Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Timeless -Part 1-

Hi. Okay. Damn this is awkward. I mean it's already mid-May and here I am writing the first post for 2011 which should had happened way back during New Year. Alas, it's been a long time coming, but I'm here now, so let's just roll things over. After all, this is the start of the long-awaited 4 month holiday, can't afford to waste time, no? Heh.

(Pathetic as it is, I realized that I finally found things to blog after I finished a story, which often is far and between, to my chagrin. D:)

So I finished a story, a LONG one-shot titled Timeless. And I better put the link first, my fingers are twitching again I'm afraid I'll start rambling no-nonsense and forgot it.

Timeless -Part 1-

In my Livejournal as usual.

I first started writing this -quite- sometime ago (understatement indeed, this) after I finished Fruits Basket manga for the nth time (really, I lost track of how many times I read it, it's just too good!) and for some reason the plot keeps expanding and changing that when I really get to it I was like "How it come to this?!" kind of feeling. Not like it is a bad thing, to get surprised by myself once in a while is awesome, IMO.

The only down side to it is took too LONG of time that when I decide on the title 'Timeless', I can't help by cringed at the irony. I mean, the story itself might took timeless of time to complete, if not for somewhat strong willpower to finish it. And I am glad I did. :)

Heck, at point of time I wrote down the ending and wrote it backwards till the climax... =_=||

The style of this is also a new type and differs from my usual style of writing. It mirrors (albeit a bit) of the three-shot 'A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer' in terms of all-over-the-place time-line (though that one's time-line is epically jumbled). I mixed the past and present time but it is not confusing, as the past is written in italic, so yeah~

So Timeless, which is actually my attempt to get back to 7 pages of MS Word for one-shot format ends up at 21 pages with 8, 513 words (during the study week no less, when I was supposed to study for the finals D:), and officially proves that the more I delayed my writing, the longer it will become due to lots of plot ideas coming and the more the relevant plot ideas inserted, the harder it is to actually stop writing.

My apparent inability to simplified the said plots are not helping either. =_=||

The first part ends at the 8/9th pages so I'm betting that this LONG one-shot will end as three-shot but Lj might hate me and say 'the post is too long' again so at most I'll end it at 5th part. Hopefully.

Do read it and give me your opinion/comments~ <3

Till then, have a nice day!


Wait, isn't this kinda short? O_o??

(Apparently, a part of my mind that wants to read the just-finished-downloading Giant Killing manga -in Japanese raw no less, despite all the kanji out to burn my head- wins over the other part of my mind that wants to continue rambling no-nonsense here, so yeah.

BTW, Giant Killing is made of pure AWESOMNESS. Check out the anime and -if you are ready to face all the kanji and Nihongo- the raw manga too, for the English scanlation is barely available. Damn series needs more love! D:

Verdicts out, I'm out.)

~The-Currently-Crazy-Over-Giant-Killing Heiji

Music of the day: Sia - Breathe Me

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