Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Formula 1 (or me trying to talk about how Bahrain's race was so fabulous it's awesome)

I'm a fan of Formula 1, and my first memory of watching it was way back in elementary school period with Michael Schumacher duking it out with Mika Hakkinen, both in Ferrari and McLaren respectively; however long years ago that was.

Since then I've been following the races; and long period of been away from home (I've been staying in hostels starting from when I was 13) prompts me to follow the news instead. Still, I can call myself a huge fan of the sport in general, though team orders and FIA at times remain the one thing that irks me from thoroughly enjoying the race sometimes, (and reasons why I slightly prefer MotoGP; which I started watching along the similar time period).

But, I can truly say that last night's Bahrain's race (it started at 11PM here) was one of the most fabulous race I've seen in recent memory. It doesn't help that there's adrenaline carried over from watching the badminton Men's Singles finals of India Open between Lee Chong Wei (congratulations on the win! \O/) and Chen Long prior to the race; damn it was exhilarating.

The thing that I love the most about motorsports racing is overtaking maneuvers, and I'll be damned if there's not lots of them last night. But if I can summarize the whole thing; it'll be the Battle of the Teammates. Seriously, everyone's battling their teammates at certain points (with the two Mercedes boys taking it to a next level. Yay for no team orders!) Which is awesome.

Highlights of the race:

  • The two Mercedes boys who's out to give me heart attack from the get go all the way to the checkered flag. Though it shows how pro both drivers are that they manage to bring the car home without one of them tripping the other up or something. I was pretty sure Rosberg can snatch the first place at some point judging from how demon-like he's attacking, but kudos to Hamilton for brilliant defensive driving. Also the smiles and mock-fight after they get out of the car to celebrate the 1-2 finish is heartwarming. Friendship between drivers make me so happy, okay.
  • The Force India getting 2nd place in World Constructor Championship. Seriously, who saw that one coming? Kudos to Perez for snatching the 3rd place podium, though Hulkenberg is a delight to watch. It cracked me up whenever he's in front of Alonso and holding the former world champion up; reminded me of last year's Singapore race lol.
  •  Maldonado ramming at the side of Gutierrez's Sauber, causing a 360 somersault in the air. It's scary. Good thing he's not hurt! (Though dude's comment when he was hit was 'wow what was that?!' like, dude.) -credit gif from duck7-motorsports
The crash
  •  Felipe Massa's stunning start of the race. Like, he just pass through the middle of the track like it's no one else business and snatch 3rd place at turn 1. Like a boss yo.
  • Bottas going off track to avoid ramming into the back of Raikkonen's Ferrari at turn 1 (I don't remember who's the 3rd car he tried to overtake; a Lotus I think?). I don't know he just seem so pro and quick to react in order to avoid the potential disaster. 
  • Safety car comes out and reduce the gap advantage between cars, because it makes the last 10 laps of the race so. much. better.  
  • And of course, the battle of teammates; and Ricciardio having a go at Vettel gives me so much life somehow.

 Meanwhile, the not so highlight:

  • Button having to retire on his 250th Grand Prix racing. Too bad McLaren can't seem to work the magic they did in Australia before.
  • Ferrari. Seriously, I can't imagine how frustrating it would be for both Alonso and Raikkonen to watch Mercedes' powered Force India and Williams breeze past them like it's nothing.
  • FIA's seemingly weak penalty on the Maldonado-Gutierrez incident. The internet was on rage like you have no idea.

Alas, the bottom line of this post is; if you happen to have the opportunity to watch the re-run of the race; do it. There's so much awesomness in 57 lap and it really gets the adrenaline pumping like you have no idea.

Here's hoping the China race will be half as exciting!

While at that, seriously, watch Bahrain's.

Till then,


~the avid-sports-watcher Heiji

Music of the Day:  The Fray - How To Save A Life

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