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Anime Spring 2013 Preview

As mentioned on the last post, I...didn't follow any single anime on Winter season, and despite the humongous effort and prediction for the Fall season, I only end up watching K (weekly) and Jormungand Season 2 (marathon). Hell, I didn't even realize that the list for Spring was out until I caught Random Curiosity's preview by chance. OTL

So to be frank I didn't really have that much enthusiasm for this preview like I usually did before, but going through the chart/preview with the 'editor' helps I guess, as we end up poking fun here and there for the lolz, and I was like, 'this will make a good post!' and also spazzing like no other at some of them so yeah, one thing lead to another I guess.

As usual, I'll still do the verdict, as there's still chances of me catching some shows or another because Spring seems to bring some good shows indeed when I actually should damn start working on the drafts so yeah. Maybe this will bring back the weekly anime-watcher in me? Perhaps!

For convenience sake or I'm just lazy like that, I skip all those:
  • Kiddie shows (because it'll make me repeat the comments and that's boring, unless I can find something to say)
  • Card games (because it make me woe at all the potential but I'll never watch it because OMG CARD GAMES WHY)
  • Sequels in which I'm yet to watch the prequel of (because the chances of me watching them will be 0)
  • Shorts like all those 5-minute comedy gag trend (refer to the ones on kiddie shows above)
Disclaimer: credits for the pictures which I basically just crop to Neregate's chart. And view the complete list at Crunchyroll. Also, click on the picture for clearer/bigger view. :)

Tl;dr I made a summary of list on the verdicts at the end of the review minus the ones I'm not watching.

I know Kara (well, duh) and kinda like their music (Lupin is still my jam at times) but I swear I did NOT see this coming. But then they are relevant enough in Japan now and whoever come up with this idea is a genius; marketing-wise. Sure, this might fall in the niche category and may seem catered for their fans, but there are chances of people giving it a try and exposing the group to a bigger audience, so yeah, it's a win-win situation. The girls will be the seiyuu to their own characters and naturally, provide the opening and ending song. Now, if only I can totally be sure of that Dongwoo Animation (I legit O_o at that); though some sources named a different studio altogether lol.

Verdict: Might check it out, it's just 5 episodes anyways. ( ̄ー ̄)

This is one manga I totally love and followed and end up dropping because of the slow internet connection and intended to pick up again but that should wait because it finally got an anime adaptation! \O/ I remember the manga as one filled with colorful characters and the mystery about Karoku and Nai is very well-handled. The fantasy world/setting is also interesting and the art makes it a lot more convincing. Plus for my favorite character Gareki being voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi-sama! I can legit fangirling now! Hahahaha!! XDDD Manglobe, don't ruin this!

Verdict: Watching! O(≧∇≦)O

And here comes the first of the many damn-long-title-and-surely-get-nicknames-light-novel-adaptation anime! The title, which roughly translated as My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected is a, well, rom-com (duh) and while the main guy doesn't sound as boring, it doesn't mean he is unique either. And of course the school's prettiest girl has to get involved somehow, and so their journey begins! ...or not. You see, me and rom-com rarely gets along, and this has the 'been there done that' vibe, so yeah.

Verdict: Not watching. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

I was tempted to remove this from the preview, if only because it makes me feel old enough OTL. Alas, this is one of those anime that make you think 'ah~ to be a kid again'. With the director of Doraemon and script writer from Cross Game, this can be a good one indeed, if only I can overcome the depressing feeling of actually not being a kid.

Verdict: Not watching. (´Д` )

If there's one anime I'll watch this Spring season (because my HD is still yet to be cleared for space) this will be it. No doubt. Me and my sister both agree that the promo picture alone is SO. AWESOME and enough to give this a try (I'm looking for a bigger version as of typing this FOUND IT!) but then this is the winner of the Kodansha’s shounen manga award and a nominee for the Manga Taisho award in 2011 like whoaaa, so yeah; legit checking. Plus Kamiya Hiroshi-sama has joined the cast! \O/ Call me biased, but that just solidifies it's status, not like it needs that, with Death Note director and Sawano Hiroyuki composing the soundtrack.

Tl;dr: This, is THE anime of the season. XD

Verdict: DEFINITELY WATCHING. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・゚✧

My first thought upon looking at the picture for the first time was 'OMG THEY DON'T HAVE LEGIT EYES WAIT THAT'S WRONG BUT NO REALLY WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR EYES?!' Other than that this seems cool and kinda original? I might look up the manga but really, THOSE. EYES. O_O

Verdict: Maybe. Will see the blogosphere reaction to it first. /legit scared ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Watase Yuu's work that I'm familiar with is Fushigi Yuugi, and while there a girl got sucked into the fantasy world, this time it's a switch between 2 boys. Looking at the plot, this sure seems full of potential, and I did come across the manga but haven't the opportunity to read it yet so yeah. Though for some reason I feel a bit reluctant for this? O_o? Call it intuition if you may.

