Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi! Sorry for the disturbing's just me and my head screaming with no voices at all...I want to scream...I really do! But there are people around so it's best to drop the idea off and just post something here...

The reason for this weird behavior of mine is of course, Nabari no Ou. (come on, seriously?) I am dead serious for now...I just finish reading the manga till the latest chapter...(I'm doing a marathon for about 20 chapters...1 chapters consist of about 50++ pages!) And I was left dazed in front of the laptop after chapter 50 (can't tell why..go and read it!). But the daze left me as I keep on reading and upon finishing the last chapter available (chapter 60) I was like what the hell?? Seriously...I don't realize it was the last one!! ARGHHHH!!!! The story just simply stops when it is the best part! Damn it!! *sigh* Can't blame Kamatani-sensei, that's what writers do, after all...I myself love to do it..but still..*sigh*

Man, what am I blabbering about? This is just a sickening post...there's really no point anywhere...just want to clear my head a bit...they say the next chapter will be out on 18 (tomorrow??) so just going to hope for the best...*sigh* really..sorry for writing this post...I*sigh again and again*

Actually there are A LOT of manga I love which is currently in hiatus/

1) Nabari no Ou (have to be patient..I know...don't remind me...)
2) Whistle (have to wait till September..hopefully...but this one comes out in volumes...a couple of chapter at once so it's good)
3) Kekkaishi (the latest chapter just comes out YESTERDAY..yeah..I know...)
4) Mirai Nikki (this one is damn good, mind you! I'll post something about it later I think...also heard they want to make an anime too..hope it'll be good!)
5) Spiral:Suiri no Kizuna (I'm soooooooo waiting for this one...the complete volume to sold in 2011?? What the hell?? They better do make it quick!)
6) Spiral:Alive (no news AT ALL on this one..*sigh*)
7) Kuroshitsuji (just finish downloading the anime! Yay!! Hope the manga will be quick!)

Can't think of others anymore...I forgot where did I stop reading Naruto and Bleach but it'll took some time for me to continue them back...sorry..i just find them a bit...boring for the moment?

I'll go out to the town tomorrow...hope it can distract myself a bit...*sigh* I'm an otaku didn't I? Heh~

P/S: The songs I've mentioned on the post Nabari no Ou and Clannad, the anime OSTs are available on my playlist on the bottom of the check it out! ^^

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