Monday, October 12, 2009

7 Years of Love

Hi! Konnichiwa~ Okay...this is one fast post (considering I usually took A LONG time for the next post...haha!)

I'm ready to be yelled at when I'm writing this post actually...this is because...I...despite that my English essay is a whole lot more important...I spent about 2-3 hours listening to the song 7 Years of Love by Kyuhyun from Super Junior (yeah, the one I'm going crazy about on the last post) on repeat mode (imagine listening to the SAME song for a freaking 3 hours non-stop) while writing down a one-shot essay (yeah, you read it right, I'm writing down a NEW ESSAY instead...) Really, what is wrong with me??! Damn it, come back to your senses!!


But really, I know the song is damn slow (not to mention a ballad, a freaking soft ballad!!) and nice and all but really, I'm not (never) really into ballad before...this song is just turning my world upside down, perhaps...I mean, what the hell is wrong with me??

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By heijihatsutori at 2009-10-09

Anyhow! I manage to finish it (with a constant fight with my common sense to drop it off and write my English essay instead) and so I'm posting it here, as usual. I planned to make it like the song's lyrics but somehow it turned out like this instead...I post the lyrics too and you can listen to the song on my playlist below.


So folks, do give me your opinion! Pardon the dark feeling, my head was kind of emo last night...the title is of course, the same as the song


He wants to move, but somehow, he finds himself there, stuck.

“It’s been awhile.”

The same smile, the same tone, the same lively black eyes, the same thin red lips, the same pointed nose, the same small face, the same raven black hair, the same pale skin, this person in front of him did not seem to change at all.

“Indeed, it’s been quite some time now.”

As the person walks closer, he notices that there are some changes after all. The person is astonishingly taller than before, and he did not fail to recognize the all brand new Channel bag on the left shoulder. More stylish, this person is, no more a geek who cares nothing about the world and just grabs anything from the old wardrobe with no sense of fashion at all.

“How long has it been, I wonder; five, six years, perhaps? How are you doing?”

It has been seven years, actually. But he do not want to say it, so he just smiles and look down; careful not to meet the gaze of the other. For he knows, too well, what those eyes can do before, and still do now; suffocating him and strip him off naked from all the lies he built inside. Those eyes can read him straight to the soul; it’s always just one way or another. And he can never win, even after all those years, he finds himself helplessly dying.

“I’m just fine, how about you? You seem to be good too, no?”

The smile widens shyly, the right hand unconsciously rubbing the back of the neck. Old habits die hard, and he can read those perfectly as always, like a book. The sudden silence stirs the nervousness inside him but of course, he does not let it show on his face. He loves the ability of his to wear the relax expression which is close to perfect anytime and anywhere and he knows very well that he never will be more grateful for it than now.

For a moment they just stand there, close but not close enough, a gap existed between them in a space of a person’s shadow. Somehow, they look so pure, just looking around but at each other; he still successfully avoiding the other persons eyes and gaze. There is no air of awkwardness around them, much to his surprise. He looks up at the sky, grey, with shades of white and black overlapping like a painting he once did at high school for art class. He stole a quick glance at his left as he lowers his head down, notices the gaze is fixed at the sky too.

“We never really changed, did we?”

He inhales his breathe deeply, closing his eyes. Indeed, staying like this, just like how they used to a long time ago, makes those days felt like it just happened yesterday. They never were a good talker, nor were they a good listener either. They just stand, look around, and stay in silence, enjoying the other person's company. It never really matter how long had it been since they last see each other actually, for somehow, they will be no words. Like before, like now. It has always been like this after all, he thinks; quiet, slow, and silent. He never is one for words anyway so before he thought of this as somewhat pleasant. But now, after all those long years, he finds himself changing. It is no more pleasant, for the silence starts to kill him softly inside. He wants to say something; he wants to have a good, decent chat, like what normal people will do. It has been seven years after all.

“I think I did change, in one way or another.”

He says it, still staring at the ground. The sound of bus and car horns blazing past his ears, it is rush hour after all, not like he really cares. He leans back towards the wall, channeling his gaze towards the road. In the heart of the city now they been, sky crawlers surrounding them yet it feels like home, just by standing like this. How ironic, he thinks as he adds in.

