Friday, June 26, 2009

My Old Essay...-Time-

I found this old essay of mine..written during Form 4 year-end exam for section B..continuous writing..the title is Time..I have this tendency to write story during exam..don’t know why…and my English teacher that year really loves stories..he gave me higher marks than usual! ^^ I think I could get more marks I’m reading it back..I really could do better! Thanks to numerous grammatical error in the essay…I’m suck in grammar..*sigh*

This essay got the inspiration from DNAngel…and I really glad I wrote this! This is the original version of the essay…the one I wrote for the exam..
(I fix the grammar error though) yet if there’s still error anywhere kindly let me know ok! ^^


I heard about it since I was just a little kid. My mother always told me that time is precious and if you let go of it, you will never get them back. I do not use to bother much. For me, what is done is done. You do not have to think about it. That was before. Before I met her.

It was an accident. The bus I was in somehow got the brakes broken and gone out of control. Everybody was screamin at the top of their lungs, full of fear. The end of it was the bus hit a lorry and turned upside down. I could feel blood everywhere. The woman beside me got her head punched to the chair in front. Everything went on silent and dark. I could not breathe and fell unconsciouos.

When I opened my eyes, I was at the hospital. There was a pretty girl beside me. She introduced heself as Time. Second Hand of Time. It was a weird name that I tried hardly not to laugh. Still, her expressions ws numb. She did not smile and her wide eyes kept on staring at me. She told me that my time is
running out and I am dying. This time, I laughed. It was funny at that time. But I know it was not funny at all when I turned my head to the right. That was me,
lying and still unconscious. I get up and looked at her. She nodded a little and I know immediately that this is no joke. I am dying. My heart sank. I asked her if
there was something I could do and she say it.

”You could only recover if you promise me one thing, you give your time to me. When time comes, I will take it from you and you will die. Now, you decide whether it is now or later.”

I could feel my body shivering on her words. This is crazy. I want to believe it was a dream. I want to cry but no tears came out. There is stil many things I want to do. I want to meet my parents friends, and I want to obtain straight A’s in SPM next year. My hands trembled.

”Your time is finishing. You waste it a lot. Now tell me. What say you?”

I know this is it. I waste my time. Again. I always waste time with things I should not and at time like this, I still do. I took a deep breath and…

”That’s it. I had enough of this. I told you to repair that lamp and now what do you do? You’ve ruined everything. EVERYTHING!”

No, wait. What was that?

”Lee, I told you to not read that scary book. John, what do you think you’re doing? Laughing like a vampire in the middle of the night. You’re waking me up!”

That was my brother, but what had happened? I opened my eyed and I saw my little brother, Lee crying with a Goosebumps on his hand, my brother Andy rolling his eyes on me, and I, at home?

”I don’t know what happen to you but if you scream like that again, I’ll kill you! All I want is just a sleep. Please, give peace a chance. Nick, make sure you repair that lamp. I’m going to sleep.”

It took me some time to recover myself. I thinked hardly and I saw a newspaper with the news of an accident between a lorry and a bus. My brothers
was already off to bed, leaving me alone here.

”What say you?” I say nothing. NOTHING, but I do not know. I did not know.


That was five months ago. I do not know why, but I suddenly remember that incident. It still shivers me up. Today, I am going home for it is school holiday. I plan nothing this holiday but in this five months, I have spent my time as luxury as I could and I am happy with it.

The bus moves okay and it took me just half an hour to reach Dungun. Suddenly, the bus started to move crazily.The driver shouted, telling the brakes
are broken. Everybody screamed. There was a lorry in front and….

It was an accident. No, it is an accident. The woman beside me got her head punched to the chair in front. I could feel blood everywhere. Everyhing goes on silent and dark. I could hardly breathe.

The main thing I would like to tell is do not waste your time. It is luxurius, precious, and like my mother said, if ou le go of it, you will never get them
back. Never. Also, no matter how hrd you try, it is hard to break a promise. No, you cannot break a promise. You never can, if you deal with Time.

”Time’s up.”

I am leaving. NOW.

Ah~ What do you think? Do let me know! ^^

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