Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Glasses (a.k.a THE most important object in my life)

I was mulling about today's topic and letter, and was half-convinced to write about the manga and anime Giant Killing, but I need to re-read the whole thing again and I don't even remember half the character's name either so that's how I come to write about glasses, of all things.

But then, I'm a glasses person. Like, I've been wearing it since I was 8 and I spent more than half of my life having it perched on top of my nose. I don't remember how many exactly I've owned up to this point, but last night while lazing about and talking to my sister on the phone I wound up taking it off and sorta hit it or something, resulting in one of the lenses to fall off the frame.

Needless to say it freaks me out so bad.

Luckily I got an old one for emergency (though the lenses are scratched up hard from long period of usage; yet still usable) so now I'm typing this while the current glasses still in the case because I forgot to borrow the very-small screwdriver from my dad and fixed it.

Or, chances I'll ask him to fix it for me later.


Glasses, for all that people use it as accessory, is one thing I can't live without. I remember writing a sakubun (essay) for oral test in my Japanese class and the topic was The Most Important Object in Your Life and while everybody wrote about laptop, cellphone, etc, I wrote and talk about megane (glasses), to my sensei's amusement.

But then my eyesight was that bad, and I drive the point home by stating that without it I won't even be able to recognize the people on the row in front, so yeah.

(No, really. There was a time where my glasses broke and I literally run into a wall. It hurts.)

Some of my friends had been switching into contacts, and while the idea is, -for the lack of a better word- interesting, the thought of putting a thin object right on the eyeball is not appealing to me. I mean, what if it slips off and get into the back of the eyeball when you blink? Or if it gets too dry and stick close and you can't get it off?


I'll stick with my glasses, thank you very much.

And I think that as long as I live you won't see me without it; it's the 2nd thing I grab when I first get up every morning after all (the first being the cellphone/watch to see the time). Besides, nobody will be able to recognize me without glasses; my face without the frame covering the top-half of it looks foreign even to yours truly lol.

And that reminds me; there's an anime about guys that loves glasses and make a glasses club (or megane-bu in Japanese). I never got around to check it out, so being fellow glasses person maybe I'll do just that later. Ha!

So, the point of this post is...I don't know, maybe glasses are cool? Yeah, let's go with that.

Glasses are cool yo!

/smack self to oblivion

Till then,

( ∙_∙) ( ∙_∙)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

~the forever-glasses-person Heiji

Music of the Day: Saltnpaper - Heart Storm

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