“It’s been a long time, after all.”

He can feel the gaze on his face. He inhales softly, closing his eyes. This weird relationship of them is platonic, blurry and full with grey. There is no definite definition for it and he himself do not quite sure what is it between them anyway. They are not really friends; he hardly knows the other person as much as he knows his colleagues in the office he worked for past six months. Yet they knew each other for the longest time in their lives. Again, how ironic, we both are, he thinks.

“We, what are we actually?”

This time, he turns his head to the left, to the other person, who exhales deeply, the eyes close. Slowly, the eyes open back, and for the first time, their gazes meet.

“I’m getting married.”

His breathe stops somewhere between inhales and exhales. First drop of rain hits his shoulder.

He wants to move, but somehow, he finds himself there, stuck.

So~ how is it? Do give me your thoughts! I'm thinking of posting this on my Livejournal page along with my other stories but I'm too lazy to keep up with two blogs (remember my friendster blog? I DELETED it in the end) That's just a plan though...for my livejournal account currently have NO post at all so it look kind of pity..perhaps...(joining it just so that I can continue downloading actually...hehe~) But there are a lot of nice things too there so yeah..why not? But absolutely not now...that's final.

Here's the lyric of the song...I must say I've fallen for Kyuhyun's voice...this song suits him perfectly! Not to mention he's always one of my most favorite member in Super Junior before...hehe~

Kyuhyun from Super Junior -7 Years of Love

chilnyeoneul mannatjyo
amudo uriga ireoke
swipge ibyeolhal jureun mollatjyo

geuraedo urineun heeojyeo beoryeotjyo
gin sigan ssahawatdeon gieogeul namginchae

urin eojjeom neomu eorinnaie
seororeul manna gidaenneunji molla
byeonhaeganeun uri moseupdeureul
gamdanghagi eoryeowonneunjido

ibyeolhamyeon apeudago hadeonde
geureongeotdo neukkilsuga eobseotjyo
geujeo geunyang geureongabwa hamyeo damdamhaenneunde

ureotjyo uuu sigani gamyeonseo naegejun
aswiume geuriume naetteutgwaneun dareun
naui mameul bomyeonseo
cheoeumen chinguro daeumeneun yeoninsairo
heeojimyeon gakkaseuro chingusairaneun
geu mal jeongmal matneunde

geu huro samnyeoneul bonaeneun donganedo
gakkeumssik seoroege yeollageul haesseotjyo

dareun han sarameul manna ttodasi
saranghage doeeosseumyeonseodo nan
seulpeulttaemyeon hangsang jeonhwalgeoreo
sorieobsi nunmulman heulligo

neodo joheun saram mannaya doenda
maeumedo eomneun mareul hamyeonseo
ajik nareul johahana gwaenhi dollyeo malhaetjyo

arayo uuu seoro gajang sunsuhaesseotdeon
geuttae geureon sarang dasi hal su eopdaneun geol
chueogeuro nameulppun
gakkeumssik chagaun geuael neukkilttaedo isseoyo
hajiman ijeneun amugeotdo yoguhal su
eopdaneun geol jal aljyo

na ije gyeolhonhae geu aeui maldeutgo
hanchameul amumaldo hal suga eobseotjyo
geurigo ureotjyo geu ae majimak mal
saranghae deutgosipdeon geu hanmadi ttaemune



We met for seven years
No one knew we would say goodbye this easily

However we still separated
With the memories we built for a long time, now gone

How did we at such a young age
Meet each other, I don’t even remember how
Difficult for us to handle the maps of our changing selves

They said saying goodbyes are painful
But I didn’t even have time to feel that
I just thought this is the way staying composed

But I cried
Time passed it gave me a simple yearning
Different from what my mind was seeing
At first friends then next as lovers
We said we’d stay as friends even if we separated

During those 3 years spent alone
We contacted each other sometimes

Even if I met someone else again
Even I loved again
Whenever I was sad I would call you without a word just tears falling

You have to meet a good person
I thought in my heart without any words
I asked if you still liked me without any thought hoping you say it back

I know
We had the most pure love
Back then we thought that kind of love couldn’t be done again se we saved it in out memories
Often I feel a cold feeling from you
But now I know you can not ask anything

