Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Kuroshitsuji (or me being excited as hell for Book of Circus damnit)

I'm a fan of Kuroshitsuji; like, a huge one for I've been following the manga for years now and still get so excited whenever there's new chapter's out. Of course, that also means I've already watched both season of the anime, and while I've got some issues with the 1st season it's still generally good to me. But the 2nd season was so bland and boring I like to pretend it never existed. Seriously.

So when there's announcement of a new anime series I found myself more worried than happy because the manga is so. good. and the anime had hardly give it the full justice it deserved (in my opinion) until the announcement mentioned the Circus arc.

Needless to say I was screaming bloody murder like, freaking. finally.

As always, here's the proof:

And also:

There's not much I can say without spoiling things away; but Circus arc is one of the top fan-favorite arc in the manga (judging from the overall excitement in the fandom; though I myself slightly prefer the Ship Voyage arc) while Murder arc (which is going to be an OVA) is my personal favorite due to the sinister nature of it.

In other words, this is going to be awesome. Make it AWESOME. Yeah, much better.

No, seriously. If you've watched the 1st season, forget the ending (with the arc being my least fav part in the whole affair; basically I don't like the anime-only arc that much for some reason). If you've watched the 2nd season, again, forget the ending. If you don't watch any yet, well...up to you though I can hardly recommend the 2nd season- scratch that, ignore the 2nd season. Yes. Or you can ignore me instead, decision's yours to make. 

But regardless of everything, Book of Circus is going to be so. good. and I'm so excited like you have no idea.

Now to wait for the release date of Book of Murder and scream to oblivion.

Till then,


~the fangirling-like-mad Heiji

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