Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for P-Type (feat. Gray)'s "Love, Life, Rap" (which is hella awesome it's the first rap song to get a post in this blog)

Love, life and rap
All I want is one mic

-P-Type (feat. Gray). (2013). Love, Life, Rap.

I think it's well establish by now that I'm more of a rock fan and by extension; bands music than any other genre, with the abundance of bias talking in Nell and Linkin Park, but this song is so. so. so. awesome that I have to talk about it sometime and what better way when the dude's name literally start with the letter of the day, eh?

But jokes aside, this song is hella awesome, really.

I first ran across this song by going through the playlist on this post (which is highly recommended since it introduce me to a lot of artist and gems of songs that I will never get to know otherwise and there's Nell! Everything is better when there's Nell, really) and while I wound up downloading a lot of the songs from the list, this one goes straight into high territory; the repeat list -where I loop one song for a certain period of time and basically loving it to death. 

Considering I have no idea who the rapper and the featured artist is, thus reducing the bias-factor of looping a song, Love, Life, Rap simply make it by the sheer brilliance of itself. Really, the beat is sick, the featuring got one hell of a smooth voice (this post just reminds me that I really have to check out more stuff from him), and the rap is engaging; which is something indeed as I know not a lick of the language.

And if you think the live video above is awesome; do know that the recorded version of the song is exactly the same. Like, I was almost convinced that they lip-synch if not for the additional ad-lib and the fact that it's onstage; which definitely means live singing. But seriously, wow.

The rap, the singing, the beat -I couldn't fault it in any way possible.

Though ultimately the biggest achievement P-Type and Gray ever make from this awesomeness is gaining a fan in me; the very rock-and-bands-fan-and-only-listen-to-Epik-High-and-Outsider-when-it-comes-to-rap Heiji.

Really, you have no idea how huge that is to me, since all I've been doing is not able to shut up about Nell.

Till then,


~the seriously-need-to-stop-bringing-up-Nell-in-every-single-damn-post Heiji

Music of the Day: TVXQ (Changmin solo) - Heaven's Day

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