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Holding Onto Gravity, That Other Blog, And Me (Ranting Like A Boss)

I mentioned before on how my interests and mood can be divided into three and all, but I've come to the point where there's an addition to that; nothing. Yes, as in none of the three manage to make me focus on them. Sure, I still follow on music (or rather, keep on rediscovering and repeating songs from way back or something), I still don't give up on writing (the editor was thisclose on exploding upon the discovery that is my draft folder), I still watch anime (though it's been years since I last download the latest episode of currently/aired anime -end up falling into Ghost In The Shell fandom instead), and I still read manga (which mostly are still ongoing and stops at freaking cliffhanger and make me rant endlessly like what), but it's just come to the point where I don't do those obsessively like I usually did, and the possibility of me letting them go or something is so so horrifying I end up upgrading/messing with the html on Livejournal's master list and make changes here and there on this blog.

Which leads to me (sorta) rediscovering things and this (totally, definitely will be long) post is my attempt to make peace with myself and rekindling all those passions (a.k.a me going to rant and justifying myself so yeah you might not want to read this). Never mind this is my first post in a long while, and the first in 2013 no less; I sincerely think we have establish the fact that I'm characteristically late with everything by now, so yeah.

Before you click the 'x' button though, here's the link as per usual.

Holding Onto Gravity 

I think I already did this kind of rant in this format before but eh, who cares? This way it's easier for you to skim through (if you really are going to read this, that is) and easier for me to write, ha!

Tl;dr I summarized the whole thing at the very end of the post.

Music or Introducing That Other Blog And The History Of Its Existence

As uncommon as it is to start with this (considering that I got the link put up first above), I'm following the order in the title of the post (sorta) and this is less of a rant compare to others (maybe) so yeah. If you browse through the sidebar of this blog, the first of the blog list after the labels is one titled That Other Blog, which is my second blog that is technically my first. Confused? Let's go down the history for a bit.

Way back in 2008, the free-like-what-after-SPM Heiji attended/enrolled in a sorta English class at nearby college campus with focus on speaking. The class was nice, as the lecturer is a nice guy, and we thoroughly enjoyed the class. Anyway, one of the class brought us to the computer lab and we were required to make a Blogspot, which is That Other Blog. I at that time isn't one for blogging (still not much now, but anyways) and as time goes by its existence become lost just like that.

Fast-forward 2009 when I enrolled to college. The thing is Blogspot is fairly easy to use/create, and I can't for the life of me remember the name of That Other Blog (or the fact that I own it altogether), so I wound up creating this blog. I used only one Gmail account (as opposed to 2 for Yahoo) and I was going through the old mail recently (or my fail attempt to actually organize it) when I found old mails from the English class and voila! I actually got 2 blogs! I found the blog! It's still exist! My memory came back to me! (Sorta).

The only problem now is that I used a different username when I first created it 5 years ago, (damn how long the time had passed...) and I can't use it now as it's another account (somehow) altogether. So I did some sort of try and error and yeah, long story short I gained the ownership back. :D


In order to actually give purpose to That Other Blog, I decided to dump any rant/pimping of songs/band that tend to take up space at the end of the posts sometimes (lol) there, and focus on anime/writing here instead. This way, I can organize stuffs better and not making this blog crowded much (ha!). I'm yet to decide whether I'll pimp one song in one post daily/once in 2 days or what, but I might update it regularly as opposed to this blog (really, this post took a bloody lot of time to make for a rant D:) as I don't plan on making it full with explanation or whatnot. The theme for the blog is simple (har har) as it also shall work as ones that might be a prompt generator for my writing. Like killing 2 birds with a stone! 


You can update your bookmark (lol as if anyone actually do that...right? /shifted eyes) with That Other Blog which unfortunately (?) also named Heiji Hatsutori with different subtitle than the ones here, if only because I'm utterly incapable of giving it a better name and my naming sense is inadequate at best, so yeah.

