Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Assalamualaikum...oro?? haha~ Well..it is Ramadhan now after all....thought I'd change the greeting for once...haha!!

I plan on posting on the first day of Ramadhan but somehow the internet connection broke down (damn it!) so I only can post it today instead..T_T It is the fourth day already right? Hope everybody is still strong on fasting! To all Muslim let's celebrate this Ramadhan the best way we can! ^^

Even though it is Ramadhan it doesn't mean you have to go and just sit back with the excuse "I'm fasting!"! There are A WHOLE LOT of work to be done...assignments, works, etc, etc...*sigh* I might post another one-shot after this...Chapter 2 is moving on great but now will be on halt...the English essay is going to take it's place on the ranking of importance...*sigh* How I hate English essay~ it's about...800-1000 words? I'm going to die for sure...T_T

EDIT: It's actually 200-250 words..I'm too exaggerating~

Due to this too, I don't know when I'm going to post again...but rest assure I'll try my best to complete Chapter 2 a.s.a.p! (After the essay of course...) Minna-san, do give me your support!! ^^

I almost forgot about the mid-term test for math this week...arghh!!!! I'm no-good in math..T_T So now the ranking of importance is

1) Study math
2) Start English essay
3) Start/finish all the exercise/assignments/etc...
4) Finish Chapter 2 (can't wait to start Chapter 3! So exciting!! hee~)
5) Finish downloading all that I want..anime, drama, TVXQ, etc...(this is important??)
6) ...

Em...anything I missed? Hope not~ Luckily it's Ramadhan so the time is longer for work...(minus eating time...hee~) Hope I can finish all the tasks!! Wish me luck! ^^

Till then, Happy Ramadhan (is it right??) to all Muslims and do take care people!! ^^

P/S: The playlist is not working!!! Arghh!!! Might looking for a new one after this...T_T Check out the video playlist though! Hope it work well...^^

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