Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xia Junsu's "Kanashimi no Yukue" (or the one ballad by Junsu-sama I never seem able to get bored of)

Sadness, please do not weep, even though we can see almost nothing
The memories are by our side, forever and ever
For me, happiness changing is more lonely, than happiness coming to an end

Xia Junsu. (2010). Kanashimi no Yukue (The Whereabouts of Sadness)

For some reason there's no audio only video for the song at Youtube (which is mostly because of copyright issues I guess) so the fancam is the best I can get; though that'll be like having a huge bonus since it's heavenly live singing instead of the recorded version.

That aside, Xia Junsu (or Junsu-sama from now on because I'm bias like that) has one of my most favorite voice in K-Pop, and it's distinctive enough that I can recognize it easily in TVXQ or JYJ songs (wiki him or the groups for more info). But as much as I like his voice and all that jazz, he still don't escape the ballads-bored-the-hell-out-of-my-skull curse.

Luckily for Junsu-sama (and me as his fan; imagine the disaster if I wound up being unimpressed with his ballad every time! D:), Kanashimi no Yukue is amazing.

Sure it's simple, the melody are mostly a piano ballad with string arrangement, but it's far from being monotonic (my main problem with ballads are they tend to be generic and blend together with all other ballad songs -forgettable is the word I think-) for this song is just. so. beautiful from the start to the end note.

Hell, everything about this song can be described as gorgeous; the melody, the arrangement, the lyrics (it helps the song is in Japanese as I can understand the lyric slightly better than Korean) and of course, Junsu-sama gives the song the justice it deserves with his heartbreaking delivery.

(And apparently he cried a bit watching the drama this song became the theme-in, which reminds me I might need to look it up soon).


I'm not a ballad person. And regardless of bias and all if the song is boring I'll flatly say it's boring. Hell Junsu-sama is my first bias in the entirety of Kpop fandom and I love his voice so much but even then I won't go out and say I like all his songs because unfortunately there are times that his songs fall into the generic ballad category.

But when a gem like this appears, I'll worship it like mad because when a ballad manage to impress, it leaves a huge mark in me. And Kanashimi no Yukue is well on its way to be inducted in my Awesome-Ballad-Like-Whoa hall of fame.

Now to wait for new songs from him after the amazing Incredible album last year (which reminds me the ballads in that album -Don't Go especially- are also worthy to be inducted; though I might have a miniscule bias towards Kanashimi no Yukue).

Though if I am to be perfectly honest; I'll be over the moon if he release something like Chocolate Girl again, because Junsu-sama and jazz actually works so well it's crazy.

Oh well, we should just wait and see what he comes up with next I guess.

Till then.


~ the Junsu-sama-fan-since-2008 Heiji

Music of the Day: Xia Junsu - Chocolate Girl (sorry I can't resist lol)

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