Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Linkin Park (and the ups and down of being a fan a.k.a Guilty All the Same makes me rant)

If you follow/know me long enough, you'll know that Linkin Park is a huge band for me. It's literally the first band I really am a fan of since I can remember and Hybrid Theory is the first album I really get obsessed with, thanks to the introduction did by a classmate way back then. Like, more than a decade ago, yeah.

Since then I tried to closely followed the news of the band (I have a friend back in high school who talked to me at first and become close afterwards because of our shared intense-fangirling of the band. Go figure) but I still am late in all things Linkin Park, somehow.

Because I just found out that the band's having a new album coming this June and there's a single released last March and available on their Youtube page and it really shows how I'm really not that much of a Youtube person because I just listened to the song for the first time despite subscribing to the said page. Obvious fail is obvious. OTL.

Which leads to me contemplating the ups and down of being a fan, or the woes that is common in the LP fandom for years now, which is easy to tell; simply quick skim through the first page of the comment section at Youtube for this video and you get the general idea.

(Afterwards are my summary from the conversation I happen to come across. By all means this should not be taken as representation of the whole fandom.)

So, if the comments are to go by; largely there's two kinds of people; one that prefers the old-style-epic-angst-territory Hybrid Theory or the ones that prefer the maturing of the band as they consider A Thousand Suns a masterpiece.

Now, Hybrid Theory and Meteora are THE masterpieces to me; I grow up worshiping the albums to death and still consider it legit enough to remain a fan, despite the change in sound of the band. I like to think that I, too, mature alongside them, for there's no way the 16-year-old-rock-heavy fan Heiji will be able to listen to Korean ballad back then, just like how the taste in music for 20+ Heiji has expanded in range to include the said Korean ballad.

A couple of years ago I may rule out A Thousand Suns as my least favorite album but maybe it will change in due time, as the listening experience adapt to the complex sounds. But in truth I still prefer Living Things compare to A Thousand Suns though, simply because I really can't grow fond of Waiting For The End, while Minutes to Midnight kinda fall in the middle gap between the two early album and the later two.

Regardless, this comes to a (dreadfully) exciting observation come June; where will The Hunting Party falls in the list?

I know I shouldn't judge a song by just one listen; there are a lot of instances where a song I hated at first listen grow on me tremendously a month or two later, but Guilty All The Same contributes to the dreadfully part at the sentence above.

Long story short, the song is so underwhelming I feel so bad typing this out because I want to like it simply because I'm a fan but I can't because I'm picky as hell on my music even when it comes to my favorite band. Hell, there are songs of Nell that I'm not fond of; and they are my number 1 band as of this moment, so yeah.

I don't know what's the problem, but the first 1 minute goes and I was like 'is this simply instrumental?' and by the time the vocal of Chester kicks in I was getting tired of the repeating sound already. I like instances where there's a instrumental-only part in songs; like Nell's The Ending or Disagree's Suicide Note, but when it generally being too repetitive it bored me.

(For the record Asian Chairshot's Girl wins for awesome long instrumental intro; the build up never gets boring and is really amazing.)

Back to LP though, being bored at 1 minute plus of a song is not a good sign.

But Chester saves the song, (somewhat) and the lyric is good, (typical LP style of lyric if I may say so myself) but then the rap happens and I swear I cringe so hard like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Seriously, I don't know the rapper, so I can't really fault him without listening to a couple of his songs, but sorry, the rap in Guilty All The Same is so bad I was like 'what what what why OTL.'

It's like, he can't decide to rap or sing? Because there's a part that it doesn't seem like a rap and I was dumbfounded as heck and can't get my head around it. It blows my mind...not in a good way. More like it confused the hell out of me.

Maybe it'll get better once I give it a couple more listen, but when the song ends I was so underwhelmed by everything it makes me fear for the album itself. Which is unfair, because judging an album from 1 song never works. Like Foster The People's Torches; I'm not fond of Pumped Up Kicks, but I still like the album because of the other songs in it.

So I still going to anticipate The Hunting Party like a fan I am, but abruptly, I'll keep my expectation low, lest I get sorely disappointed. Looking back, that's what I should do with every releases, but it's hard when it's a band/artist that you're a fan of; the anticipation is hard to tone down. 

Now I fear for the next Nell's release; considering the fact that they never let me down so far, and Mew's; because I swear I've been waiting for that damn new record for years now and all this waiting gets the anticipation hurdle over the roof it's crazy.

Prayer circle for The Hunting Party to be good, and for Mew to drop the record by this year (or not. OTL)


If all else fails I'll just stick to Nell; Newton's Apple is beyond amazing.

Till then,

( ̄◇ ̄;)

~the anxious-yet-still-excited-(sorta) Heiji

Music of the Day: Daughter - Tomorrow

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