Monday, May 30, 2011

Timeless -Part 2-

This is long overdue, really. Usually I'll update this blog the same day or (at least) the next day after I updated the Livejournal but this time it took me 3 days. 3 FREAKING DAYS. I'm blaming the game Luxor (for being so addictive for some odd reason) and the Windows Media Player (for well, playing out the music -Mew's songs in particular, damn the band is awesome!- available) but in actuality it is only me to blame, isn't it? =_=||

To be frank it's obvious already the purpose of this post so they you go, the link.

Timeless -Part 2-

I mean, duh. Should I really explain it every time? O_o??

So on the last post I mentioned the probability of this one-shot to extend until 5th part, and apparently (to my relief) it will not go to that extend, as the next update will be the last part of Timeless. YES~!! \O/ I'll update it someday next month as I have to start writing a new one now, and you know I'm not that productive of a person, so yeah~

And when I DO going to write, (here goes) Ms 'Editor' a.k.a the dongsaeng (who currently is online on the next table LOL -and yes, she don't read this...yet) may be either:-

1) Nag me to write
2) Ask for spoilers (damn she ALWAYS does this)
3) Give me the don't-you-tell-me-anything-if-you-just-going-to-whine-at-me-later look

....and I guess the order will be no 3 first, followed by no 2 (when I told her I got idea) and no 1 (because she wants to read it heh). Predictable, but sadly there's nothing I can do about it. Heck, she managed to do them just fine (well, except no 3 is replaced with a LONG silence at the other end of the line) when I was in campus (the long long LONG Facebook messages can be quite horrifying), what will be the difference now that we are under one roof?

But as formidable a foe the editor is, the biggest challenge is myself and the laziness as I can't quite predict myself well, which sounds weird coming from one self, I know.

I mean, I don't even watch ONE episode of anime since I'm home, which says a lot.


Enough of that though, for as lazy as I am, I do (I REALLY DO) have a plan on updating the blog with recommendation post-

Common sense: Come on, you said that for almost every random post =_=||


Okay, I admit that but, BUT I really going to write these postS (yes, there are 2 of them):

1) Giant Killing (anime and manga)

-This is the only manga (so far) that is awesome enough to force me to read the Japanese raw, with the kanji and all. While I don't really get what happened (reminder: Kanji is the one big barrier in Japanese which is out to ruin my head, really) I at least get a gist of it (maybe 10-15%?) with my limited Kanji knowledge. Now that I think of it, maybe because of this that I haven't started my JLPT N4 revision? *Gasp!*

-Reason for post: THIS MANGA NEEDS MORE LOVE. Also planning this since Volume 19 ends in the middle of a freaking match (and my fav player is not playing due to collecting yellow card in the previous match -at least that's the reason I can make from the situation) and DAMN VOLUME 20 CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH /shot

-Post will contain: Info on the series (Wikipedia), anime vs manga part (since I follow both), list of character (found from the anime main website, needs editing though), and of course, Fan-girling over the series (bias alert).

2) Mew (band)

-I never planned on writing a recommendation post for a band before, really. As much as I love my music, I'm not knowledgeable in the area (heck, I can't even differentiate the genres of music properly, that's how bad I am =_=||). BUT, I am ready to make exception because of this band. Why you ask? THIS. BAND. IS. AWESOME. for the reasons below:

1) This is the band that effectively removing more than 60% existing songs in my handphone playlist, and as I am typing this there is a plan to remove MORE songs and replace them with the WHOLE songs from their albums.

2) I am listening to their songs as I am typing this and almost every single time I sit in front of my laptop, since I first downloaded the whole discography of the band, which is on the 24th of May a.k.a ONE WEEK AGO WITHOUT FAIL.

3) This band and the awesomness effectively reducing my K-Pop and any other songs in that matter rate of listen to as high as 90% -and that includes TVXQ, Super Junior, Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down, you name it, heck even the ultimate bias Junsu-sama does not come close.

4) This also manages to make my planned Giant Killing post comes to a drastic halt, as the fan-girling switches 180 degree to this band instead, in merely one to two days.

5) I was waiting to see if I ever going to get bored by the songs, but ultimately I got pawned instead -each listen makes me like the songs more and until now the number of favorites is already up to 10++ (note that it is still counting).

6) Is planning to buy the albums and going to their live one day -which had been described as AWESOME by lucky people who had attended them-and yes, I'll be saving my money for them instead of K-pop groups (despite them never come to Malaysia yet, but hey, I can hope right?), sorry people, this is the band that I'm not going to miss in my life.

