Friday, December 24, 2010

Looking Back the Last Quarter of 2010.

Yes, that's the title of this post (considering my last post was on September this year). Before that though, it's Christmas, so, to all my friends who celebrates it (especially) and to everybody in the world reading this (generally), Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (and for once I'm not late in my festive greetings LOL -this was wrote on Christmas Eve after all)~


As mentioned on the opening line of this post, I'm basically reminiscing (more like making up to the lack of posts in this blog =_=;) the last quarter of 2010 a.k.a this year, which was from September to December. It also helps that after the Raya Aidilfitri I bought myself a schedule book (my aunt bought me one with a cute chibi TVXQ on the cover and on the pages inside~) and made a habit of actually writing in it (am not one for details as it's too troublesome, but I really need a schedule that time due to the hectic days-more on it later) so yeah~ I am lucky I did for now I KNOW what the hell that I've been doing last few months (can't depend on my memory too much, it tends to fail me at times).

Thus, here it goes.

September marks the 2 week mid-sem break, from the 6th (might be earlier to others, but I left KAL on the 6th, so yeah~) including Raya Aidilfitri on the 10th until the 18th (yeah, I went back to KAL on that date, and to me that means break is over, heh). After that was the preparation for JCN, JLC, and APK which happened on October. Yeah, 3 events, in the same month, on the same bloody weekend. But we'll get to that later.

Basically JCN stands for Japanese Culture Night, an event where the students (mostly were Japanese language course students -who else if not?) introduces the Japanese culture in the form of games, food, etc. And then there's JLC, or Japanese Language Club, who are in charge of the exhibitions under the Language unit of PBIB for the Convocation Fair (I talked about the last year's event here) and APK, or Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan, which is a course in my syllabus this semester's practical.

In short, it can be summarized like this:-
JCN--> I was in the Souvenir department (for crying out loud!) and thus, we have to make/find/prepare souvenir for the games during JCN, and stuffs for the VIP/VVIP.
JLC--> For this I'm under the Games department of the exhibitions and got to stand by at the booth and handle the stuffs.
APK--> The practical is to set up booths and sell something (anything may do; selling stuffs/services/anything that seems fit) and apply whatever we've learns in the lectures to real situation.

Looking back, I never hated meetings as much as I did back then. I mean, I got at least one almost every freaking day for the rest of the month. Talk about hectic. But then I guess it can't be help since the events were all held on the first week of October.

And true to that, October comes with a great bummer since the 1st day (I got to write smaller on that particular day's space due to too many things happening), which was a Friday. I got a Psychology midterm, an Account assignment to be submitted, and the JCN rehearsal on the evening all on a freaking day. And the next day, marks the weekend of hell. Yes, the events are finally here.

Since I don't have the ability to split myself into three (despite the fact that all the JCN AJKs are called JCN Ninja's LOL. Talk about irony) I end up dividing my priorities for the events, for one part I was at JLC, and then I ran to the JCN, and then help out by promoting our APK booth to random people visiting whichever booth I was attending to at that time (a.k.a persuading people especially my friends to buy LOL).

And that continues all the long until the climax of the event that night, which is also the closing ceremony for the JCN. Over? Nah, still got the other 2 events. APK ends the next day, the 3rd, and the JLC was supposed to be continued until 4th, but due to clash with lecture schedules, it ends on 3rd also.

Now that all the events are ending, the rest of October was marked with due date for assignments, oral tests, group assignments, and extra classes for 4 days for JLPT from the end of October to the beginning of November, which also marked the beginning of Study Week on the first week of November.

Study Week. Means Final Exam is here.


How fast time flies, right? And that is exactly what my thoughts were at that time.

Final Exams for this semester took about 2-3 weeks depends on your schedule and courses. For E-Commerce students (me) we started the first paper on the 8th a.k.a the first day of the exam week with Database paper and ends with either Psychology paper on 22nd, or Seni paper on the morning of 24th. For me and some of the students though, we end the exam with Japanese paper on the evening of 24th.

If there's a (general) complaint during the exam week it was the schedule, since it was either too packed on one week or too free on the other week. For me, the schedule was 2 paper on the 1st week, 4 paper (and killer papers nonetheless, imagine having Accountancy on Monday and Yuszren's subject -nobody seems to remember the name of the subject and yes, he's my Technopreneurship a.k.a the horror subject last semester's lecturer- the next day, a day break for Raya Aidiladha and continues with Marketing paper, perfect) on the second week, and 2 paper on the final week.

Alas, we pulled through and Merdeka after the end of exam but for Japanese language students who takes JLPT, there was extra classes starting from 26th November until the 2nd of December (which to me, steals the meaning of Merdeka completely, who says we are free again?). So yeah, extra classes, from 8.30AM to 12.30PM, every freaking day. The campus' are already empty as it's already the semester break. Life's good, I know.

And that brings us to December.

There are 4 exam sites to take JLPT, which are KK (UMS obviously), KL, Ipoh, and Penang. I took the exam in KK as it will be easier and considering that now I'm living at Miri there's no need to go all the way back to the Peninsular (the flight ticket's price is not a joking matter, seriously).

