Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Because They Say It's The End Of The World, Baby

So this is the usual new year (and random) post; because it's always easy to post something when there's actually something happening, and it's easier to say all those kinds of excuses in the hope of fixing it, even when someone said that resolution is for hopeless people, because oh well, I am hopeless in anyways possible.

The fact that I (kinda) ditch this blog for the whole latter half of 2011 is enough of an example already.

I won't explain myself though, since all the starters of my posts lately always resolves on the same issue, and any words that comes after 'because' will end up being a whole pile of reason (again) so I shall refrain of doing the same this time around. After all, hey, it's new year, no? Something's got to change, and it's always best to start with the obvious.

If you realize what is, good for you, though no presents unfortunately. Virtual cookies count?