I am here now proud to introduce to you guys, That Other Heiji Hatsutori Blog! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・゚✧

Feel free to drop by and enjoy the music! :D

Now back to the first link related stuff.

Writing or The 5,000 Words Challenge Might Be Me Digging My Own Grave Somehow

Like the rarity that is a post in this blog, my writing had also become a rarity in itself, which is bad. So when I chance upon a challenge at a community in Lj last January (it always took something like this to get my brain cracking somehow), I geared to write something, anything really, and the result is Holding Onto Gravity (linked above), which was largely inspired by Nell's song of the same title and mini album along with a few others.

For an attempt of a comeback, this one-shot is one that gave me a hell of a mixed feeling the more I think about it. Of course, there's nothing but my own rustiness to blame for, but somehow, it feel kinda disjointed? Like the flow of the plot is jumbled up or weird or something. Which is a pity because I really, like really like the concept; the whole dimension-traveling and dystopia setting is one that I always like to explore and write (hell, this is the first attempt in sci-fi ever), but when I finally did, it...didn't come out like I thought it would, perhaps? Though that might be because I crammed everything up right before the deadline and end up typing the night away till 4AM, ha! I might rewrite this one on a different angle or something someday. Mostly because I can't leave it like this, I like it too much to drop it just like that. But the editor kinda likes it so I don't know? Tell me what you think.

Either way, there's another challenge (har har) which I already signed up for and the deadline's in 3 months, so all's good, except it's one where the minimum word count is 5,000 like whoaa. The editor was cackling when she heard this, and sure, I have a draft which I knew will get freaking long once written, but damn, 5,000! The average I've written were mostly 3000++, and the only 3 that exceed the 5000 mark are Timeless (8,000++ to my surprise), Prologue (more commonly known as Chapter 1, but duh, that one's inevitable I say -hell, the story's not even done yet- clocking in at 10,000++) and the long 3-shot a.k.a A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer (15,000++ like whoaaa seriously it's crazy but I love that one to bits ugh).

Still, I already signed up (with the editor as witness, all the while grinning like mad beside me orz) and the reason why I'm telling all this is so that it will finally dawned on me that I just signed myself for one hell of a ride with the challenge and yes, get that damn draft complete and actually start cranking now! So yeah. Also, feel free to hit me and remind me to get it done. Hell, you can even help with it if you want to! For starters, hmm....which one's cooler but more importantly, more practical; a semi-automatic, or a revolver? I'm inching on semi-auto for now, along the lines of a TT/Tokarev or the common Beretta 8000, but K100 is also not bad with the strong grip...yeah let's stop here. This can get out of hand real fast orz.

Continuing on.

Anime or Me Pimping Ghost In The Shell Because It Is Brilliant And You Should Watch It

I'm not kidding when I say I stopped downloading new episodes for months by now. Hell, the last one I really followed and finished was K (I'm avoiding the Wiki entry on this section for they intend to be spoiler-y and whatnot), and that was on the Fall season. I actually downloaded lots from that season, like Psycho Pass, Code Breaker etc, but somehow I stopped downloading somewhere along the way (because of the slow internet back then) and can't quite picked them up back. Instead, I took the easy route of torrent-ing down completed shows and dramas for my sis and discovering the awesome that is Ghost In The Shell. Really, I marathoned the first season of Stand Alone Complex, going cray cray over it, continuing with 2nd Gig, took a break but don't quite get over it so continue on with the 1995 original movie and later on Innocence like a boss. The only one I'm yet to watch is Solid State Society, but by the time the torrent's done I'm already full with manga reading so yeah. Though I will watch it; the draft I'm going through sorta require the knowledge on guns and usage and whatnot (explains the crazy naming of guns above) so yeah, call it research if you may (or why the hell are you going for that kind of story at the first place, but I digress). :P

I will pick up some shows and at the very least, finished downloading them (Psycho Pass, Shinsekai Yori, Code Breaker, Robotics;Notes too perhaps) now the internet is already fixed and fast and all, but yeah, we'll see. It'll be bad if I suddenly got caught up with watching them and neglecting the drafts now, have to take responsibility with the challenge and all, no? Though I did finish/marathon Black Rock Shooter in one sitting last night...


