Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Time Trying...

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally..I know how to put a link!! haha~ This might seem sooooooo normal but to me it's quite (?) a success! Kimmy...thanks a zillion for teaching me! Love you so much!! haha!!!

BTW, that is the link to her blog..go and check it out! ^^

P/S: Kimmy, one more your post you put the word 'here' and that links to the blog/post you referring to...I wonder how you did it? Do tell! Thanks! ^^

And this must be my shortest post ironic when the post below is the longest..haha! ^^


  1. yippie!~
    hehe..itu paling senang! oh,before that,,u've done well! hehehe..

    misalnye kw nk buat ayat "click here!" highlight je la ayat "click here!" tu..then tkn bumi,,add link..that's all..

    cre nk copy link msti la tau kn? kalo posts,,pd tajuk pn kte leh dpat link..gerak mouse pd tjuk post,,right click,,copy link adress..huhu..then.,paste je kat bumi..
    hahaha!! so easy!! hehe~

    p/s:i love you so much too!!!

  2. Oh~ ok...ak try..trimas!! ^^

    Thanks! Love you! ^^