Friday, October 9, 2009

Events and New Playlist!

Hi! Hisashiburi desu ne~ It's been awhile now, isn't it? (Really, it's always been awhile...*sigh*)

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By heijihatsutori at 2009-10-09

Found this emoticon on google images...haha! Think it looks more to tired (?) but the caption says sigh so...maybe going to look for a better one...


A bit exaggerating...perhaps? haha!! LOL

I am not one to participate in activities much, and usually tend to skip them (I once skip the whole Teacher's Day celebration reading manga in the class alone when I was in high school...haha!) and go off hanging around...alone if I feel like it..really, somehow I'm content when I'm alone...weird huh? hahaha!!


Have to admit to that...I'm quite a weird person myself...

Anyhow! UMS-KAL (or the long name Universiti Malaysia Sabah Kampus Antarabangsa Labuan) was quite busy (the people; lecturers, staffs, and students of course) for it is the time for the convocation for the graduating sempais! Indeed, UMS is kind of late...most of the other universities had held it during June or commemorate the big event a Convocation Fair was held on the 1-4 October. There were lots of things going on; competitions (paintball, karaoke, etc.), exhibitions (from PPIB subjects; Study skills, English and foreign languages) and much more (can't quite remember, pardon my not-so-good memory)!

It was quite interesting actually, the overall event, that is. Everybody was so busy to begin with and the holiday mood was still lingering in the air (it was not long after the 1-week holiday after all) thus the flow of everything was smooth with excitement on the faces of the students (though I bet it's because the of the class cancellation).


The best thing about the whole affair is the exhibitions (for me). It was held at the Menara, a strategic place if you ask me because it's where almost ALL of the students will go everyday; for classes, lecturers, offices, all of them are in one place; the Menara. One thing is that they remove ALL of the tables outside; meaning no plug, no electricity, and for me, no laptop's battery is not too reliable, mind you.

Still, the exhibitions are sooo good! They came up with different themes each day (well most of them are) and it was so exciting! If I am to pick the best it will be the Japanese section (I can be bias). They have this big tree like sakura tree (of course it's fake -only the body of the tree is real, the flowers were paper-made) but then who cares? It's pretty!

Also, I manage to learn a bit here and there on hiragana; I wrote 'ganbatte' on the bamboo stick/plane (don't know what to call English somehow is deteriorating (?!)) to be hang on the tree...(it's a belief for Japanese to write down wishes on the bamboo and hang it on the tree to make it come true -of course I don't believe it but hey, just write 'ganbatte' mean no harm, right?)


They also sold souvenirs like handkerchiefs, hand-made fan (which both are now safely in my bag), stickers, cards and the most kawaii (I also bought this for only RM1.50!) teruterubozu! (a cloth-made doll hang to make sure it's not raining that day...there's something about facing the face of the doll outside and inside hoping it will be sunny or rain but I forgot...try google or search in wikipedia...they have almost anything, mind you). I will be glad to post pictures but my hand phone's camera is just so-so and the image quality is low so I drop the idea off.

English section was conducted by some of my English classmates and I must say they did a good job! There are quizzes (Japanese section got it too...about general information of Japan and I got 20 questions right out of 30...quite good myself, no? LOL), riddles, information and they are all so fun! I tried the quizzes and fail twice, miserably...and the one conducting the quizzes just look at me like 'seriously??' He didn't say it but his face tells all...*sigh* I feel like hiding myself for real at that time...


Overall, other exhibitions are not bad either and I enjoyed myself to the fullest!! During one night (forgot which day -really, what do you remember??) the students (perhaps sempais) of International marketing courses held the Moon Cake Festival! My friends and I (there are quite a number of us) lit up the lanterns and just walk about and goofing around...taking a good look at the scenery...


Haha!! I don't move like that, at least...

Then I follow another bunch of students (my friends are going back already) and we walk all the way to the beach! Our campus is right in front of the beach after all. The night is cool and it is not windy at all thus we manage to keep the lanterns on! The scenery id really beautiful...for the only light came from our colorful lanterns and glowing stick (my stick practically still glowing till now!) which I curl up to wrap my left wrist, like a bracelet of sort. I make friends with a some of them (it's about 10-12 people altogether!) and they're all nice! I'm glad, really.


Overall, unexpectedly, I really have fun! I don't think that I will enjoy the whole event so much at the beginning and by the end of it it's great to realize that I have a good time! This is weird of me actually but I think I'm going to look forward for the next events or festivals...hope that it'll be great!!


Next up is...hehe~ blog has a new playlist!!! haha~ I found the website quite some time ago but never really browse through it...I'm glad I took some time to do so!! ^^ The songs (or should I say, videos) are attached from Youtube and it might take some time to load...still, I hope you enjoyed my selection of songs!! Most (or should I say all of them) are songs that I am really hooked on this days! I might be posting some lyrics or them after this...if I'm not lazy enough, of can check the song's videos (this is confusing -for all of them are Youtube videos; mvs, lyrics, or just pic of the singer) by clicking the word 'video' on the link and 'close' t return to the playlist. Note that it won't affect the song flow if you click either of do check it out!!


