Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quest (or my journey towards writing a post for a letter Q)

In all the days I'm writing a post for the AtoZ challenge thus far, none had given me as much headache as today; for the letter Q.

I can just screw it and simply wrote 'Q',  but I'm not sure if it'll break any rule or anything, until a random search at Wikipedia states that quest is a journey towards a goal, and in a way this post might essentially be about that damn letter anyway, thus quest it is.

Call me cheating my way out with a random post, for this will be nothing but simply me describing my weird line of thinking outside of the box (or, outside of the right vocabulary because that's how I roll) but I'll say it's the perks of having the ability to twist things up, ha!


I started the quest by running down some options; quick, quantity, quality, quartz, quarter, quit, and I'm quite fixated on queen at some point, only to drop it off because I've no idea what to write about it.

And then I let my mind wander out of frustration, and bad evil ideas crop out. 

The first is using Q in pronunciation and change it to 'kyuu', which means the number 9 in Japanese (kinda like the concept used in Haruki Murakami's 1Q84, with the Q replacing the 9 in 1984 to differentiate the two different world in the setting of the book -which reminds me I really need to finish the third book of the trilogy sometime ugh OTL-).

With that I can switch it up with talking about anything in a series of nine; to keep up with the Q = kyuu = 9 theory.

(Result: scrapped because that's stretching it too far.)

And then there's the idea of using it as a moniker to a name, like Kyu in Detective School Q. In my defense, the Malaysian printing of the manga literally use the letter Q as his name; and it isn't until I searched the manga online that I know his name is actually Kyu lol.

Though following that line of thought, maybe I ought to just go and write about Kyuhyun and cheat by typing it as Qhyun..nah, that's taking it too far, like the kyuu idea above.

In the end I just decided to give up and go to Wikipedia to literally search about the damn letter and I almost headdesk straight to the keyboard when I found out that it is the 2nd-least-common letter in English, and I'm not even a native speaker of the said language.

Basically even Wiki decides to screw me up royally today.

Of course, let's not talk about how I will be damned regardless in the upcoming posts; (I cringed at the thought of ransacking my brain for X and THE least-common letter in English; Z) Seriously, English, why.

But then there's quest; the word I see common enough but never thought of using it properly before and watching the 3rd episode of Mushishi before I start thinking calmly and rationally (?) again prior to it helps a lot. Really, it's like I achieved a zen-state of mind or something.

So I open Blogger, type the title; Q is for Quest (or my journet towards writing a post for a letter Q), and here we are. At least, I finished one post; however random and insignificant this rambling turns out to be.

But that's why I have the 'I'm Sooooo Random' tag at my disposal; as that's the one true tag that perfectly describes this post and me in a nutshell.

And if we really want to get down to it; well, this is my blog, so screw it I do whatever I want! Muahahaha-

/gets bricked by random lurker for being obnoxious as hell

Till then,


~the random-as-hell Heiji

Music of the Day: The National - Fireproof


  1. I think Q for Quest is a good choice for this post. The A to Z Challenge is a bit of a Quest really, isn't it? Trying to get from A to Z and visiting all the letters in between. ;-)

    Q gave me a bit of pause too.

    1. You think so? That's great! Out of all the posts this one is the most challenging; and if I do decides on joining this again next year I ought to plan better, I guess. OTL

      Indeed it is; now that you put it that way. It's amazing how often I checked my vocabulary in the span of one month for the challenge, ha!

      Sorry for saying it like this, but I'm glad I'm not alone in that. But then, maybe that's why Q is a charming letter (in my opinion); it's just that rare, perhaps.