Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Immortal Song 2 (a.k.a the show to go when it comes to awesome live singing)

I don't watch much tv; lest it's sports (of course), MTV (lol), or occasional anime. But I've made it a point to tune into Immortal Song 2 on KBS World every Saturday because damn, the show is real good. There's comedy (the waiting room's MC cracks me up so much), drama (sorta, with the competition festival atmosphere though I have to admit that it really gets better when the nobody stole the thunder and get a win; like, damn), and obviously, awesome singing.

(KBS World put the whole episode on Youtube, so you can watch it there. For old episodes, be specific on the comments and I'll try to help you out.)

I've watched most of the episodes (I unleashed my Google ability somewhere around early Jan (?) last year and downloaded the whole thing starting from ep1 like whoaa) There's a lot of good performances of course, and it's hard to pick the ultimate favorite, so let's do a list because that's easier on the post and less of a pain. Also less commentary because I don't want to sound like a broken record praising each performance; just know that they are all so. good. Just click play, seriously.

(I try to limit one performance per artist, -do know this is harder than it sounds- so, again, feel free to hit the comment if you want to ask for other recommendations)

Or, reasons why you should watch the show is because of the awesome performances like these:

Im Taekyung-nim - Who Is Crying [episode 76]
(easily one of my all-time fav ever and also my pick for 2012's Best Live Performance of the Year)

Yesung (Super Junior) - The More I Love You [episode 3]
(the performance that make me a fan and my wishlist is for SM to cut it out with generic ballads for him -once dude's out of army, that is)


Sandeul (B1A4) - I Am A Candlelight Before You [episode 124]
(the one performance that solidifies my thoughts on how Sandeul really can sing, like whoaa)

 Moon Myungjin - Not Just Sadness [episode 95]
(because KBS World don't allow embedding video and this is the best RnB performance ever in the show)

Davichi - Ta Ta Ta [episode 126]
(again, KBS don't allow embedding video)

This list will be updated accordingly, though I have the premonition it'll go on and on because this show and the songs and the performances are awesome like that. 

While I go and search for all the videos, do listen to the ones above first and enjoy!

Till then,


~the not-that-much-of-a-YouTube-person Heiji

Music of a Day: Nell - Sunshine

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