Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally Succeed!!!!!!

Assalamualaikum...oro? You don't have to go shock all the time, mind you. I open up my post with whatever greeting I want, so just bear with me, ok?


It is Hari Raya now (yeah, right) and this is probably late already (it is late) but to all Muslim all around the world, Happy Eid Mubarak or Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin! ^^ I am just a simple and normal human being so if I ever hurt you in any way possible (I know I did) do forgive me!


I know some of you notice already (it's OBVIOUS actually) that I'm now having emoticons all over! haha~ I'm pleased with myself, I do. Still searching for more from my oh-so-many pictures in Photobucket album so just going to use randomly...most or rather all of them are actually from comments that my friends gave to me in Friendster so no bashing (in other words: accuse) me on stealing your emoticons whatsoever...for I know that I DO NOT steal it, mind you. This is just a reminder and early announcement...precaution is better than cure after all, right?

Referring to the title of this post...*takes a deep breath* making...the damn link!!! muahaha~ Ok I know it sounds crazy but I really had a hard time because of it and now...I know how to do it!!! Thanks a zillion to Kimmy for showing me the clear path to victory! ^^ Now that's exaggerating....

So here it is, link to Kimmy's blog! Click here! ^^

So, how did I finally know? It was (it still is actually) Hari Raya and on the third of Syawal (Third day of raya) I went to her house for a is a norm to visit houses during Raya, ask for forgiveness, and in my case with Kimmy, just hanging around...


Again, that's exaggerating...haha! ^^

Back to the story (still not finish yet??) as we just hang about, Kimmy and I got both of our laptop open so I took the golden opportunity to ask her to show me simple as that! And indeed...I feel like 'damn, that's easy' kind of feeling when she simply put a link...heck she even have a post dedicated to it! This is the post here!

Now that I can do it...feels a bit like showing off, eh? Yabai~ Come back to your senses quick!


Either way, I'm indebted to Kimmy-san for going a great length to teach me...I'm no good as a student, really...thus, I want to take this opportunity to thank her with all my heart! Kimmy-san, hontouni, arigatou gozaimasu!!


I really hope to meet you again in the future! Do take care of your health and wishing you nothing but the best!!


The same applies to everybody reading this post and taking time to viewing this blog of mine...I'm really grateful!! Thanks a lot!!!!!

So much as I love this one-week holiday, I am (sadly) going back to Labuan tomorrow...*sigh* how I wish I'm not going, don't get me wrong, it's not like I hate the place that much! It's just that it'll be great if the holiday can be longer...(yeah, right...just face the reality already!) what with all the assignments waiting...(I'm yet to start the English essay...why is it so hard to write down that damn essay??) if only the holiday is not over yet...*sigh*

I don't find any emoticon sighing for now...feel free to give me one...I bet I'll use it to the fullest, mind you.

Till then, do take care everyone! Bye!


P/S: Currently hook on David Archuleta's Zero Gravity and Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone...both songs are simply amazing and awesome! This blog REALLY needs a new playlist...darn it! *sigh*


  1. Yuppie!! finally u've come with the-very-succeed-and-happy post after two of them before was damn-what-the-heck!!!haha,,ape punye bhase aku kluarkn ni??
    so,,yea..that's it..senang je beb..skali tnjuk je dh jadi..haha..
    hmm..,,actually xckup kn time jumpe last time tuh..hahah..
    oh,,so much things to let u know about me,,
    do read my blog ok??

  2. Btul r bhasa 2! Indeed~ x ckup rase...pasn kena jmpa g!!

    Ak ad bnyk bnde nk post tpi line x ok...kna tunggu lu r..*sigh*

    Neway, trimas bbnyk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^