Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for BANKS' "Brain" (a.k.a my pick for the best English Song of the Year so far)

Trying to look smart
But not too smart to threaten anything they say

-BANKS. (2014). Brain.

Sure it's just April, and it's way too early to be talking about best-of-the-year list, but I first listen to this on 2nd of February (how fitting with today's post) and 2 months later I still can't get over how. good. this. song. is.

I mean, had Nell didn't come up with Sunshine and give me all the feels akin to The Ending (which was my Song of the Year for 2012) this will be a sure way pick as THE song of the year. But, as far as English songs are concerned, this is a definite top pick, bar none.

Or perhaps I can choose two songs of the year?


I chance upon this song by a post at Tumblr, and the lyric inserted with the audio post caught my interest, but as soon as her vocal starts I got chills running down my spine. And when she screams the lyrics as the song reach the climax? I'm already off to Google and download the song. Like, I can't even remember when I was last so, so impressed by a song as a whole; the sound, the vocals, the lyrics, the mood of the song - everything just blends together in a perfect atmosphere.

Though it's funny how the singer remains virtually unknown to me, for I can't bring myself to listen to her other songs, as I'm afraid I wound up being too critical since I love this a tad too much. I do plan on checking out her discography someday, so hopefully I'll find more gems like this. Of course, I'll be checking out MTV and radio for possible contender while repeating this till oblivion.

Or I can always go back to Nell. (Sorry, but that's how I roll.)

Till then,

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

~the-very-bias Heiji

Music of the Day: Kwon Jin-ah - See Through

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