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Anime Fall 2012 Season Preview

As mentioned on the last post, here it is; the Spring Fall season preview! Okay, I know I sort of promised before, and actually I did wrote the Spring preview post (which I take recycle as basis for this very post), but yeah, things happen yadda yadda so yeah. Alas, I'm back! So this can be a kinda comeback post for this blog, and yes, I make a darn effort this time with the inclusion of pictures which I basically just crop take from Neregate's chart.

If you want more info and concrete preview, you can just check out at most animeblogs, (link to them are at the sidebar) though here I linked you to Random Curiosity's, because they even got the schedule for the airing date and more information on the series and whatnot.

The whole preview/impression is mostly based on my own interest, and also judging on the info I got everywhere from the blogosphere on the series. But then, my taste is mostly random anyway, so yeah.

Still, Fall is shaping to be one heck of a ride indeed; I was gushing at some series so bad like you have no idea and at the same time shaking my head with an obvious 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO' at the other orz (trust me this is not the last time you saw that anguish cry of howl because it's the perfect description one can get and I'm lazy like that). 

Enough chit-chat, let's just get going with the long post. And click on the picture for clearer/bigger view. :)

TV Series

To tell the truth the synopsis didn't sound too bad, really. The first paragraph shows a clear setting and that's never a bad thing. At least this can be quite decent and I might give it a chance just for the heck of it, until there's the word Card Battle appearing and I was like, NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

(Or I should've look clearer at the picture; it's damn OBVIOUS he's holding a card there. OTL)

Verdict: Not watching. DDD:

The novel actually is a co-winner of the Nihon SF Taishō Award in 2008, a distinction previously given to Evangelion like whoaaa so yeah; legit checking. The overall reaction is building the hype too so this might be a keeper.

Verdict: Watching. Will check out the first ep and see how it goes from there; whether follow weekly or marathon.

Josei is more up to my alley because shoujo has always been a bit hit-or-miss with me, and while I saw the manga to this somewhere before it doesn't interest me that much to actually check it out. But it doesn't sound like it'll be that bad either, so might check it out. Just because (ha!).

Verdict: Watching...maybe (ha!). Will check out the first ep first.

Now this is one shoujo I really want to watch! I remember reading the manga sometime before and not annoyed by the main couple, though that might be because of the comedy. I don't read/follow it till the end though so this is a great opportunity to know how it goes because I have other stuff with higher priority to read. Just, don't go the cheesy road please!

Verdict: Watching. Will check out the first ep first.

This is one manga I want to read but fear the act of doing so might mess with my sanity. Which explains my shock when it's turn into anime. Like YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME kind of shock. So yeah. Sure, they might censor and all but still, NOOOOO.

Verdict: Not watching. Like NOOOOOOOOOO.

I got the Transformers vibe from this. Wait, it's a card game, so not a blatant rip-off but card game = NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Verdict: Not watching. How much card game can Japan have, really? DDD:

Before the chart came out my brain map for this season is Fall = Jormungand 2nd season OMG DAMN I CAN'T WAIT. Really, the 1st season is awesome and this rank among my Top 3 in to-watch list. If you don't watch the 1st season yet my words will be GO AND WATCH IT NOW AND CATCH UP TO THIS AND SPAZZ WITH MEEEEEE /shot

Verdict: DEFINITELY watching. Like hell yes! XDDD

The premise is...okay and interesting, I say, maybe, but seriously, now. Charming? Where? Who? What? Are you BLIND? DDDDDDDDDDDDD:

And the art....nooooooooooooooooooo.

Verdict: Not watching. Tell me where I can find the charming aspect of that...mascot thing-y and I might reconsider it LOLNO.

'Japanese-American co-production' doesn't sound that bad but one look at the promo pic and me goes NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Verdict: Not watching. I'm too old for this kind of stuff, really.

I had both season of the series and it does not click well with me for some reason. It's funny, have to admit that but I don't know, maybe it comes off as somewhat boring at certain times. I only get as far as 5 episode (I think) for the first season before I deleted both seasons of my laptop and it miraculously found its way back into my HD. WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?! DDD:

Verdict: Not watching. As awesome Hayate is, he is not Sebastien Michaellis, so yeah.

I'm tempted to try this slightly because it might be weird and funny. Really. I don't know why myself I got so on the fence with this one orz.

Verdict: Maybe watching? Will check how the reaction to it goes first before I decide.

I heard of this since forever but never got around to actually check it out. So yeah, maybe no.

Verdict: Not watching. I don't think I can be bother with it at this rate you have to see it to believe how many shows are there in my backlog list now OTL

Okay, there's robot. Slice-of-life. Really, what's the difference with a bunch of girls + slice of life then?
Doesn't help action figures remind me of Ultraman stuff for some reason LOL.