7) Effectively made me their fan by their songs alone in 3 days. That's not an easy feat, as I'm picky with my songs. Not to mention to make me like THE WHOLE ALBUM and have them on repeat -the editor can testify on this, she is forever amused by how much I love the band.

8) Seriously, my Facebook wall was (almost) spammed with their lyrics as statuses, and that's not including the statuses which clearly fan-girling over the band.

-Reason for post: THIS BAND NEEDS MORE LOVE. Yes, the same like Giant Killing, as both are awesome stuffs but sadly underrated. Also because I cannot stop listening to them and it drives me somewhat crazy that there is nobody to spazz about them (except Nazo and the editor) thus the decision to spread the word.

-Post will contain: Info (wikipedia), pictures of the band (maybe, and from Google) videos (Youtube), list of songs and recommendations -maybe some opinion and lyric but not that analytical, due to lack of appropriate knowledge in the area and yes, of course there will be fan-girling, but maybe, maybe lack of bias (now this is new) since I cannot choose ANY BIAS AT ALL among all the songs =_=||

So yeah, I made my plans. And the posts will DEFINITELY up, since I have most of the materials gathered already.

This also means that there is a HUGE chance I may not be writing any stories in this period.



Editor, gomen!

~The still-blasting-the headphones-with-Mew Heiji.

Music of the Day: Mew - Symmetry

[Like obviously. And for the first time I cannot choose which song to be mentioned. =_=||]

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Timeless -Part 1-

Hi. Okay. Damn this is awkward. I mean it's already mid-May and here I am writing the first post for 2011 which should had happened way back during New Year. Alas, it's been a long time coming, but I'm here now, so let's just roll things over. After all, this is the start of the long-awaited 4 month holiday, can't afford to waste time, no? Heh.

(Pathetic as it is, I realized that I finally found things to blog after I finished a story, which often is far and between, to my chagrin. D:)

So I finished a story, a LONG one-shot titled Timeless. And I better put the link first, my fingers are twitching again I'm afraid I'll start rambling no-nonsense and forgot it.

Timeless -Part 1-

In my Livejournal as usual.

I first started writing this -quite- sometime ago (understatement indeed, this) after I finished Fruits Basket manga for the nth time (really, I lost track of how many times I read it, it's just too good!) and for some reason the plot keeps expanding and changing that when I really get to it I was like "How it come to this?!" kind of feeling. Not like it is a bad thing, to get surprised by myself once in a while is awesome, IMO.

The only down side to it is took too LONG of time that when I decide on the title 'Timeless', I can't help by cringed at the irony. I mean, the story itself might took timeless of time to complete, if not for somewhat strong willpower to finish it. And I am glad I did. :)

Heck, at point of time I wrote down the ending and wrote it backwards till the climax... =_=||

The style of this is also a new type and differs from my usual style of writing. It mirrors (albeit a bit) of the three-shot 'A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer' in terms of all-over-the-place time-line (though that one's time-line is epically jumbled). I mixed the past and present time but it is not confusing, as the past is written in italic, so yeah~

So Timeless, which is actually my attempt to get back to 7 pages of MS Word for one-shot format ends up at 21 pages with 8, 513 words (during the study week no less, when I was supposed to study for the finals D:), and officially proves that the more I delayed my writing, the longer it will become due to lots of plot ideas coming and the more the relevant plot ideas inserted, the harder it is to actually stop writing.

My apparent inability to simplified the said plots are not helping either. =_=||

The first part ends at the 8/9th pages so I'm betting that this LONG one-shot will end as three-shot but Lj might hate me and say 'the post is too long' again so at most I'll end it at 5th part. Hopefully.

Do read it and give me your opinion/comments~ <3

Till then, have a nice day!


Wait, isn't this kinda short? O_o??

(Apparently, a part of my mind that wants to read the just-finished-downloading Giant Killing manga -in Japanese raw no less, despite all the kanji out to burn my head- wins over the other part of my mind that wants to continue rambling no-nonsense here, so yeah.

BTW, Giant Killing is made of pure AWESOMNESS. Check out the anime and -if you are ready to face all the kanji and Nihongo- the raw manga too, for the English scanlation is barely available. Damn series needs more love! D:

Verdicts out, I'm out.)

~The-Currently-Crazy-Over-Giant-Killing Heiji

Music of the day: Sia - Breathe Me