Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Writer's Block Demon (or me waging a war on the entity that conquers my brain most of the time)

For someone who (allegedly) called oneself as a (sorta) amateur writer I am one who unfortunately have the long-period of blankness where I am unable to think of something remotely close to a concrete plot and that period; which is more accurately identified as having a block -is what people dubbed a writer's block.

While this is not something uncommon among people who writes, it is an almost constant presence with me when it comes to fiction writing to the point of me calling it Writer's Block Demon. Yes, caps for its a legit evil.

(As of writing this I still have no idea whatsoever sans a title -don't ask- and the deadline for the 1st draft of the challenge is just around the corner and yes, I'm sorta panicking right now)

I may be taking things too seriously at times, for I'm an extremely picky person when it comes to plot (like, I try not to write on similar subjects with my past work, however insignificant it may be) so all in all it is indeed only me myself and I to be blame on, but humans are funny creatures in that it is easier to blame on something remotely unreal and untrue than being honest and accept ones true weaknesses; something I admit am guilty for with the creation of the said WBD (short for Writer's Block Demon because it's a pain to type the name every single time now).

But then I am a flawed character, and I procrastinate like a boss every single time, too.

I am not a good writer, still far from being one even as Grammar in particular has always been such a pain in the neck to me, but I like writing; it's fascinating when the idea that I pictured in my mind can be translated into paper (or MS Word). And it's even more amazing when there are people that actually read and liking what I did (no matter how small the number is; for like I said, I'm not good enough).

Thus it is imperative of me to kill and lay to rest the ever long WBD in my brain, however hard it may be.

I know their ghosts won't go away easily; they'll come back when I'm lulled into false sense of security and procrastinating again but for now, in my desperation I'm willing to do just about anything to write, seriously.


This is me asking begging? for any idea/plot/prompt/anything really; as shameless as it sounds. I'm sorry if the tone of this post sounds a tad heavy and constricting, but a person have to do what they have to do.

I'll be grateful if you can just drop whatever suggestion in the comment section below, just to get my brain/muse running again.

If I sound condescending even here, be that as it may; for this is a war, and I'm in no condition to lose.

Regardless of anything and everything.

For I'm a writer who wants to write.

Till then.


~the determined-and-still-raking-the-brain-thinking-for-plot Heiji

Music of the Day: Nell - The Ending

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