Verdict: Not watching. (Still LOL at the Ultraman for some reason OTL)

Another on the fence anime. I saw the manga before but again I read too many to really start with a new series so yeah. Might check it out but it's totally up to how it really delivers itself, I guess.

Verdict: Maybe watching. Will check how the reaction to it goes first before I decide.

(For the synopsis and background click here.)

This. Is. Awesome. Okay, I blame Animax for hyping up the series with it's same time as Japan telecast, but really. The animation is damn GORGEOUS and there's enough mystery to keep me engage with it. I have ideas on where this is going, but it'll make this supposed-to-be preview damn long, so yeah. And it's so blueeeeeee like seriously the animators must be obsessed with blue or something LOL.

Verdict: Like damn watching. Bring me the 2nd ep!

This reminds me a bit of Sword Art Online except it's in the real life instead and people that read the manga was hyping it up like crazy I might check it out just to see what's so good about it. Really that's it. Though it do have potential (I think).

Verdict: Maybe watching. Though I will check how the reaction to it goes first and watch it myself first before I decide.

Oh, Gintama. This is one anime I really want to follow but it's damn tooooo long already I can't. Kinda on the same page as Naruto and all. Oh well.

Verdict: Not watching. Too longgggg and I can't afford to download them all before catching up to this.

Most manga fans may know this by the English title better; Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Out of my appreciation to old works and legends (this is in commemoration with its 25th anniversary O_O) I'll be checking this out as I never got to the manga somehow, considering I practically know it since forever along with the likes of Dragon Ball. So yeah, here's for old school shounen!

Verdict: Watching. Dun..dun dun... (cue shounen soundtrack).

I have the 1st season in my HD since I can remember but somehow I never really got around to actually watch it, so yeah this is more into the will-delete-due-to-lack-of-space list. And that's no good motivation to download the sequel, unfortunately.

Verdict: Not watching like whoaaa.

I'm the eldest in the family so I don't have an Onii-chan. Will it make me bother with all the Onii-chan series? NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Verdict: Not watching. Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (biscuits for whoever got the joke LOL)

If I just judge this by the synopsis here and ZECXS, my reaction will definitely be NOOOOOOO but a synopsis on RC actually said that she roundhouse kicks the most popular boy in school and that is a win for me like whoaa LOL. Also because it's more on the heavy side of shoujo bordering on josei so it got my interest by default.

Verdict: Watching. Will check out how it goes first though because ZECXS and me don't have that good of a history orz.

LOLOLOLOL what (really, I don't know what to say).

Verdict: LOLOLOLOL not watching (this, I can say).

My first reaction when I saw this --> OMGGGGGGGG /dead. Like seriously. Samurai Deeper Kyo is among the top manga for me (and I read a ton of 'em manga too) but I never got to check the mangaka's next work after that awesome despite the numerous recommendation. So when it become an anime? Cue me happy like damn YES!

Verdict: Watching. Hell, this is close enough to be THE anime this season except it's not.

Ah, Bakuman. I remembered reading the manga before I stopped buying Kreko (a magazine ala Shounen Jump in Malaysia) and effectively made me stop following it (along with most shounen manga like Naruto, Bleach, etc). I do have the first season of the anime (I think?) but yeah, it's too far out of my reach to get into it again I guess.

Verdict: Not watching. Unless you got me into the first couple of season first.

I accidentally spoiled myself with the ending of the novel at its TVTropes page like whoaaaa and it actually becomes the reason of my interest in it. Talk about irony. But then the hype over this is freaking insane I might end up picking it up anyway. For now I'll go to this with the lowest of expectations. Hopefully.

Verdict: Watching.Will be wary of blogosphere's reaction due to the hype.

Ehhhhhhh maybe? I don't know what to make of this. Somehow it doesn't prick my interest. At all. Oh well.

Verdict: Not watching. Maybe not just my thing, perhaps.


Verdict: Not watching. Seriously, at least give a proper synopsis or something! -_-||

Damn, you got to be kidding me. How many kiddie shows are there already? NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Verdict: Not watching. I give up, really.

I was ready to write this one off until I chance upon the seiyuu list and saw Kamiya Hiroshi-sama's name. Now, I admit I'm bias like WHAT when it comes to him, so there's chance I check this one out just because of that reason alone doesn't help his project is so few lately D:. Believe me, I've watched something crazier before because of the exact same reason. So yeah, brick me.

Verdict: Watching. Really, all the things my bias caused me to do...OTL

Out of pure curiosity and just because, I'll check this one out. Okay, maybe A-1 Pictures does play a role, but I don't know this can be fun maybe? Ha!

