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Hi! We meet again~ (when we really shouldn’t actually…) I wrote this on Word (internet line in my room kind of sucks at the moment….not like I really blame it…it’s quite a miracle the connection is on at the first place!) when I was supposed to be sleeping (not telling you what time is it now…I’ll be murdered for good…) just because I’m overwhelm with a whole lot of feeling right now…and I can’t bring myself to sleep before telling at least one person about this anime…yeah, you read it right…anime…the one on the title above.

Basically, as my previous post talks about Study week, that means now is Examination Week (or should I say weeks?) and that also means that of course, I should be studying, right? Nope. I'm a very good student after all...people, hit me.


My examination started on last Tuesday until Thursday (the time I write this posts) and the next exam is due on the next that means I have a couple of day offs in between...and to commemorate with that...(sort of) I downloaded the anime Yukikaze which I had watched on Animax some time ago and remember liking it to bits! Indeed, I still like it now and perhaps love it too much my hands stutters while typing this! I'll rate this a perfect 10~

Yukikaze (戦闘妖精・雪風, Sentō Yōsei Yukikaze?, lit. Battle Fairy Yukikaze) is a five-episode Japanese direct-to-video anime series produced by Gonzo and Bandai Visual and was released in Japan from August 28, 2002 to August 25, 2005. It is based on a popular science fiction novel of the same name by Chōhei Kanbayashi, and was produced in commemoration of Bandai Visual's 20th anniversary. Yukikaze has twice won the Tokyo Anime Award for Original Video Animation in 2003 and 2006.(Credits to Wikipedia! ^^)

Thirty-three years ago, an alien force known as the "JAM" invaded Earth through a dimensional portal over Antarctica. Earth's forces managed to drive the JAM away to a distant planet designated as "Fairy." While majority of Earth's population is unaware of the JAM's presence, the war continues on Fairy. Sentou Yousei Yukikaze chronicles the life of Rei Fukai, an SAF (Special Air Force) pilot assigned to pilot "Yukikaze" - an advanced reconnaisance fighter plane equipped with a near-sentient A.I. that detects the presence of the JAM within its path. (This one credits to one on Wikipedia covers the plot of the first episode only..)

That's for a brief introduction with the expert opinion attached (why does I have a strange feeling like I'm repeating my English essay?!) so after this is all my part! Mind you, I can be extremely bias...

Yukikaze is an OVA with just 5 episodes where each episodes runs from 30-45 minutes each...I must say the pace of the story is quite slow but it gives the story time for developing the plot in each episodes...the interaction between characters is unique in its own way...even when they don't speak much (Rei is undoubtedly the main character with the least script in anime history) but just their presence gives meaning in the scenes...especially when Rei interacts with Yukikaze (note that Yukikaze is no human, but a fighter plane with Artificial Intelligence -Rei refers to it as a 'she')'s achingly beautiful~

The main character of the story, Lt. Rei Fukai is a person who have a tendency toward social rejection and seldom shows interest in any objects other than B-503 (sometimes shortened to "B-3") "Yukikaze" (Yukikaze literally means snow wind -Yuki=snow and Kaze=wind). This explains the lack of character in the story (the characters available are ones that interact with Rei after all, being an unsocial guy he is)...and this also brings the focus of the story to the center, meaning Rei, Yukikaze and the JAMs.

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By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-07
Lt. Rei Fukai

Interestingly enough, each of the supporting characters is very important at the first place as they live up to the surroundings and gives a somewhat explanation on the situation to the viewers, thus, adds up to the further understanding of the story. Each character also have a different role and perspective on the situation which is interesting. For a heavy-style and serious topic anime, I always prefer the characters differentiable from one another to make it more realistic. I mean, there's no use of soooo many characters if there's not even a meaning for them being there, right? Thus, this is just perfect for me. ^^

The animation is a pure art, GONZO did a marvelous job with the series (no wonder they won the award twice, they deserve it). The dogfight scene use tons of CGI (I wonder how much money they use on this project...) makes it a really breathtaking situation. The design of the planes is unique enough and even if you are not into planes let alone the fighter planes you can't help but admire the is the trailer and one of the fight scenes I found in YouTube...^^ I also found a blog where the owner put on the screen caps of the story...mostly form the first episode...try check it out here!

The sound in this anime is good, and I've been searching for its OST since last night! Especially the ending song for the 5th episode..."RTB-AGL2" by Monsieur Kamayatsu...instead of the usual singing, this version replace the lyrics with whistling, and made me go all melancholy all over! To anybody who knows where can I download the OST please tell me!! The seiyuu is also good! I like Rei's voice though it seems like he seldom voices anime characters...I wonder why? Also, this story is based on a novel, so, (this might sound hard enough but...) if you ever comes across blogs or whatever that shows where to read the novel (or buy it) do tell me! I'm really hooked on the series...onegaishimasu!


Yukikaze is a story that can either blow your mind away (which did happen to me) or put you on a deep sleep...yes, it's the love it or hate it kind of don't be shocked when you read extremely negative reviews of the story somewhere (I did come across some) for you might actually like it at the first place! My advice, watch it and judge it yourself...don't judge a book by its cover never seems so true no? ^^ The story's overall tone is quite dark especially the characters and the storyline can be odd at times but this is an an anime which can make you think while watching it, and believe me, you'll find enjoyment in it. Besides, it did blow my mind away! ^^

Sentou Yousei Yukikaze is a series I won't mind re-watching again tonight (but I have to start studying...), the melancholy feeling I got when finished it before just clenched my heart till now, and might just be good for writing Chapter 2...something I don't have even after watching Nabari no Ou...perhaps I finally got over the series? *gasp* Yoite~ T_T

I remember I promised to write about the troubling thing (which is actually about my Foreign Language Class next semester -got a whole lot of story about that) and the 2 stories Penguin Revolution and Special A (finished the manga!! So happy~)...but I end up writing about this instead...sorry I just couldn't help it...*sigh* I'll make sure I write about that next, ok! ^^

To end this I put on some images of Yukikaze...I even thinking of making one of the images the background of my blog! For some reason, the Nabari picture do not come out...T_T Do give your opinion on which is the best! ^^ (Though I might end up putting it right after this).

