Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Younha's "Nothing" (or my favorite female singer proving she's boss yet again)

The song is playing but I can’t hear it
You and I, we’re in silence

Younha. (2013). Nothing

Younha is one of the (very few) Korean female singers that I really am a huge fan of, and while that didn't really say as much considering I don't listen to much female singers to begin with (OTL) it remains the fact that I really want to listen to her whole discography, and that might be because her tone of voice hits all the right spot with me. Or maybe because she can make a ballad sounds wistfully beautiful and not boring, which is a huge plus.

(If you read my past posts you know I have issues with ballads as a whole.)


Nothing, or some translation said Not There (I don't know which one is better so I just put the next best thing because Nothing sounds a lot better despite me not understanding the connotation of the word in the language at all. Do enlighten me?) is epically gorgeous. Younha sounds awesome as always, and the melody, the lyric -everything really- just falls into place and makes this a really, really beautiful ballad.

Hell even the rap is timely added in and not feel out of place at all in a freaking ballad of all things. I've no idea who the rapper is, but I like his tone.

But if anything, the lyric is what makes this more of a heartrendingly sad song. And the chorus drive the point home with its brutal honesty that it's almost refreshing, in a way:

I love you, there’s no feeling.
I’m sorry, there’s no truth.
Thank you, there’s no sentiment.
That’s it, there’s no need to continue.

There are times when I feel sad listening to some song even when I don't understand the lyric due to language barrier (though I learn not to get caught with all the damn feels so much when it comes to Nell because it's Nell, duh; everything from them is heart wrenching to the gut) and Nothing is one of them, which makes me appreciate it even more after looking up the translation.

If anything, it makes me anticipate her next release, despite the chances of it being ballad again.

So long as its a beautiful ballad like this again, Younha can do no wrong in my eyes.

Till then.

(/ _ ; )

~ the ballad-either-bore-the-hell-out-of-my-skull-or-make-me-sad-to-oblivion Heiji

Music of the Day: Nell - Longing

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