Until the family said that we're all going back to Terengganu on December.

But there's no way that I can change the site so on the 3rd me and other exam candidates a.k.a my friends who took the exam at KK start the journey or the JLPT adventure like a friend of mine blogs about here (I bet you can tell that I'm lazy enough to type out the whole thing again when there's already somebody else who did, and I -kinda- admits to that, so yeah~).


After the JLPT ends (my opinion on how was the exam were the same as my fellow friend which I put the link there, so no need further explanation I guess, but to add to that I count myself lucky the kanjis are not that hard -they were always my ultimate problem in Japanese- and the Grammar part got too much reading questions, it made me sleepy during exam =_=; Other than that I'm fine~), is the REAL Merdeka and we all going back to our hometown.

My flight from KK to KL was on 2PM++ and luckily the flight goes smoothly. I reached KL on about 4 almost 5PM, and then I spent my time hanging around at LCCT (as per usual) to wait for my next flight to KT on 8PM. To my surprise (somehow) the flight was not delayed, but it shook too much it drained my energy (not that I have much of it left) away.


After that we went back to Dungun on the 7th and ah~ how I missed the place. The roads are wider now (especially in the city) and McD is finally opened (though the place is kinda un-strategic (?) to me, there's less people walking and less parking lot there IMO compare to where KFC and Pizza Hut are) yet the changes are not that drastic, I still can tell 'Ah, this is Dungun. It may be changed a bit but it is still the same old Dungun.' to my sister's amusement.


Anyways we went down to Kuantan, visiting the relatives in Kemaman while at that and went back to Terengganu on the 12th, spent the days at my Grandma's and took the flight back to Miri on the 14th. The next day my dad's start working again (heck he even goes to office on Christmas for crying out loud!) and we just simply spent our days randomly here in Miri till the school opens again this new year.

Yes, I'll be going back to the Pumpkin Island on the New Year because my Japanese class (what else?) starts on the 3rd. Oh woe my short holiday~ T_T

Still, I guess January is not all that bad after all. Anime-wise (yes, it's my way to console myself) there's quite some new anime that is worth looking forward too! You can refer the list of the 2011 Winter Anime Season from Scamp's Winter 2011 chart or Neregate's chart. For me, my list of possible watch/favorite (of course) will be:-

-Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 (I watched the first season in marathon -yes- and downloaded the manga -yes- and the news come out of another season and I was like 'HELL YES!!!'. This will be in my top priority to download, hands down.)

-Fractale (No idea as in never heard about it before but hey it's NoitaminA, so it gets a shot as in interest by default. It helps the pic looks good to me.)

-Gosick (Same case with Fractale above -not the NoitaminA part, they earlier one in the sentence part- but this one got mystery, Gothic, and set in old European. Again, I think it's the preview picture that got me.)

-Hourou Musuko (I always want to read the manga of this one but somehow don't have the opportunity to do so. I know it's good though coz' a senpai at KAL keeps fan-girling over the said series so if I somehow can't download it I know she will~)

-Starry Sky (This one is...okay I know the premise and all is like DUH but I wiki-ed the series and it got HiroC, OnoD, FukuJun, Midorikawa Hikaru, Tomokazu Sugita, Soichiro Hoshi, and Akira Ishida all in one series. You see what I'm trying to say here? All of them are seiyuu biases damnit~)

-Mirai Nikki OVA (THIS. THIS. THEY SHOULD JUST MAKE IT INTO AN ANIME SERIES INSTEAD OF OVA DAMNITTTT~~~~ -if that doesn't warn you enough, this may rival Kimi ni Todoke in terms of anticipation meter this coming January, 'nuff said.)

So yeah~ all is well with the world. XD

About my writing...*sigh*

I have 10 stories with lack of plot in my draft folder (1 actually got the plot but it ends up being too long I found myself stuck, as usual OTL) so I'm open to anybody who got a plot, prompt, whatever just give them to me and I'll write it for you. IF I got the time, that is. But I guess that will actually (maybe) speed things up a bit. I'm in serious problem here after all.. ;A; So yeah, I really, really, REALLY appreciate it if you can give any idea to me. I thank you in advance! *bows*

And yet another year ends, safely tuck in memory. And this is getting damn freaking long I better stop before I start rambling randomly again (why do I always end up typing too much each post and not do the same for my stories? O_o??)

Alas, may 2011 be a good year to me and to you (since I doubt I'll update this blog with any posts till the new year, heck, this one is super long already!)

Till then, do take care and I'll ask for your guidance again on 2011! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ *bows*

~The-typing-too-much Heiji

Music of the Day: SHINee-Obsession

P/S: I end up loving more and more songs from their second album. First it's Lucifer, then A-Yo, Quasimodo, Shout Out, and now this one. Jonghyun's voice suits the song as he hits all those notes and I heard he wrote the lyrics? If that's true than he really did a great job! Anyway do try listen to this and I'm sure you'll like it too~ ^^