Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hi! Hmm~ A new post in such a short time...I can be pretty darn diligent at times, no? haha!

So~ In the virtual world of the net...(why did I suddenly remembered my e-commerce notes?? My exams are FINISHED AND DONE already, for God's sake!) there are many friend-finder websites like Friendster, Facebook, Hi-5, etc...I only joined Friendster though...many friends of mine tried to make me somewhat 'convert' to other sites..especially Facebook but I don't think I can handle it...you see, my Friendster is on hiatus for what, 3 months already! *sigh*


Regarding the title of the post, no, it doesn't mean I joined Tagged (though there are some that invites me) but I've been tagged myself! Confused? Me too...hahaha!! I've heard about been tagged in any other sites and all but I never thought I'll be one of them! Heh~ Not like I hate it though...^^

I've been tagged by Kimmy...Kimmy, thank you~ and basically the questions are in Malay but to commemorate with my blog I translate (and answer) it in English...

Sa, ikimasho! ^^

1. Do you think you're a hot person?
-No, absolutely NOT. I'd rather be a cool person than hot. haha~

2. Upload your favorite pictures.


Always my one and only 'other' me, Heiji Hatsutori...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-16

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-16

TVXQ~ Always Keep the Faith~~ ^^

-I want to put an anime pic too but there's just tooooo many that I like I can't choose...T_T

3. Why do you like these pictures?

-Do I really have to answer this? I mean, like, seriously? It's obvious already! But since you asked, well...

-The first pic is because it's Heiji. My name here is Heiji Hatsutori, my blog's address is heijihatsutori43171, my e-mail address is heijihatsutori_90...I think that makes it clear enough, no? Besides, the first anime character I really like in my life is him. (Considering the fact Detective Conan is the first series that introduce me to the anime and manga world...) It doesn't hurt that my initial starts with 'H' too..haha~

-The second pic is..well...my beloved TVXQ!!! I love their songs, their voices, they are the best artists ever! It doesn't hurt that all of them are ikemen (good-lucking guys) too...but even if they are not, I still going to support them, for their voices are worth all the praise. Full stop. ^^

4. When was the last time you eat pizza?

-I'm not used to pizza, maybe because my family are not that into it, so it was like...before last year's Ramadhan...where I went out with friends...it's been a long time since I last saw them...hope they are in good health~

5. Last song you heard?

-Loner by Outsider. This song is awesome, mind you! Been listening to it in repeat mode! Check it out in my playlist below! ^^

6. What did you do while solving this tag?

-Listening to Outsider's Loner while referring to the questions at Kimmy's blog...haha!

7. What do you prefer people to call you other than your real name?

-Heiji or Heiji-san...I cannot think of any other anyway...haha!

8. Tag other 6 people without any hesitation.

1-Kimmy my best buddy 4eva (heh...can I?)
2-Nemy the Yoite in real world
3-Asyraf a.k.a acap
4-Afif a.k.a Afufu-san
5-Faeza the miss cahaya

-I cannot find one more person...but I tried my best already! So...I think it's ok, no? ^^

9. Who's no.1 for you?
-My bestest friend in the whole universe! *fistpump*

10. How about no.3?
-My very good friend and classmate in matriculation who studies to become a doctor for now...always give good advice...a very nice guy indeed!

11. What is your opinion on no.4?
-My very good friend who is a big fan to Big Bang like I am a big fan to TVXQ...my course mate here in UMS-KAL...a nice 'uncle' indeed! hahaha~

12. Say something about people no.2?
-Found her blog when I randomly search about Nabari no Ou...an avid fan of Yoite and she really can cosplay him to perfection! A really nice and warm person!! Now I miss Yoite...Nemy...let's call him...Yoite come back!! T_T

13. What about no.5?
-Another very warm people I met here in UMS-KAL..my course mate and I think we got many classes together! She's really nice~ ^^

14. Your opinion on no.6?
-I got no people for the position so there's nothing I can say...heh~

End of question.

How's that? I think I did well! ^^ Do tell what do you think then! Ja ne~


Music of the day: Outsider- Loner

P/S: A very cool song with an orchestra feeling and a darn speedy rap by Korea's fastest rapper! Now, how's that? I'm not really into hip hop but I can tolerate with rap...and this guy really blow my mind! He raps so damn fast like hell! Imagine speaking 17 syllables per second...(found this information on him in Wikipedia) The first time I heard this song I was like whoa?? How can he rap like that??. But seriously, the more you listen to it, the more you get hooked on! Try to give this one a go and be ready for a ride of rap! haha~ Check it out on my playlist as always! ^^

~Writing-this-damn-fast-and-quite-tired-for-the-moment Heiji.

It's raining hard now and he somehow lost his umbrella somewhere along the way, not like he really cares. Walking down the road, soaked to the bones, he looks no less than a walking zombie.

He ignores the stares from people all around him, dragging his feet, with no particular place to go and call home; let alone a simple shelter from the rain now which somehow sounds too bitter to his tongue.

He is wet, lost, bitter, cold, every negative and angst emotion you can name with.

Still, despite his poor poor brain, he knows one thing much.

He is a human. And nothing will ever change that.


  1. Heiji-san..Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    hehe..really i do think twice before tagging you because it is in Malay..but i think that u'll absolutely translate it in English,,so i think it's ok..hehe..XD

  2. Me loooove Jaejoong and Yunho!!!! Specially together ^.~

  3. You're welcome, Kimmy! Thanks for tagging me! It's fun really...and I did it in a really fast manner (my friend has been nagging me to go back to the hostel already...it's kind of late after all...) so I kind of worried of the result..but I guess it's fine already! ^^

    yeah...it's been awhile since I did some translating so refreshing my mind is good! Thanks~

    Still, thanks again! ^^

  4. No way~ You're a TVXQ fan too nemy?? I don't even know~ Yeah..like them too..but my personal favorite is still Junsu...he's too cute for words! hahaha~