Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Haikyuu!! (or how sports manga owns my life)

I'm currently in the mood of going through sports manga like my life depends on it or something. Like, I can't even read other manga that is not sports-oriented because I can't seem to put an ounce of interest in them, to my horror.

Currently I'm in deep with Daiya no A/Diamond no Ace (or the one baseball manga that single-handedly ruins my life so hard I go and read all the spoilers -for the record it's still ongoing- because my heart can't take all the feels OTL) and Haikyuu!! which is the first sports manga I read about volleyball. 

It all starts when I re-read Eyeshield 21 (which is about American football of all things and really, Murata Yuusuke-sensei's art is godly) and goes on to read the whole volumes of the legendary Slam Dunk (basketball) in record time. Needless to say, with my tv also conquered with sports (there's the MotoGP or F1 race on the weekend, among the sprinkler of other things, like badminton last Sunday) it comes off as no surprise that my interest is heavily influenced by it.

Still, there's a reason why Haikyuu!! is the main topic of the day; the anime has just airing the 1st episode for Spring season anime and it's set to break the iron rule of sports anime watching in me; weekly-watching. The rule was set simply because I can't handle the weekly cliffhanger; Giant Killing killed me on weekly basis when it was airing before.

Sure, there's lots of other anime that pull off the cliffhanger card on regular basis (begrudgingly reminded self on last season's Hamatora) but with sports, it's just pure agony. Which might be also why as much as I love sports manga, the anime counterpart rarely receive the same amount of love from me, with notable exceptions like Ookiku Furikabutte, Chihayafuru, and Adachi Mitsuru-sensei's Cross Game.

But then, even these three anime didn't escape the rule; I marathoned Oofuri and straight away go through the 2nd season, I attempt to follow Chihayafuru weekly but I enjoyed it more when I marathon a couple of episodes straight, and Cross Game with it's 50 episode run is a no-brainer.

(Ironically, Free! become the wild animal in which I enjoyed the weekly-watching, perhaps because it doesn't have a manga and doesn't really feel like a sports anime but a slice-of-life with a dash of sport instead of one that is heavily sports-oriented like the aforementioned titles above, lol.)

Perhaps, it's also the reason why I'm so reluctant to watch Daiya no A, despite my immerse love for the manga, along with Yowamushi Pedal and Kuroko no Basuke (the two in which I have to re-read again because I lost count where I stopped reading. But, really now, it's unforgivable how sad the damn basketball manga can be sometimes that I came to call it Kanashii no Basuke instead OTL)

I do plan on picking up the anime soon, and to be frank I still have no idea why I'm so convicted to watch Haikyuu!! weekly instead (I partly blame this on all the sports-feels I have lately) but I'm half-convinced it's because I'm terribly curious how Kamiya Hiroshi-sama will voice the teacher-in-charge Takeda-sensei.

That, and because I can't wait to see Nishinoya-senpai. Animated. Like whoaa.

Besides my weekly watching is still restricted to just Mushishi for now (since I don't have the mood to watch other stuff...) so might as well add one more. Or Daiya no A too. Or Yowamushi Pedal too if I got space to spare.

Regardless of how it goes this just means that I'm screwed, eh?


While at that, if you like sport and manga, go and read most of the titles linked, though scratch that; read Haikyuu!! first and talk to me about it. Or watch the anime. Basically all of them got good anime though I won't recommend Eyeshield 21's; the anime (as much as it pains me to say this) don't give the manga justice. Hell with all the reboot some series are getting I'm crossing my fingers for a reboot of Eyeshield 21 following the manga and using the godly art of the manga. Seriously, THE art makes me hailing Murata Yuusuke-sensei as THE mangaka when it comes to illustration. Bar none.

Alas, I really need to shut up now and go re-read some more sports manga.

I'm hopeless.


Till then,


~the crazy-over-sports-manga Heiji

Music of the Day: Nell - Hopeless Valentine


  1. OH MY GOD I loved H2. It pretty much cemented my love of Baseball as a sport. I was more into the Slam Dunk anime than the manga (Mainly because I wasn't so fond of the art).

    I don't suppose Chihayafuru counts as a "sports manga"? Yeah, I didn't think so.

    These days I've become obsessed with food and drink manga. Plodding through "Bartender" now...

    1. Sorry for the super late reply OTL.

      I think I re-read H2 for 3 times already and it still remain fresh every single time; such is the power of Adachi Mitsuru-sensei's storytelling. Though I skip out on the anime because it's too long lol. Baseball is not big here in my country; so my only way to know them is through manga, and it's Ookiku Furikabutte for me. Though of course H2 is amazing too. :)

      It's been so long since I catch some episodes of Slam Dunk and I remember missed the ending so in that sense I like the manga more, ha! And on the contrary I love the art; it's like it's alive or something.

      I just count it as sports manga because Karuta is a sport? But I agree it doesn't have the traditional feel of sports manga like the other titles.

      That's one genre of manga I really want to get into but yet to do so! I've watched the Bartender anime despite not drinking myself; and it's charming, if I have to put in a word. Any recommendation on good title? :D