Manga or The Source Of Everything That May Or May Not Influence All The Cliffhangers

The main perpetrator for planting the sort of idea in my head are all those Seinen/Josei manga with similar theme-
  1. Number; the art is awesome, the story is awesome but I'd be damned if I saw that development coming!
  2. Ouroboros; gives me sorta Infernal Affairs vibe, and almost reach the same level of epic for me. But the detective's sharp enough I keep getting nervous that their relation'll get discovered. DDD:
  3. Dendrobates; the guy's almost as passionate being a cop as when he kills. It's crazy. D: And I keep wanting for his cover to be blown. Just to drive the detective crazy lol.
  4. and of course Ghost In The Shell (ha!)
-that totally rocks and awesome but one I find it hard to recommend to the editor because of the rated material it contains (sans Number, but there's other reasons for this one). Not to mention apart from-
  1. Jiraishin; which makes me go screaming at the screen "Idaaaaa!!" because the guy is badass like that and is out to give me heart attack every single damn time. I'm lucky it's already finished -marathon the whole thing in 2 days O_O- or I'll flip the laptop with each cliffhanger. Ida, I'll remember you as one of the best main character ever. You're the man! Really, the manga will be nothing without him
-all are still ongoing and the scanlation stops at cliffhanger and yeah, I don't really take well to that. So I go and read other style of manga only to have the same result-
  1. Aphorism; just when it gets so good! DDDD:
  2. Bokura no Kiseki; brick me but I have to shout this, damn you Nanaura! DDDDD:
  3. Akatsuki no Yona; just when they finally meet! DDDD:
  4. Haru no Houtai Shoujo; the guy heard them! Why so sharp new student! DDDD:
  5. Samurai Usagi; why you guys to have be there at such a bad timing! DDDD:
  6. Yaotsukumo; still can't forgive the last bubble on the last page! DDDD:
  7. Witch Craft Works; it's a new development on the freaking last panel! DDDD:
-and make me scream bloody murder at the screen-
  1. Hoshi wa Utau; the main culprit, I should know better when it comes to Takaya Natsuki-sensei, but really, I rant at Twitter like a madman after reading this and seriously somebody, anybody, give me the last volume now damnit! DDDDDD:
-so yeah, I assume that you can understand my position by now. Not that I'll stop reading because I swear all these titles are crazy good so go read them and if your luck is bad like mine feel free to rant with me. I understand your feelings perfectly (for better or for worse). 

Though it's still amazing how everything seems to connect to that draft somehow, ha!


Me or My Attempt To Put A Closure To This Damn Long Rant of A Post

In conclusion:
  •  That Other Blog is my 2nd blog which was technically my 1st and will basically be the place where I pimp my favorite songs/bands like a boss.
  •  Holding Onto Gravity was my attempt to come back in writing after 10 months and I like the idea so do give me feedback if you actually read it. Thanks!
  •  I signed for a challenge to write a 5,000 words minimum story as an attempt to really get on with writing but it's 5 freaking thousand OMG you better remind me to actually start cranking by now.
  • Ghost In The Shell is awesome and you should watch it because it's awesome and badass like that and it gives me reason and idea for the draft and works as research too so go watch it already.
  •  I read too many manga and most of them are still ongoing and the latest chapters stops at cliffhanger and make me rage at my screen/twitter or almost flip my laptop so go read them and rage with me.
  • This is crazy long and I won't apologize for that but if you actually read the whole bloody thing congratulations for procrastinating with me and feel free to rant at me back at the comment below. 
Till then,

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

~The sorta-accomplished-but-eh-who-cares Heiji.

Music of the Day: Foster The People - Call It What You Want

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