Monday, November 16, 2009


Hi! So~ prepare your ears...for I'm going to scream...*inhales deep breath*


One more time...

MERDEKA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *going crazy*

Huh~ I think that's it for now...haha!!

In case you're wondering (I bet) 1. Merdeka is Independence in Malay 2. No, it's not Malaysia's Independence Day either, we celebrate it on 31st August each year.

So, what is this screaming all about? hehe~

I just finish my last paper this morning (when I type this post) and that means...EXAMS OVER!!! I'M FREE~~~ (ok, that's exaggerating, I know)

After this going to spend my time with my laptop (as if, I don't do that every day) and might as well finish up Chapter 2! Hehe~ In a great spirit...I am..^^


I also wrote a one-shot last Friday (when I was supposed to study for Paramedic Exam the next day...really, what's wrong with me??) but now in a slight hiatus (kind of stuck? for the moment) but I'll finish that one first and post it here! ^^

And I promised sooo many thing here, didn't I? Let's list them before I forget..pardon my poor memory..

1. Literally Chapter 1 (I noticed that I can divide the remaining part into two or three until the ending of it so might as well post it after this! Sorry for the late update....T_T)

2. Literally Chapter 2-?? (I made some sort of promise with myself to finish writing this story NO MATTER WHAT so yeah, going to put it here too!)

3. The on-hiatus (kind of) one-shot (This one is kind of long for a one-shot to me -it might be normal but I don't use to write this long...also experimenting with a new style..hope it'll turn out good!)

4. The Troubling Thing (but it's been too long already so I'm thinking of dropping this off..hahaha!!! Might just brief a bit...anyway, this is super late but I'm taking Japanese next semester!! And basically this part is dedicated to my journey -yeah, right- in securing the place in the class...maybe I should write a post about it after all...)

5. Anime and manga Special A (I have to write this...I have to)

6. Manga Penguin Revolution and all story from Tsukuba Sakura-sensei (I never disappointing with her work...another recommendation to write!)

7. Makoto Shinkai (I remembered promised to introduce him too...but I do not watch 5cm per Second yet -I downloaded this a century ago!- so this really have to wait)

8. Mirai Nikki (one of the awesomesauce manga I'm currently reading...have to write about this too)

9. Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna (another great great great manga that make me buy the anime -the only anime dvd I had buy in my life so far- recommend this too)

10. Next- OMG there's sooo many anime/manga/songs/series I want to recommend! Kuroshitsuji, Kekkaishi, Bloody Monday, Darker than Black, TVXQ, YUI, Linkin Park, The Fray, Suga Shikao, xxxHolic, The Slingshot... *gasp*

Will I be able to write all this? Don't put your hopes high, people...*sigh*

I'll try my best though...not like I have anything better to do during holiday anyway~ ^^ Speaking of holiday I'm going back home on 23rd (damn late!) so going to spend the remaining days here in Labuan online! Muahaha~

Kimmy is going to Egypt for her study on the wee morning of 23rd...I don't have the chance to even see her off...T_T Kimmy~~

I hope that she'll be fine...ganbatte!!! *fistpump* And then come back to be damn good dentist! Oh yeah~ Maybe a free service once in awhile...? haha! Kidding~ It'll be great to graduate, right?

Hope we will meet again...aitai~ ^^

Till then for now, take care people! Ja ne! *wink*


Music of the day: Taeyang- Where U At

P/S: One of my friend are all crazy about Big Bang and had been recommending their new songs to me. I always like their songs...though have to say I still prefer TVXQ..haha! The genre of music between the two is completely different and all but well, I'm open to any style of music I have no problem accepting his recommendation...back to the song, Taeyang (real name Yongbae) is one of the member of the group (Big Bang) and this is his solo song..I have to say it do not take me long to love this song...his voice fits with the melody and it do not hurt that he's a good pianist and dancer too..he's featured with TVXQ's Junsu *cough* in last year's award show in a so-called piano battle...he's good! It's obvious who I'm rooting for though...hehe~ Watch it here!

Enough of the rambling, this song is indeed good! As always, check it out in my playlist below! ^^

He closes his eyes, breathes slowly. The sky has never been this dark in his life. The weather report he heard this morning said it will be raining till afternoon only and the sun will shine for the rest of the day.

The umbrellas starts to disappears from his visions but there is storm on his head.

He did not buy any of it.


  1. hmmmmm *take a deep breath* huuuuuhh~~ ok!

    firstly i want to say congrats for finishing your exams alive ( i insane??).

    ahh! finally i can read the Ch.2 after waiting all long..but,,i can't wait for the one-shot also..hehehe xD really take Japanese heh? hehe..gambatte ne!

    no.5~huhu..i've done with the anime Special A and already downloaded them (HAHA) but still not done with the manga.

    no.7~hihi..i've already watch 5cm per second! but will never tell you my comment on it so that you'll experience it yourself!^^

    no.8~Mirai Nikki?? got to take a look anyway..^^

    no.9~Spiral:Suiri no Kizuna?? err..hehe..well..(ah!got to see it too)

    Err..ahem~ i'm not going to Saudi Arabia laaa...that's Egypt..Saudi Arabia and Egypt are two different country! hihi..

    Uwaaaa! I really want to meet you before departing...ah..Heiji-san~ T_T

    Huh!? Free service?? err..erm..err..Ja Ne! XD

  2. heiji-san!!!
    u've been tagged!
    pls take it at

  3. To be frank, yeah...I'm glad I still alive...haha!!! No~ you;re not insane...don't worry..haha~

    Yeah~ Going to write it with all my might! *fistpump* I'll make sure I post it when I finish..somehow this one is quite..unpredictable? I don't even know what I'm going to write next..haha! But yeah~ I'll try my best! ^^

    Yup! Arigatou~

    The manga is a lot better than the anime! (Plot-wise) You really should read it! ^^

    Eh?? You did?? Ahh~ I'm soooo going to watch it later!

    Mirai Nikki and Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna is AWESOME! Go and read it~!!!!

    Ouch~ My bad..already edit the post...hahaha!! Thanks for telling! ^^

    Me too~~~ Kimmy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ T_T

    Eh....? Free service!!!! Kimmy, I will be waiting~ muahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! :P


  4. Eh....? Tagged? O_o??

    Oh~ so that's it then...


    Thanks! ^^

    *hugs Kimmy*