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Hi! This is my third post for the day...I'm sooooooo random, didn't I? haha~

I was on the verge of breaking my neck to start chapter 2 when I found this one-shot inside my pen drive...(haven't open it for a long time...lucky I don't lost it!) It really brings out memories, I wrote this one just after I finish college...and it describe my journey back home..going back by bus...have to walk after the gate due to the "disappearing of buses" in order to get to the bus station and all...what with the song Insa kept repeating in my head all along the way...I can be a bit sentimental you know..haha!

The story is pure fiction and I just blend in my journey here and there to add up to the story...also I'm totally hook on the song Insa by TVXQ at the time I wrote the story so it's best to listen to it while you reading it...just look for the song in my playlist on the bottom of the page....^^ There are two by TVXQ and the other is a solo version by Hero Jaejoong, one of the member of TVXQ...I sincerely like TVXQ's version more..their harmony is just...indescribable..haha!

For those who love K-movies might notice that the song Insa is actually the OST for the movie A Millionaire's First Love...a sad love story, mind you...haha!

This one-shot has no title at first so I just going to call it...


Hi! How are you doing today? The weather’s nice today, right? The sky is so blue, and the cloud is so white. The sun is so hot though. I had a hard time walking under the heat. No need to mention my red face, I already got the oh-my-god-her-face-is-so-red kind of stare from everybody before I arrived here. And that’s not funny at all, in case you’re thinking of laughing right now. I know you won’t though, because you’re just a nice person! Oh, before I forgot, here, for you! Iris, hope you like it! Do you know the meaning of Iris? It’s the happiness of the believer. Cool, right? I know this from the anime, Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna. It’s really awesome! Highly recommended! Ok, I know you’re not that into anime so I better stop here. But it’s really good! I even buy the original DVD! You know how I am when it comes to money yet I’m still willing to buy it. And that just shows how good the story is! Ok, I really have to stop now. Or else you’ll go crazy, right?

In case you’ve forgotten, today’s the last day of exam. And that means a complete freedom! Also, being the last day it is, it’s the last day of school too. Everybody’s got their parents come to pick them up, excluding me. I’m going back by bus. That explains the bags I have here! To tell the truth, this is not much actually; my roommates are having tougher times than me! So I can be considering as lucky. I don’t really mind though. Because I can see you first before I leave! I’m a nice person, right? No need to answer, I know I am! Just kidding~ By the way, my bus is due on 5PM so I need to go earlier than that. It’s just 2PM now, but just in case I forget the time, do remind me, ok!

The exam is so hard! I could feel my head spinning around again and again in the hall. But I’ve tried my best though. No matter how the result will be, I just going to accept it with all my might! Don’t believe me? I don’t believe myself either. But the part where you teach me before, I could answer them well! Really, it’s all thanks to you! I bet if you answer them you’ll definitely get high scores! You’re much smarter than me anyway. Don’t deny it; you know it’s the truth!

Seriously, to think that it’s already the last day, time does moves on so fast right? I feel like I just knew everyone yesterday. And now all of us are moving on different ways. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it? But we’re friends, right? Don’t you dare forget me! Or else…hey, take it easy! I’m just kidding! But I won’t forget you. No need to worry, ok! You’re the very best friend I ever had! Do you hate it, when I keep on saying ‘friend’?

To tell the truth, I’m actually afraid to come today, but thinking it’s already the last day, I brave myself! No, not because of you, it’s just that I’m afraid your family will be here too. You see, I’m not the type that can easily talk like this to any people. So, I’m afraid if they are here, too, I won’t be able to talk to you, as freely as now. So I’m quite glad, to be exact. Do you mind? It’ll be great to meet them, but I don’t think I have that courage. You know what I mean, right? You understand, right? Thanks!

I…I really am grateful that I know you. You are my inspiration, and you never fail to amuse me with your practical way of thinking. Seriously, I think it’s funny that we can be close friends yet never really agree with each other! Weird, isn’t it? Yet that really draws us closer. And am I weird if I say I’m actually always looking forward to not agree with you? I think that’s weird. I am a weird person! No, you’re not weird. It’s just me. Me, myself, anime, and I. What does anime have to do here?! I am weird, right? Just bear with it, ok? Good luck.

