don't make me LOLed so hard to the whole cheesiness it might end up on No.4, but no, wait; the awesome preview of that True End episode makes me RAGEEEE, if only because I have to freaking wait for it and remind me of that sequel hook for Kamisama Dolls. So yeah, No. 5.


Daily Lives of High School Boys

Ah, the Nichibros. The anime that makes me go 'LOL whut?' even before the OP starts playing at the 1st ep. I don't know what goes into the head of people in Square Enix and Sunrise when they decide to collab and make this, but damn. This is a straight-forward comedy, with parody and satire and jokes everywhere. Tomokazu Sugita is indeed the man for the job; his work as Hidenori is easily one of his best, and I can't think of anyone doing it better than him. Also Miyu Irino as my fav Tadakuni the straight man in the wacky trio. That's to say the rest of the characters are also awesome, which is rare, with special mention to the student council and the Literary Girl.

Still, the comedy is a hit-or-miss at times, and the blatant lack of Tadakuni makes some episode a bit plain compare to others. But, for an anime that makes the fandom rejoice for the blatant honesty of portrayal for boys and girls instead of anime stereotype, the Nichibros shall be remembered for a long time.



Another Fall anime and one that strikes me as damn pretty. From the artwork, to the fluid animation, Madhouse sets up another reminder why they are one of the caliber studios around. That's to say the story itself is engaging. I'm not that familiar with Karuta, but hell, it's a unique sport. Chihaya is a likable main lead, and Taichi's growth is one point of the series, though my fav is Arata. The way each character play off each other is also natural, making it easy to get attached to them. I'm interested in checking the manga now, if only to know how it goes from the end of the anime.

This is 3rd for me though, which is a shame for this might be one of the best anime this year, but it doesn't make me eagerly wait for it each week. Heck, I watched the last 5 ep in one sitting, and found it more enjoyable that way. Some anime clicks with me better when I marathon them, so this is one of the case I guess.



The supernatural anime of the season, Another taught me 3 things in the course of its run; 1- Don't watch this with lights off (which I learned the hard way), 2- Don't watch this with full-blast headphone (which I ignore anyway) and 3- Don't watch this right before bed (which I end up sleeping with lights on for the first time). This is a series that I follow religiously from week 1 and damn, I love everything on it; the artwork is awesome, the sound is, well, superb for this kind of anime (thus warning no.2), and I ship the main couple so hard you have no idea. The story is tightly-written, the acting is good (I particularly like Kouichi's voice, it suits him, and Mei's too) though the directing takes the cake, the first two death scenes are, well, nightmare-worthy to say the least.

Despite the somewhat LOL whut moment and whatnot at the last episode, this is a definite 2nd for me, if only for making me anticipating Mondays like no other for the past 3 months.


Natsume Yuujinchou Shi

I declared my love to the franchise like no other most of the time and  Natsume even snatch the title of my fav character male lead; sure you see this coming from miles away. Still, the Brains Base's team really go all out on this 4th installment and they might even surpassed themselves in this; the animation is fluid, the directing is awesome as expected of Omori Takahiro-kantoku (I especially love the camera work at the house on the last ep), the whole story is brilliantly written (though of course kudos to Midorikawa Yuki-sensei for the original story), and the acting, damn, I'll never forgot the hilarious Kamiya Hiroshi impersonation by Inoue Kazehiko on ep.6. 

This one snatch the 1st place right from the very start and when the Long Road Arc made me cry even after I know the whole thing already from the manga? That just solidifies and banish any critical reason out to the gutter. Heck, this is a no-brainer, really. Now for Natsume Yuujinchou Go! Make it happen, damn it!

And I'm out! Next, the Anime Spring 2012 Season Preview. ;D

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  1. Love Natsume since the beginning of the series <3

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