Verdict: Maybe..? I don't know. Will check the reaction first. (-_-)ゞ゛ 

And of course, here it comes; the obligatory 3-girls-in-a-club-slice-of-life anime! Even the synopsis is straightforward like that ha!

Verdict: Not watching! (`ー´)

Now this is one rom-com adapted-from-light-novel anime I might be able to watch (notice the title's not as long, ha!); the characters are got personality (har har) and there's potential plot in self-searching or something. In a rom-com! At least it kinda got me intrigued, which is rare for this genre, so yeah.

Verdict: Maybe. Will see the blogosphere reaction to it first. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This totally gives a josei vibe, and while I never heard of the studio and don't really looked up for info about it, something about it just begs for me to check it out. And so I quick Google the title and found a post at Lost in America (the 2nd anime blog I often browse true after Random Curiosity) and a brief skim through confirms the josei part. And well, that basically seals it.

Verdict: Watching!  \(^ ^)/

So there's the generic protagonist. He meets a loli that destroyed the world. But wait, why's there lots of girls in the picture? And instead of date her why won't somebody kill her instead- wait that sounds wrong. Or is it? Well, at least that might make me consider this.

Verdict: Not watching. ┐(‘~`;)┌

I love the promo picture or I might just be a sucker for blur hue pictures but anyways, it looks good, or I may or may not realize the long flowing thing is her hair. Still, anyways this is looking real good till I read the synopsis and yeah...not as good. I don't get the thing about hairs, and I don't know? Got a feeling it might not really for me somehow. Depends on how it turns out I might check it day. I'm still yet to finish Mirai Nikki; be it the manga nor anime, so yeah.

Verdict: Not watching bordering on maybe. If only for the picture. /(;-_-)

Mecha. Ok. Call me ignorant or anything but mecha is one genre of anime I really want to like but still yet to find one that manage to prick my interest. The closest might be Eureka Seven and Gurren Lagann but I never get to finish those yet. Which is frustrating because for some reason I can handle mecha manga; I remember reading Gundam Seed Destiny and Kurogane Linebarrel halfway through along with another one that I forgot the title but sure it's Gundam because there's Char Aznabel ha! So yeah, unless it gave me another additional reason or something I'll skip for mecha anime - for now hopefully.

Verdict: Not watching. \(--)/

I know nothing about the Tanken Driland series but I was tempted to give this a try because the princess seems awesome. The only gripe I have and what probably stops me is the picture, ironically. Or rather, why is she chibi. Why is everyone chibi. Is this a totally chibi anime? Everything is chibi-fied or anything? Really, why, it's chibi. CHIBI. WHY.

Verdict: Not watching. щ(ಥДಥщ)

Really, if you're going for chibi, make it totally ridiculous, like this! I saw these figures somewhere before when it comes to blood types (but I can't remember where) and thought it's crazy cute or something (judge me all you want) so when I saw this I was like 'hahahahaha they got a freaking anime like whoaaa damn it I have to watch this lolol!' So there.

Verdict: Watching. (*´▽`*)

This is the very type of sci-fi anime I usually skip out but then there's Yamato. In space like whoaaa. Really, I end up skim through the Yamato page on Wikipedia for confirmation and blabber on about WWII and all the related history to my sister till I can see her eyes staring straight though the screen and head spinning with all the facts. To her chagrin, that sorta solidifies it and makes me want to check this out somehow. Maybe I'm random like that or the history nerd in me just rear its ugly head; I don't know orz. 

Verdict: Watching. (´∀`)

This looks good, but then it's kinda expected from P.A. Works anyways. Now, the story sounds typical (or I might just read too much fantasy manga these days) but the relation with Shinto legends makes this more interesting. Though have to admit it didn't strike my fancy at first glance, so we'll see how it goes I guess. 

Verdict: Maybe. Will see the blogosphere reaction to it first. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

I like photography, despite having not-so-much talent in it. An anime about guys taking pictures? Sure! Wait, of girls that leads to romance? Also 'spiritual successor to KimiKiss and Amagami' = NOOOOOOOOOO. Because I never watch either one and that's the style of romance I always find hard to swallow. So yeah. It's definite. Not even Madhouse can make me change that, perhaps.

Verdict: Not watching. \(〇_o)/

The promo picture at RC's preview strikes me so much (I think it's the 2nd after THE anime above) that I have it in the must watch list after a brief read of the synopsis. I'm not familiar with the game this is based from, and the summoning demons part can be a bit cheesy (though I survived the cheesy-fest that is Persona 4 The Animation weekly no less) but for some reason this really pulls at me so yeah, I'll be watching- wait, it's Kamiya Hiroshi-sama. Make it definitely watching. (I swear you want to brick me by now for being such a fangirl, hohoho~)

Verdict: Watching. (人´∀`*)

And we get a mermaid out of nowhere. There's one mermaid-related anime in my HD before, one that I can't for the life of me remember the name now but if I can recall correctly that one is totally different than this. I mean, this mermaid is a heavy drinker and speaking in a freaking dialect! So yeah, comedy stuff. Watching? Hmm...not now, I guess. Though I might see how it goes in the blogosphere for this, or check the manga out. Depends.

