Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Seo Taiji's "F.M Business" (or the boss criticizing the music business since 2004)

In there, in the center
We are stupidly standing there

Seo Taiji. (2004). F.M Business

Finally it's back to rock (ha!) and as far as Korean rock artists go, Seo Taiji is THE man.  Sure, there's Linkin Park and Nell (of course) but his brand of rock simply screams quality songwriting to me, and when he does alternative rock; damn, dude's a genius.

But then he literally is the one to start the modern Korean music in the '90s. Think The Beetles for Korea and it's Seo Taiji. Bar none. Wiki him up if you don't believe me.

I first discover the man when somehow I wound up downloading his T'ik T'ak MV and seriously, the song, the MV; it blows my mind like you have no idea and then as what new fan would do, go on the internet for info, listen to more songs and plunge head first into the fandom.

No, really, the extent of my love for the song rivals all the feels I have for The Ending on 2012 and Mirrors last year. It's my 2009's Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year and hell, maybe Artist of the Year too had I not having too much heartache over the TVXQ/JYJ/SM debacle.

(In making this post I had a debacle myself; whether to go with T'ik T'ak or F.M Business, but then I'll talk about the former either way so might as well make it the latter; 2 is better than 1 lol.)

The Great Seotaiji Symphony with Tolga Kashif and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra he did sealed everything though; no words are sufficient enough to describe the perfection. Seriously, Youtube it.

Alas, the song for today is F.M Business (with the "F.M" in the title stands for "Fucked up Music") and it's unfair to compare, but I remember ranting to my sister about my disappointment with Linkin Park's Guilty All The Same (I still don't get over this, apparently) and when talked about the lyric I simplified it by saying "Seo Taiji did it better way back then in F.M Business" and lo and behold the song was a freaking 10 years ago.

And it totally drives the point home when I looked up the lyric properly and it strikes me that be it 2004 or 2014, the music industry had hardly change in South Korea, for the lyric is even more relevant now than before, with the abundance of idols and all.

Don't get me wrong; I'm a fan of idols too but even then it's music first singer/idol 2nd.

Unless it's Nell. Because dude, it's Nell.


F.M Business deserves a post today because it's not just about the lyrics, but the song, the melody too is awesome. It's the alternative rock I really get on board with and stand right up there in my all-time fav songs list. Hell, it's in the same vein as my nostalgia-filled Linkin Park songs from back then.

(This shows my taste in music is really driven by this kind of style after all. Go figure.)

I'm yet to listen to all of Seo Taiji's songs, though I'm in particular is really curious on Ultramania; which is a freaking nu metal and hardcore punk record of all things. And despite being a rock fan, I'm not that big on metal as a genre, but I have mad respect for the man dubbed 'the President of Culture' in Korea that I'm willing to give it a try.

I mean, I even liked dubstep in yesterday's post, surely I can survive anything now, really.

And kudos to Seo Taiji for making great music; I wouldn't believe 7th Issue (the album this song is in) was released a decade ago, as it still sounds fresh to me, despite the evolution in music.

Though now I can't help but wonder if I didn't know Linkin Park back then, will In The End hit me like it did when I discover it more than 10 years ago.

But then I might not even be rock fan had that happen, I guess.

Till then,


~the perhaps-a-hardcore-rock-fan Heiji

Music of the Day: Of Monsters and Men - Yellow Light

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