Lately I’ve been thinking, how I know you’ll go mad if I say this. But still, I want to say it. I don’t want to care of the consequences, now that I’m already here with you. I want to say…sorry. I know you’ll go on saying that it’s not your fault or whatever but still, sorry. Sorry, if I ever hurt you somehow along the way. Sorry, if I ever said something that makes you hurt. Sorry, for not trying to understand you at times. Sorry, for not being able to do anything for you. Sorry, for everything I’ve ever said and done. And sorry, for this, might be our last meeting. I’m going back home today. It’s far, for you and I are separated miles apart. We…might not be able to see each other anymore. I, hate to say this, I really do! Don’t worry; I’m not going to cry. Not in front of you of course! It’s embarrassing. It’s already embarrassing enough to say things like this! It’s so not cool. But I have to. So I’m bearing with it. Try to bear with it too, ok!

Oh no, it’s getting late already. I should have come sooner, right? I try too, but there’s lack of bus today from school to here, even though it’s weekend today. Now that’s one thing weird, right? Seriously, how come there’s lack of bus? And no, I’m not lying if that’s what you’re thinking right now, ok! And here we go again. We never really could stop, for God’s sake. Even at times like now. We really not going to stop, right?

I’m taking my bags now. I…really am going to go now. I am going to move forward. I’m going to move on. Even without you with me, I’ll move on. Regardless of whatever happens, I still going to move on. No, I’m not going to turn back to you, because if I did, I may not be able to leave. I…I’ll work hard. In order to see your smile again, I’ll do everything I could. No matter what it takes, I’ll give it my all. So, please, please hold on. Please work hard too. Until you wake up again from your comatose state, until you recover fully, I will always work hard. If you suddenly go in your sleep, I will never forgive you. Never! So please, hold on. This is my last greeting to you.

And she says it.

I love you.


She take a small step, with her bags on the shoulders, she opens the door, heads low, moves out, and closes it. She never turns back. For if she did, she might as well see his mother standing, watching her go, eyes brimming with tears.

Out of the hospital, she puts on her mp3, the highest volume. Upon the sound of DBSK’s song Insa played, she can’t hold on anymore. Tears down her rosy cheek, and the song played, over and over again.

Fly away, fly away love, fly away, fly away love…

It's weird for me to write a love just bear with it..(this is my first time writing one!) and I'm not good in this kind of thing anyway...haha!

Insa (Greeting) lyric by TVXQ (somehow got the urge to post it together...haha!)

Barami momun gu shigan jocha
Naegen nomu mojarangol
Hanbone miso majimak insa
Saranghamnida gudel

Shigane jichodo sarang-e apado
Gu shigan jocha chuogigo
Majimak insal haneyo
Saranghamnida saranghamnida

Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE

Neseng-e dan hanbone sarang-a ahnyong

P/s: I really dunno if I'm accurate in the who sings what part. HAHA (Says the one posting the lyric but I'm quite 100% sure -quite??- that it's correct..especially on Junsu's part..haha~)


Even that time when the wind stays
Its not enough for me.
I smile one more time and give my final greeting:
I love you.

I am tired now and love hurts
But even if that time is just a memory
I have to give my final greeting.
I love you, I love you.

Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE

In the afterlife I will greet my love again

Lyrics credit to

Do tell me how you think about it! ^^


  1. hehe..plot cter nye agk trgantung..
    n kdg2 mcm plot ni kdudukn die mcm antara pndahuluan or ending..
    huhu,,just a comment~

  2. Eh?? Hmm~ Trgntung 2 ye...mmng hobi aku wt cite trgntung...haha!! Kirenye plot ye x tratur eh? Hmm~ ak x taw cmne nk ubah yg 2 so...biar jelh...kot? haha!! Thanks for the comment! ^^