EDIT: I DID put it..haha!! What do you think of the new look? Do tell~ ^^

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Lt. Rei Fukai on Yukikaze

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The guy with Rei is Major James "Jack" Bukhar, the only person who bother himself enough to befriend Rei. He provides a wider view on the war to the him too...^^

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By heijihatsutori at 2009-11-07

Lastly, do give this one a try, people! You won't regret it! ^^ Till then, ja ne! (Have to go and study~ wish me luck!)


Music of the day: Placebo- Sleeping With Ghosts

P/S: This song gives off a feeling like Yukikaze...and somehow I think they suit one another...(?) Another song that have a (high) possibility to make me write a one-shot...the lyric and the melody compliments each other perfectly! Check it out on my playlist below! ^^ Also, I'll continue with the end-segment! ^^ Thanks to Kimmy for supporting me! I still don't know what to call it though so I think I just write it off, then! ^^

As he moves on, catching the pale ghosts of yesterday, he hears a whisper, slow, haunting.

Over and over again.

"Soul mates never die."


  1. "before telling at least one person about this anime…"
    ahh..really,i think that person was me,no?

    Yukikaze eh? herm..i think i should give a look as if you really likes it..xD
    but, actually i'm still not found any chemistry on animes like a fighting against robots or machines or earth intruders or something like that..that's the only reason why i still not watch Code Geass (but still,the anime looks like perfect,i mean, by the art..hihi)

    anyway, i should at least take a look of i really appreciate that you still have time to let me know some of your favourites..and recommending me also..heh! By looking at those pics, i think that it is not so bad as my mind was imagine..xD

    Hey,how's your exam anyway?? I hope that you'll always fine and great!

    By the way, i'm now stuck on Special A (you really knows my taste!)..haha..episode 37..but,early,i really shocked by the overall episodes like "what??! 99 episode?? how can i stick to this anime till the end??" sound..haha..but now i'm halfway to it and really wants to finish it!!!

    Oh,also,,i've recently joined facebook..just telling you..maybe you should try it too..but,the first thing i want you to know is that fb doesn't have the backgroud or it's just blue n white all the time! tell me if you joined fb!

    p/s: Hmm..about Yuki=snow,,i really,really,really,really in love with Kuran Kaname in Vampire Knight!!! Even i've already finished watching it 2 weeks ago, i still can't help but in love with the anime and Kaname!!! Argh!!! Even he's kind of a 'bad guy', but, i hope that i'll find a man like this guy..hontouni!!!

    anyway, do your best in your remaining papers!

    and, i like your background! it's purple..whoa~
    ja ne! ^^

  2. Wow~ That's quick! Haha~

    Of course it's you! You don't know how I almost gone berserk writing this posts....ahh~ Yukikaze...hahaha!!

    The art is indeed perfect! You watch the Youtube videos I attached here already? The quality is not like the one I downloaded by still I think it can give some sort of impression to I said, this is the love it or hate it kind of friend has been nagging me to watch Code Geass and I believe it's a good one too! If I do wath it and like it maybe I'll post something...^^

    YOU REALLY SHOULD!!! *pardon my exaggeration* This is really really really really good!!!!! ^^

    Exam is fine for now...the only trouble I got is with know I'm no good in it...*sigh* Yet the worst is still to come so really have to work hard! ^^

    Oro?? The manga have 99 chapter...the anime is about...26? But really the manga is a whole lot better in terms of story than anime...both are enjoyable though! ^^ Do continue it! ^^

    Fb...I don't know about Friendster is on hold for what..2 months? hahaha! I don't think I can manage another one...^^

    Eh?? Kaname?? Haha~ Sorry...I like Zero more...hahaha! Kaname is fine but...Zero is more to my type for anime characters...hahaha!!! Not yet watch the anime...but been following the manga for now...^^ Also, I love the ending song for the anime...sound so mysterious...have one in my playlist already...still doll..hahaha! I'm sure you'll find him! *wink*

    Thanks! Ganbarimasu! ^^ hehe~

    I like it too! Spent 2 hours to match up the background, wallpaper size, font, etc...glad I got it right! ^^

    P/S: My fav from TVXQ, Junsu (in the pic above, the one on the very left) loves's his fav color...hahaha!! But no..that's not the main reason...I like purple too...when I finish all my friend told me "Junsu loves purple!" and I think...'wow..what a coincidence...when I choose the wall I don't even remember that...
    hahahaha!!! ^^

    What a long comment...heh!

    Ja ne~ ^^

  3. hehe..really i like purple..!

    ah? Special A has anime?? got to see it too..u should told me earlier!!! haha..

    hehe..i do think that you would like zero-kun..xD..but i can't help but loving Kaname!! AAaaaAAAaaa..but,zero would be nice too. ^^

  4. Yes..I like it too! Cool right? ^^

    Well....I think I did mention in the post about it..maybe my sentence confused you..sorry! T_T

    Eh? Really? Am I that obvious? hahaha!! Zero very much!! hehe~ At least we don't have to fight for one of them, right? Fufu~