Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Because They Say It's The End Of The World, Baby

So this is the usual new year (and random) post; because it's always easy to post something when there's actually something happening, and it's easier to say all those kinds of excuses in the hope of fixing it, even when someone said that resolution is for hopeless people, because oh well, I am hopeless in anyways possible.

The fact that I (kinda) ditch this blog for the whole latter half of 2011 is enough of an example already.

I won't explain myself though, since all the starters of my posts lately always resolves on the same issue, and any words that comes after 'because' will end up being a whole pile of reason (again) so I shall refrain of doing the same this time around. After all, hey, it's new year, no? Something's got to change, and it's always best to start with the obvious.

If you realize what is, good for you, though no presents unfortunately. Virtual cookies count?

Anyways, I'm not one to make resolutions; in fact I never really make one in my whole life, since I know in the end it'll end up being the same all over again. Pessimistic? Maybe. Though I know I'm going to (want to) write more than last year, since I started and (actually) finished only one: Song to Say Goodbye

That's not a resolution, no. It's simply a plan. On a different note, that story is one of my personal favorite.


Today is an eventful day. I put this as my status on Facebook and I ramble about it on Twitter to the point of spamming the timeline; the things you do when there's stuff to say and the word count is there to restrict the rambling.

I'm not repeating those, all the energy vented out in the span of 140 words spam cannot be retrieved back.

Still, as of now I'm still waiting for my download of Natsume Yuujinchou Shi first episode to done. The slow internet is killing me, but it's Natsume, and it's a wonder how much I can love a series to the point of having all these patience I never knew exist.

EDIT: The download's done. Cue cries of happiness. \O/

Obligatory bias pimping


Also I watched the first part of SME SBS Gayo Daejun and...it's okay, I guess. I really like U-Kiss' stage; the transition between songs is smooth (though I might be a bit bias because they dance to Tick Tack at one part) and the performance is more versatile compare to others despite being like, 3 minutes only (what). Other memorable performance for me is the obvious SME conquering squad sound of hallyu orchestra. Though it kinda hit me a bit when HoMin (yeah, I'm one of those fans that can't call them TVXQ despite the attempt to be neutral towards both party, u mad?) sing Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang, if you know what I mean.

There's comment on the net that this year's Gayo is the worst compare to others but since I haven't watch all yet (and also last year's for some reason) I can't comment much on that.

About anime...I need to make a separate post about it or this post will end up being too much. As much as I hate to admit it, this blog indeed can use more posts. But I've no confidence that I'll actually be writing those so...yeah (don't hold it against me, this is not a resolution after all).

In fact, this post is already on the verge to slip into the no-nonsense realm so I better stop here.


Music of the Day: School Food Punishment - How To Go

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