Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr. Broken Heart

Ahh~ I'm updating my blog, again. After finishing the Durarara!! recommendation post of doom which set the most record in my blogging life so far (the longest post written in one time -it consist of TWO long posts-, the post that took the longest time to finish -I started on 28 and 29 and only able to post them on 2 July. Yeah, I know-, the post with the most pic-spam...) I don't think I'll update my blog until I'm back in KAL, but since I updated my Livejournal with new posts, I...can't ignore the urge to post it here...yeah, I know.

But then, this might be the last post before I go back to the la-la island a.k.a Labuan or to be more specific UMS-KAL as the new semester is going to start real soon. *sigh* I want to stay at home longer~

That aside, I've updated the last part of Chapter 1, part 8, and ahh~ it really brings back memories. I mean, I wrote them all on June-July 2009 a.k.a last year! It's been one year now and I still can't get Chapter 2 going...T_T I talked with my imouto Ainin a.k.a my personal editor (sort of) on the draft I had in my head on how it's going and the reaction is positive enough. Now I have some confidence in it might start writing slowly. I don't think I can afford to delay it any longer. Just her comment is "Totally Durarara!! influence there." And I was like "Uh, yeah." Yeah, the anime is too awesome it rulez~ I'm bias yeah XD.

I'll try my best. And Ainin, thanks a zillion for lending me your ear and hear me rambling like crazy, uh. You're awesome! Never stop commenting my story, okay! XD

I spent 2 months of holiday, yeah, but I only write one story. *gets bricked* It's not my fault I have no idea, ok! T_T What with writer's block and all...*sob* And I've posted it just now too, so no blaming me okay! Now that I've posted all of my completed story, it'll be hard to see my blog updated in the future (maybe) so I want to say I'm sorry in advance...*bows* I will write more! I do! Just, give me plot. Yeah. *stab self*

Enough rambling, this is the link.

Mr. Broken Heart

On the story, this is one of the story with the least dialogue ever. I wrote this with full enthusiasm and I let Ainin a.k.a the editor/commenter to read the half-written story. And the result is something like this.

Ainin: It's ok, just, uh.
Me: What?
Ainin: I don't know...
Me: Just tell, dammit!
Ainin: It's kind of boring...

I swear if this scene is in an anime, the character (me) already got arrows stab into the heart.

Me:...what. Because too much description?
Ainin: *nod*
Me: Great.

Cue big rock fall on the character's head.

Me: Do you read them all? Do you understand what it's about?
Ainin: Uh..just the first part...? It's getting quite...complicated...sorry~

That night, I edit more than 60% of the now-become-draft story, and start spamming my fb wall for a couple of days. When I start writing again, the muse is running 160km/s and I found myself cannot stop writing at all until I finish it completely. I have to admit I'm confident with how it goes but then, if Ainin said it's boring, again, I may be throwing myself into the sea or something. is it...?
Ainin: *smile*
Me: Uh-huh.
Ainin: This is Good!! I totally don't expect that. *thumbs-up*

Cue confetti and spotlight on the character.

To be frank, I don't know how I got that ending either, so it's a bonus somehow~

I gain enough confidence to start a new story right after but then, the last episode of Durarara!! came out and my mind totally took a 180 degree turn there. I spazzes over the anime like what and cannot stop fan-girling and when I come to my muse already pack up the bags and leave to a vacation in Ikebukuro. Yeah. And leaving me with no idea at all for a plot or whatever. *sigh*

Anyway, I rambles a lot for now and my inbox is piling up with mails and whatnot I might as well clear them up. Do read the story and tell me what do you think of it! ^^

Music of the Day: One Ok Rock -Liar

P/S: Might stop the recommendation a.k.a fan-girling of the song. Somehow not in the mood for it anymore. *gasp*