Verdict: Watching. I'm random like that for my anime too at times, so this might just one of those moments.

Not interested with managing idol business whatsoever. Pass. And woe me it's another freaking card game! ;A;

Verdict: Not watching. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

The thing about romcom is it's highly predictable at times and can be really, really illogical, even by anime standards. Worse for people like me that have low tolerance for romance. Live like 'a master and his pet'. What kind of romance are you expecting here? Really, now? /headdesk

Verdict: Not watching. Really, now.

It's becoming a trend lately I see; high school girls/moe material with machine guns/tanks/become soldiers etc. But who cares? Never my stuff anyways.

Verdict: Not watching. /shrug

Never watched the series, and unfortunately my list is already ginormous enough as it is to download the first season.

Verdict: Not watching. I don't really miss anything anyway I guess.

The series caused quite a stir for it being the successor to Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. Now, I watched the first and end up pitying the series for the potential wasted and mindblowned by the latter which leads to me not finishing it yet, so I have a good feeling with this one. Also this is Noitamina, and as usual that means a default checking out.

Verdict: Watching, of course.

You have no idea how I spazzed all over the place for this. Like, OMG ALL THE DAMNN FEELINGSSSSS kind of spazzing and really, this is like all my favorite things wrapped into one and delivered with a damn big huge ribbon. I can't remember when was I THIS excited for anime since Natsume Yuujinchou Shi came out (and that was my bias talking). Plus it's Noitamina. 2-cour series. Urobuchi Gen. This is officially THE anime of the season. I kid you not. Copying RC; there aren’t enough ways to say “you need to watch this series”.

Verdict: Do you need to ask? Default watching.

The first season actually end up being more than just a mindless anime, what with actual character development to back it all up. Heck, I remembered being pleasantly surprised and Ken even earned some respect from me, something which is hard to give to a MC in a harem anime, ha!

Verdict: Watching. I might missed that stupid student council room and endless parody more than I thought I would.

I have the words for this on the unpublished Spring preview, which ironically about the first season but it'll make this turn into a mini rant instead so I shall refrain on doing so. But then I read people saying this one is actually quite good and actually got plot so that got my interest, a bit.

Verdict: Not watching. I will need to catch up to the first season first For now. OTL

I remember this as being one heck of a cool series when I was younger and I even read the manga, which was in the magazine format a-la Hong Kong series like Pedang Setiawan (I don't know the original title orz) in my uncle's room. I think the local cable also aired the anime before, but I didn't follow it enough to make sense of it I guess.

Verdict: Not watching. I will need to catch up to the first 4 season first, which is one hell of a thing to do. I do have the interest for it though so maybe one day?

The first thing that caught me was 'Ninterudo', which is, of course, from the famous Nintendo ha! And more info tells of this being a parody on classic video game systems and characters. Now, I'm not that familiar with games in general, but if you're interested in having Mario (yes, that Mario) as the ruler of Ninterudo, maybe you can check it out.

Verdict: Not watching. It sounds interesting alright but something tells me it's not for me, somehow.

And that's the end of the LONG review! I don't include the OVA because most of them are just extra episodes from some already-aired anime and it'll make this already-long post become a giant of one, so yeah. Same goes for movies though that's more because I'm kinda lazy to look up for info on it orz

So my watching list for the season might (because I change my mind depends on my level of procrastinating with them orz) be something like this;


01-Psycho Pass
04-Jormungand S2 (If you watched the first season already)
05-Seitokai no Ichizon S2

The will-download-and-watch/see-from-there a.k.a watching/dropped-if-it-doesn't-grab-me list:

01-Shin Sekai Yori
02-Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
03-Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken
04-Suki-tte Ii na yo
05-Little Busters!
06-Ixion Saga DT

The on-the-fence-and-maybe list:

01-Kamisama Hajimemashita
02-Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!
03-Zetsuen no Tempest

The carry-over series watching/downloading from Summer/old seasons:

01-Sword Art Online
02-Shirokuma Cafe
03-Eureka Seven Ao
04-Uchuu Kyoudai
05-Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashi Banashi
06-One Piece

The will-watch-one-day-maybe list (this is more to my own reminder) :

01-Hiiro no Kakera
02-Initial D


There's 23 series altogether, minus the 3 on the last list. But the number's including the maybe list and definitely downloading from old seasons list, and I bet I'll end up dropping some series along the way too or my HD will cry for the lack of space again so...yay?

Oh well, cheers for the (hopefully) awesome season of anime! \O/

~The /headdesk/-because-this-post's-lateness-is-caused-by-procrastinating-like-a-boss Heiji.

Music of the Day: Nell - The Ending

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