“I’m getting married” is what you said to me
After that for a long time I was speechless
Then I cried they were your last words to me
For the only words I wanted to hear was that you loved me

I forgot where did I took the lyrics...maybe at if I'm not mistaken...give the credits to those who deserves it! ^^

Till then, do hit me back! Ja ne~


Music of the day: Kokia- Karma

P/S: Just added to the playlist before writing this check it out! It's the OST of anime Phantom~ Requiem to the Phantom...really want to watch the series~ ^^


  1. Hontouni???? huh...u should be going crazy or what?? but,,i've also done that with the "already gone" song..hehs~seems like i'm not going to be boring listening to that song repeatedly at all...*sigh*

    7 years of love eh? herm..after reading it, it should be brought me back to the memories...
    although it's not really like your essay, but i think i'll be going to face this scene, somehow..hurm~*wondering*

    ehem, well, this one (your one-shot-essay) really good as i'm always expected from you..hehehe..i may give it a thumbs up! hihi..xD

    reading the lyrics really makes me a whoa!-i-really-want-to-copy-this action!!!hehe..
    (yeah, i really did)

    oh~i'm currently watching Phantom right's a non-stop marathon so that i'll finish up all of this anime (thanks to you again!) in the hard disk before i fly to the Egypt. haha, pardon me if this makes you feels so jealous about my oh-so-many-empty-time-so-that-i-can-do-anything-i-like!

    p/s : whoa, this time i give a very long comment,huh?

    oh, i have something to let you know..if you really interested to put much emoticons in your post, well, this one really have so many cute emoticons..

    and i'm actually not putting it as a picture,but,it is like a direct link to the image like you always did to give a picture as comments at friendster, do you remember?

    how to put it in your post? well,just click on the emoticon you want, and copy the 'HTML Code' and paste it to your post. hope this will help!

    check it out and try it yourself!

  2. Well...I don't know...maybe I DID WENT CRAZY at that time...*sigh* Currently I'm developing the habit to repeat a song over and over again...really...what the hell is wrong with me??! *sigh*

    Oh...? How come? With who? haha~ It's too painful though...I hope you're not the guy in the story but the one getting married instead...haha!! If it DID happen though one day don't forget to give me a call! Maybe I can write another story then...haha! But no..I don't want you to be in a hurtful situation...T_T I don't want your heart to break...(but I keep on writing depressing stories though...haven't I? *sigh* such a emo person I am...)

    Really? Waa~ hontouni arigatou!! I'm flattered you know...Hehe~ Thanks a zillion!!! ^^

    It's ok! The song is soooooooo good, right? I'll be posting more lyrics in the future (hopefully, you know I'm not reliable enough as a person...heh!) so just feel free to take it! ^^ Do listen to the song too! ^^

    Waa~~ so jealous!!! But mind you I don't think the anime I gave you had finished...because they are some that is not finished yet so do tell if it's complete or not! But really...I'm jealous...*sigh*'s long...but I'm posting a long one too so...haha!! ^^

    Arghh!!!! Thanks for the link!! I'm sooo gonna use it to the max!! haha~ Arigatou gozaimasu!! ^^ *bows*

  3. Haha,,seems like u did forget 'him' matter what, still live life to the max! ahaks~

    hihi..u're almost welcome..and don't forget to continue Literally! hihihi..

    ah~i almost forgot that u already told me that some of the anime are not finished download yet..huhuhu..well,seems like i've got to continue download myself..
    (huh,really lazy to download because of the weak line here)

    hahah..u're welcome again..xD

    p/s : oh,i wonder what is "u're welcome" in tell me if u know k!

  4. Him? Masaka...Tokiya? O_o?? juz guessing...hehe~

    Literally...ah~ I want to move on, but somehow, I find myself there, stuck...hahaha!! Copying the line for utterly no reason at all...

    Yeah...sorry about that...but hey, better have some than never, right? ^^ Going to continue downloading it too...after finishing all the DBSK videos though...hahaha!! Pardon my fangirl heart...*wink*

    U're welcome is doite shimashita...though people usually just give a simple 'hai' or bows after receiving a thanks or arigatou...^^ Still saying it also no problem at all...depends on you whichever way to use..^^ Hope this helped! ^^