Verdict: Not watching. (・_・ヾ

This sounds like a very typical fantasy plot ever and I'm not familiar with the game but then there's Gonzo. Sure, that itself doesn't mean as much as it once did, but maybe this is not that bad after all. Maybe I'll check out how the overall hype on it goes when the series end ha! Or maybe not.

Verdict: Not watching. (゜-゜)

Call me bias but the only reason this is included is because the promo picture got the epic Son Goku. Yes, he's the ultimate childhood hero of mine and this is highly appropriate ok! If only I'm the least familiar or interested in Toriko...

Verdict: Not watching. (ノД`)・゜・。

I prefer the promo picture at RC's better if only because the image of the mecha is clearer. I already state my case with mecha anime in general above, so there's no repeating there but really, even I know this is ridiculous but I was staring at the mecha when suddenly the image of cyclops pops in my head. I mean there's a yellow kind of a laser (?) at the eyes so this is a cyclops mecha! Like whoaaa! And my sister likes it so much she can't take this seriously anymore ha! Sorry, Sunrise.

Verdict: Not watching. ( ̄~ ̄;)

A dystopia sci-fi can be a hit-or-miss but this got Urobuchi Gen so yeah, legit checking (never mind I'm yet to finish downloading Psycho Pass). It also helps that the last writing piece I did almost become this style of sci-fi (except not really) and thus renewed my interest in the genre (at least when there's dystopia involved somehow). Copying RC because these words are nothing but true - everyone should give this series a try before it’s all said and done.

Verdict: Watching. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I'm tempted to watch this if only because it is so different than the usual anime I watched before. Sure, corporate may seem like boring stuffs but having spent 3 years in college with computer related classes with a dash of business (e-commerce) gave a somewhat profound appreciation and interest for the culture. So yeah, just hoping I'm not the only one kinda expecting this one orz.

Verdict: Watching. (´ω`★)

I came across the manga a couple of times already (because the title has become somewhat familiar with me) but never get around to actually pick it up. The premise is okay, and totally can see the hilarity ensues with the situation the maou-sama got entangled in, so yeah, let's see if I can go and actually pick the manga up. Really, somehow it doesn't appeal to me? But it can actually be good? I don't know? Yes, the last one.

Verdict: Not watching. Maybe. 【・ヘ・?】

This gives the creepy vibe so bad it's so good. I've been tempted to clear off my HD and download the manga for quite some time now but I guess that can wait because I'll catch up via the anime first. The synopsis may seem typical and all but when comparing it with School Days makes it an understatement you know this is no joking material. Plus the director of Mushi-shi is back! \O/

Verdict: Watching. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

This seems like the hot-blooded shounen stuff and I can always have one to follow weekly but then it seems that there's lots of blood (still fine) and gore (okay) cause of the bugs (oka- wait what?) that rampages the city. Now, my sister already shivers violently at that but then there's bugs. I'm fine with them in overall (though cockroaches is a bit...yeah) so an anime about massive bugs rampaging should be okay...I think? I...check out the screencaps for it first I guess. And maybe that can explain the hero wearing what seem like a maid outfit accessory (?) on his head.

Verdict: Maybe. It all comes down to the bugs. MASSIVE BUGS OMGGGG. (/.\)


And that's it! For info on OVA or movies check out the original chart because I'm lazy like that.

So copying from my last season preview post (har har) my watching list for the season (because I change my mind depends on my level of procrastinating with them and also the space available in my HD orz) might be something like this;


01-Shingeki no Kyojin (a.k.a THE anime of this season)
03-Otona Joshi no Anime Time
04-Ketsuekigata-kun (har har)
05-Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199
06-Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
07-Suisei no Gargantia
08-Asian Risshiden no Shima Kousaku
09-Aku no Hana

The will-download-and-watch/see-from-there a.k.a watching/dropped-if-it-doesn't-grab-me list:

01-Kara The Animation
02-RDG Red Data Girl

The on-the-fence-and-maybe list:

01-Glass no Kamen Desu ga
02-Arata Kangatari
03-Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
04-Hataraku Maou-sama

So there's 16 series altogether, with 9 on the definitely watching list and now I need spaceeeee damnit!. And aside from Ketsuekigata-kun all of them are/bordering on serious stuffs! /cries

Perhaps I'll go and continue downloading Shirokuma Cafe for the kicks. Or maybe because I might need it.

Oh well, here's hoping it will all be good! Excited! \O/

~The professional-procrastinator-by-now Heiji.

Music of the Day: Keane - Perfect Symmetry

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