The genre of the songs ranges widely from pop, rock to even ballads (I'm quite into soft ballad songs lately; what is wrong with me??) and the singers are also in variety (compare to my old playlist which have almost all of TVXQ's songs in one order) so that the style is perhaps...more interesting? haha!! So far there are about 42 songs altogether (when I'm writing this post) but going to add more in the future...people, do check out all the songs! There are awesome!!


If I am to recommend the songs, it will be, ALL of them...for I'll be having hard time to choose...haha!! But seriously, all of them me...hehe~

I've been browsing through lately and I notice that the posts there have something like current music and current mood of the person posting the post and I feel like 'wow, cool' kind of feeling...not the mood part (I can't quite figure out my mood for most of the time) but the music part so I'll start doing it too (As if the p/s on the bottom of the posts did not mention the songs already). This will replace the p/s and make my posts look what, cooler? hehe~ Current music sounds like I'm plagiarize it or something though so I'll change it to...hmm...let me think first...haha!! Hope that those will be a (kind of) good recommendation for you guys! ^^

It is a long post, this one...(I wrote all THIS??) so it might take some time for the next post...for now I'm finishing my English essay (seriously, this essay takes a lot of space in my head lately), hopes to finish Chapter 2 too (been in a LONG hiatus already...sorry for those who are waiting...the so-called writer's block hit me hard) and the final exams are approaching (it's on early November) so I really have to study hard...minna-san, wish me luck! ^^

Till then, take care! ^^


Music of the day: Kyuhyun from Super Junior- 7 Years of Love

P/S: I don't think I can remove the p/s after all...can't fight the urge to add my comment on the does it sound? Music of the day, that give your opinion!! Also, I told you I'm into soft ballad alright...rewinding the song for about 5 times already today...just can't get enough! O_O~ I'm soooo random, really. *sigh*


  1. hihihi...seems like you're busy-and-happy enjoying your very end (really!) teenages well there (UMS-KAL)right???
    ahaks~so,yeah,i'm glad to know that u're having some fun there..hehe..ouh well..
    i do drop many times here lately and hear some of the songs played from your playlist..hihi..
    really it's like a (whoa! not bad!) nice one!
    so,keep in your high spirits always!
    well,,kinda like to see u are..

  2. Well...I do kind of enjoying my days...but's not the end of my teenages yet!!! NOOO~~~~ T_T

    20 sounds scary...huhu~ Although almost all of my good friends here are 20 and above...

    To be frank, I'm quite shocked (?) and feel glad don't worry about me much, ok! Do take care of your health more! ^^

    Hontouni?? Woaa~~~ they are SOOOOO good, right? Right? haha~ I just have soo many songs playing in my head lately...also if you look at the order of the songs most of them are new songs that just been released or a couple of months before this...I'm really glad you like it!! Hehe~

    I sure will!! Don't worry! ^^

    P/S: To tell the truth, I did drop by your blog just to listen to your playlist before...or should I say, one particular song...Mariah Carey's obsessed...I think I did obsessed over the song at that time..haha!!

  3. ahaks~knowing that we'll be 20 next year seems to be the very scary things ever! huhuhu..

    oh yeah, dont worry i'm always taking care of my health..yessza!

    yeah,,actually i like ur playlist..
    but still not the DBSK okay..still can't find any reason why i will like those kind of energetic songs..

    anyway,, mr.arif i've mentioned in my comment reply on yours do love the DBSK much!


    yeah,,really obsessed by the song..
    n i've already change my playlist on my blog..

    just "already gone" and "never say never"

  4. Indeed! But you'll only be 20 in December...that's still a long way to go! Me...T_T

    Great to hear that! ^^ I'll be taking care of my health too! ^^

    Hey! DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki (they got A LOT of name apparently...) also got ballad songs! Insa is a slow song and not ALL of their songs that energetic...(they'll die for sure of dancing if that happens...oh no..) Try listen to them first! What am I...promoter? haha!! ^^

    Really? Waa~ even guys do like them! You should try listen to them first 2 Miss K! Haha~ I was like you to before I really get to know them...and now..I'm (sort of) addicted...haha!

    Waa~ I'm so gonna put the song in my playlist! Thanks!! ^^

  5. Ahaks~yeah,,i'm too young to die (cehs!)

    Oh,,i've already heard the song (Insa),and,yes,one of the slow song and i do like it too..xD

    But apparently,,still not being crazy to the group (DBSK) yet..
    but,never seems like the last thing to do is to hate the DBSK ryte?

  6. neither! Haha~

    Told you! It's great isn't it? You can check out the lyrics too (I think it's on the post untitled XD)

    Haha~ some things take time...but DON'T hate them...they are one of the most AWESOME singers in the world! ^^

    Exaggerrating? NOPE! ^^ Coz' they are! Oya3x!! (stealing this oya3x from you actually..haha!!!)