Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for TOXIC's "Pheromone" (a.k.a the hybrid rock song that really brings out the quality of the band's sound)

I am dragged to you, I don’t know why
The instinct is waking me up since way before

TOXIC. (2013). Pheromone.

I've been a fan of the band when I first watch the KBS reality show Top Band and while there's a lot of bands that attracted me along the course of the competition, I kinda figured out that Toxic will emerge victorious, and true to my prediction, they do become the winner of the 1st season of the show.

I highly suggest you watch it though it's kinda hard looking for the subtitled version now; there's so much band and so much awesome in one competition; a band-music fan like me is hard pressed to choose just one favorite. XD

Alas, Toxic caught my eye for being a 2-member band yet can come up with so much complex sound, which earns them the 'genius' title when they were in the show. Like, they just did everything themselves; there's the vocal/guitar/keyboard and drummer/rapper/Fx. (Pardon me for not knowing their names OTL)

So when they make their debut, I was fully expecting them to go with a heavier rock sound but Lonely is a tad mellow than what I used to from them (understandable since it's their first outing and all) though there's notable heavy sound in other songs in the EP.

Still it worries me if they are going to go with that style instead and follow the mainstream.

Until Pheromone happened.

I mean, I'm more than willing to take this as their 'official' debut instead because hell, this song is so. good and so Toxic-like it's amazing. There's the heavy guitar sound (of course, the Van Gogh guitar is always so unique no matter how many times I see it, ha!), the chilling keyboard, and the drummer sing/rap half the song, which makes it like both of them are vocals lol. Not like I'm complaining or anything.

I'm yet to listen to that one song they did for Two Weeks OST (since I still wound up listening to Nell's Run from the said OST instead) but I will take just about anything they ever come with by now. Lonely grows tremendously on me despite the initial reaction and Pheromone convinces me that they don't shed their sound away just yet, which means they can now tread on even ground regardless of what sound they are coming up with next.

I can live with that, really. Hell I've managed to stick with Linkin Park all these years, and that band had gone so many ways already, surely I can stand by Toxic regardless.

After all, evolution is good, and I for one am really excited to see how Toxic the band will grow. 

Till then,


~ the flexible-fan Heiji

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